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  1. Just signed him for 5.2 Million since he has now moved to Arsenal... Opinions on him ? I know nothing about this player but trust that Wenger would only bring in good talent. Future 92+? Thanks.
  2. Re: Mascherano No he won't be a starter when he drops as I have Alonso and Sneijder. Is he still worth it and will he hold his 93 when he drops ? Or is it an idea to give 20 and Gourcuff for Nasri. Sorry for going off topic.
  3. Re: Mascherano Is Gourcuff + 20 mil a good deal for mascherano even though he will drop? or does gourcuff have more chance of rising... Lyon are playing bad!
  4. He recently got a transfer to Lyon. How is he playing and do you expect him to hold his rating and possibly rise higher in the near future ? He does have a place in the French squad so that does help him out. Otherwise I'd consider part exchanging him for Nuri Sahin + Cash or for Sergio Busquets. Thanks.
  5. Re: Hernandez Xavi Fabregas says he wants to go to Barca and Wenger asked him to stay for one more season and he said ok... This means that Barca are bound to sign him next year at some point. They just signed a new shirt deal for over 100 Million, I'm sure they can afford him!
  6. I've been offered this player for 40 Million. Is he worth accepting the bid seeing as Barcelona will buy Fabregas next year meaning that Xavi gets no games and also his rating goes down ALOT! TEAM I do have my eyes on Busquets for the long term but for the next 12 months atleast... is it worth me having him ? Thoughts would be appriciated. Thanks.
  7. Re: Lass Diarra - Rating / Deal Yes. Is he the next best choice to Busquets or is khedira the 2nd best ? I want a good young player who is playing well and is going to get rating increases to atleast 92 in the next 12 month ? Thanks.
  8. Re: Buffon or Lloris? Lloris by a mile as he is going to increase in ratings where as Buffon will decrease. He is French no.1 and plays for the best club in France. His future is bright and he is a very talented keeper. He could even move to the Prem in the next 18 months depending on his good consistent form for Lyon.
  9. Re: Lass Diarra - Rating / Deal Ok, thanks for the advice, I'll see what I can do... hoping that Diarra doesen't get -1 before my transfer deal goes through!
  10. Re: Lass Diarra - Rating / Deal My Squad Any help on a CM/DM would be greatly appreciated. All players are available but my prime target Busquets is not for sale . I'm looking for preferably a 90 who is rising and could get to 92 by the end of the year ? Thanks.
  11. Re: Ratings - Have They Finished England? Ended Mate. They've strated Spain already. England and Italy are finished.
  12. Have been offered 40 Mil for Diarra. How certain of a drop is he, and is 40 Mil really worth it when getting players like Busquets, Martinez, Khedira are not for sale. Do I have any other options to buy ( DM) Is Khedira the second best to Busquets ? Thanks.
  13. I own Raul Albiol and have been offered a swap for Pepe (93) I give Albiol + 15 Mil = Pepe. Good deal ? Albiol will go to 91 as most say and Pepe's rating is safe? Thanks.
  14. Re: busquets or khedira? Is Lass Diarra for Khedira a good swap? ( Me owning Diarra) Thanks
  15. I have Albiol in my team and need to know ASAP if he is going to drop. I believe he will drop to 91 as he is not first choice for Real anymore.
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