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  1. What do you think of Bruno Petkovic? Worth holding onto? Breaking into the Croatia side, signed for Zagreb on a 5 year deal. What do we reckon he can reach?
  2. When is China going to be reviewed? Chi looks set to win back to back titles and is still rated 78
  3. Swap Asensio for Sancho? van de Beek and Paqueta or Joao Felix, Cunha, Guendouzi, Paulinho and Skov?? πŸ€” Seems a silly question but I don’t know much about van de Beek, where does he compare to de Jong and co?
  4. Stevenson and Kamberi at Hibernian +2/3 when SPL is reviewed? Seems all the sides outside the Old Firm just get ignored. Although the SPL has gone up 6 places in the UEFA coefficient.
  5. Fabregas + David Brooks for Mertens, Kampl or Ziyech? Or Wanyama + Brooks for Vecino?
  6. Sancho... I have him in a lot of setups. This setup in particular he is my only real asset, along with Coman who I recently signed for cash and Dudu. The rest are just average 88 players who nobody would want in a part exchange deal. So I said i was willing to listen to offers for him, these are what I have had so far; Plea + Bruma (although tempted to swap Bruma for de Arrascaeta or Pavon) Under + Cabellos Β£8m, Linetty and Antonio Valencia Β£11m, Calhanoglu + Fejsa Β£6m, Fabregas and Mahrez
  7. What are the chances of Nastasic dropping? Koln went down and Hector didn't drop, but he had a lot of reasoning to keep his 91, Schalke will probably avoid the drop but what reasons does Nastasic have to remain a 90?? Also what players 89+ have a high chance of a +2, and what 80-85 players have a shot at +3 or more come the end of May based on recent form and minutes.
  8. Do we think Son would ever get 93? Dybala is nearly the same price as Sterling. Son would be 4th choice potentially. Then, Coutinho, Pjanic, Pogba, Thiago or Koke. Which two?
  9. Kovavic (Β£20m), Bellerin (Β£10m) and Ruben Neves (Β£20m) are surplus to requirements at my club, and I need a striker. Dybala, Sterling, Costa, Son, Insigne, Immobile and Morata are my potential options.
  10. MLS seems to be very hit and miss... I expect Belgium will be a bit funny too. Do we think Ashley Barnes has a shot at 88 if he manages to keep Burnley up? Recently just had his first international call up for Austria. Wouldn't be questioning it if Burnley were having a season close to what they did last year. Also same question for Getafe's Nemanja Maksimovic and Damian Suarez? 87 or 88?
  11. Its ok... it will be a slightly lighter blow than getting knocked out by Barcelona. πŸ‘¬πŸ˜˜
  12. Melo Arthur, Ruben Nevez, Bellerin and Kovacic = Β£90m Β£90m can get me 2 of them following; De Bruyne Thiago A Pjanic Pogba Sterling
  13. Wanyama, Fabregas and Aranguiz.... which do you get rid of? Inherited a side in a very competitive setup. Likelihood of getting anything close to their current ratings is unlikely. The best I can get for Wanyama may be Deulofeu, or cash plus Badiashile and sign my own players, but again none will be over 87. Best I could probably get for Fabregas is Babacar. But Fabregas is probably going to be the only 90 rating out of the three come the end of the season. Part of me hopes Wanyama will move on from Tottenham for more first team football this summer.
  14. Feels like ive been waiting a life time πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
  15. When do we think Greece will be reviewed? Signed Srdjan Spiridonovic last season when he was scoring goals and Panionios were doing well, and now they are doing rubbish and he isn't scoring goals...... πŸ™„πŸ™„
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