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  1. Re: Buying from unmanged teams Been around 24 hours for me
  2. Re: Non GM Can Now Get More Than 3 Teams So what's the clubs/rating ratio?
  3. Re: Four clubs For Free Members? How many clubs can a free member actually have?
  4. Re: SM Support help please I read on here that Ashley Williams (Swansea) stood a good chance of being a riser, so I offered cash (a little over the minimum) for him. At this time Swansea did not have a human manager. Then someone took over that team so the original deal collapsed, I then re-offered the same deal as I thought I had nothing to lose anyway. Then I got this... "The deal involving Cardiff City and Swansea City regarding Ashley RICHARDS has collapsed as the SMFA has blocked the deal." I am not a cheat or a multi and the only thing I can think of is maybe the new Swansea manager is also with aol, as I am. aol do not give individual IP's, but allocate the same IP to a group of users. Apart from that, I haven't a clue
  5. I am trying to contact SM Support regarding a blocked transfer bid of mine I tried the following sections... bugs general cheating I cannot send the query on any of these areas as I get a mesage saying it is the wrong one (no help on which IS the right one though!) Can someone please help me get the message off to them? thanks
  6. "The deal involving Cardiff City and Swansea City regarding Ashley RICHARDS has collapsed as the SMFA has blocked the deal." Can someone explain this please? thanks
  7. Re: Recent Belgian player updates That's a bugger! Thanks anyway
  8. Re: Recent Belgian player updates anyone?...
  9. How can I find them? I have tried the links on my community page, but cannot find the list of changes. Thanks in advance...
  10. Re: Swansea City V Cardiff City - Match Discussion Thread *sigh* At least the sale of pegs will improve this evening I suppose.
  11. Re: Swansea City V Cardiff City - Match Discussion Thread The wheels on your house go round and round
  12. Re: Swansea City V Cardiff City - Match Discussion Thread And exactly how many league goals have your lot scored so far this season? Oh yes...11 OOPS!
  13. If I play 5 in midfield, with 2 attacking players, should I play my DM as the centre guy of the 5? If so...Do I set any directional runs in my tactics? thanks
  14. Re: Swansea City V Cardiff City - Match Discussion Thread Swansea City chairman Huw Jenkins is feeling a bit left out in deepest darkest West Glamorgan. While Cardiff bask in the media spotlight with a fourth appearance on live TV this season so far and a 5th already scheduled for December, this will be the first time that Swansea have been selected (and only then because Cardiff are involved). The Welsh Assembly, The Millennium Centre, The Millennium Stadium are fixtures of the Capital that rankle the locals down Swansea way. Radio Wales and The Western Mail are seen as local media to Cardiff. There has always been a feeling in Swansea that Cardiff get everything. What about the beauty that surrounds them with places like the Gower and it's fabulous coastline. Swansea itself has it's own bay, marina and waterfront developments but instead of championing themselves the place is obsessed with moaning about Cardiff. Jenkins this time is talking about the way that his club is overlooked by the media, locally and nationally. "I have been watching Swansea for 35 or 40 years and we've always been overlooked," he told the Swansea paper The South Wales Evening Post. "Unless we win the Championship by 25 points and then break into the top four in the Premier League, we are going to get overlooked for most things. "It doesn't matter what we do down here, people will find a reason to overlook us. "I am talking about our media coverage, on the television and in the papers, both nationally and in Wales. "Quite often we don't get a mention and that always seems to have been the case." Come on Swansea, stop moaning about what you haven't got and talk up what you have got. Maybe I'm complacent because I'm from Cardiff but I don't spend all my time worrying about what Swansea might have or might do. It seems though that what's happening in Cardiff is near the front of the minds of many Swansea folk. Maybe if Swansea win on Saturday they will see the positives in their City. I imagine if Cardiff are victorious any pro Cardiff thoughts the locals might have in Swansea will be locked away forever.
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