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  1. Picked up Nicolas Seiwald in a competitive setup - can anyone tell me much about him? TIA
  2. Don’t think they’ll just skip the mls? Hope they take into consideration minutes from last season when hey do. Known them overlook historic minutes from previous seasons before.
  3. Surely it would have made more sense to review the MLS and Norway during the close season, and review Holland mid-season, and leave league one and two till the end of the season? Hopefully Holland, MLS and Austria (or at least LASK) get reviewed this next few weeks.
  4. Whats do you think will be after EPL? Signed a load of MLS players in November and hoping they'll have risen before they come off there transfer bans so I can ship them off.
  5. I'd keep them all till the Eredivisie had been reviewed as they should all rise a little bit. However I have highlighted the ones id keep until the start of next season to see if they'd get moves to other clubs or continue playing till the end of this season. Michael Sadilek had been dropped in recent weeks before xmas, if he can get back into the starting lineup between now and the end of the season you could certainly consider keeping him. Other players worthy of a mention are Danilho Doekhi, Abdou Harroui and Bryan Smeets.
  6. Reckon Leujune will be safe at 87?
  7. Jesus Dan - you still here???? Is it worth getting back into SM? Any old faces still around?

    1. koplfc


      Haha yeah started coming back on the forum a few months ago. It’s pretty much dead bar the rating prediction thread. 

      Meh... lot of old faces have gone, lot of cheats around the big setups. Still good enough craic though

    2. EdMoses


      I loved the game for a period but the forum was where it was at, proper buzzing. shame its all dead now though. Any gameworlds worth joining? Not interested in cheats, think that would drive me away again.

    3. koplfc


      gc1 is good, but thats riddled with cheats at the top. but as a manager near the bottom its alright just building a side and working your way up quietly. 

      Transfermarkt 100 2019-20 is a new one which looks alright, but like all new setups they soon die a death. GC 279 and 500 are ok too. But the community its nothing like it used to be. 

  8. MLS should be reviewed before season starts in March. Probably review some small European leagues once they have done mls and prem, unless they do a winter review of the championship which is doubtful
  9. Great signing if he can replicate what he did in Austria. potentially another Lewandowski in the making.
  10. Asensio and Kyle Walker for Frenkie de Jong??
  11. Soyunco as in the Turkish CB from Leicester? I’d take him hands down. Also depends what you can do with £30m but you won’t recerse a level 4 so anything is better than nowt
  12. Just looking for some under the radar players really. Remember signing Victor Wanyama when he moved from Beerschot to Celtic - looking to pick up a player half as decent. 😂
  13. What can you tell me about Merveille Bakadi (Standard) Sulayman Marreh (KAS) and Mathieu Maertens (OH Leuven)
  14. No rise for Faraoni 🙄 same minutes as Rrahmani who gets a +2 😑
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