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  1. Hi, He just had a decent rise and I could make a reasonable profit by selling him now, but should I keep him for the long term? I am thinking 90 or more as his rating? thanks...
  2. Re: Scholes comes out of retirement! Nice assist for City's second goal though
  3. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
  4. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Thanks The ungrateful little brat is about to be transfer listed! It seems that that is the only solution anyway thanks again
  5. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Arpad VAS - Concerned about the lack of first team opportunities Player Concern Increased Level 1: Minor Concern 3 January He is rated at 72, my first team average is 93 I don't understand this Could it be triggered by anything else, such as squad totals? thanks
  6. Should I take a reasonable profit on these two Liverpool youngsters or are they worth holding onto for now? thanks...
  7. Re: Brazilian risers Thanks I guess it's this guy as he is scoring goals... DAMIAO, Leandro - Internacional
  8. Re: Brazilian risers Which club is he at? thanks
  9. Re: Brazilian risers thank you...
  10. Re: Player ratings changes Ooooooooooooooops! They are there, but no message from SM, at least I kno wnow. thanks a lot Edit... Is there any way I can go back further than the oldest notification (dated Dec. 20th)?
  11. Sorry if this is elsewhere but... Player ratings are changing but I am not getting any SM messages telling me to check my reports. Is this the new method SM have adopted? If so, how can I check without looking at every player on every team I have? thanks
  12. Re: Brazilian Serie A - By nicholasbig96, JHM_daggers & BrunoMentz I disagree I have had words with daggers on this forum, but I always respect the fact that if he starts something, he finishes it. He is pretty accurate too!
  13. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) After a good rise, I am wondering about the future for Chris Lowe. I am not short of cash, but should I hang onto him? I see he has played around six times this season.
  14. Re: member has 2 teams in one league Three teams in one of my setups even has the same manager name, but SM assure me that there is no cheating going on. If only different managers could not use the same name, all would be well (maybe)...
  15. Re: Cash in or keep? anyone?...please...
  16. I would appreciate guidence on whether to keep or sell these players. I am not in any financial trouble with the clubs, I am just wondering whether to cash in now or keep either for a bigger profit later or because the player(s) may achieve 90+ in the future. Thanks in advance... Ryo Miyaichi +2 May 2011 Pablo Sarabia +2 June 2011 Joel Obi +2 December 2010 Wellington Nem No rise yet Leonardo Bittencourt +5 December 2011 Tiago Alves No rise yet Chris Lowe +5 December 2011 Lucas Zen +5 August 2011
  17. I have Kevin Vogt (VFL Bochum) on a team I have just taken over, should I sell him right away? thanks...
  18. He just got a nice rise and I could make nearly £2 million from him, but is he worth keeping?
  19. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread Three points balanced by three injuries. Not too sure of the value there.
  20. Re: RIP Gary Speed, true footballing legend RIP.........
  21. Re: 1 game world - 2 teams It's not me doing it. Two clubs in one of my gameworlds have exactly the same manager name and although both managers appear and log off at exactly the same time on 'Who is online' it seems there is no cheating going on. We have analysed the managers of these clubs and there is not enough evidence to take the matter further.
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