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  1. Gotta be more incoming, banking on a rise for Musrati for the new season in a GW else he’ll start getting concerns. Juan Escobar (Cruz Azul), +1 or 2?
  2. He’s really pushed on the past three years. Paul Hurst had him on loan at Shrewsbury and he was dreadful, one of the worst strikers in recent history fans reckon. Spent more time on the ground than you’d believe. Very frustrating to watch. Newcastle will be kicking themselves that they let him leave tho.
  3. Juan Escobar at Cruz Azul, +1 or 2?
  4. Is Portugal being reviewed or just random rises? Hoping Musrati can get 85 at least
  5. Bruno Petkovic or Nsame? From stats you'd say Nsame, but Petkovic was linked with Barcelona last year! Or would you keep both 🤣
  6. 🤣🤣 I followed him at Utrecht then signed him in 2016 in a competitive setup and when he moved to Feyenoord I thought I’d done well... then he was frozen out the squad a few years ago and ended up playing for the reserves. Problem is he’s helped me to 2 promotions but I can’t bring myself to part ways with him but if he was going to drop to 83 I’d sell him 😖
  7. Even tho he’s only played about a 1000 minutes of football since 18/19??
  8. Anyone know if Elias Gomez is worth holding onto? Is he likely to hit 85? Signed him few years ago when he was at Rosario and he got a nice rise, since become a regular for Argentinios Jnrs. TIA
  9. Hey @TMCosta Views on Ali Musrati, Naoufel Khacef and Witi?
  10. @Kieran_S91 Did you say there had been some Peru edits on soccerwiki? Signed a few Peruvian players a few years ago in one setup awaiting the day they got reviewed, or hoping they'd get a move to a bigger league.... still waiting. 😏
  11. Is the Eredivisie next did someone say the other day? Can I expect a +2 for Bryan Smeets? What can Koppmeiners expect? When do we expect Ligue 1 to be done as it feels like it wasn't done too long ago but I was a little disappointed Simon Banza wasn't reviewed. 20 apps so far this season, 820 minutes for a Lens side punching above their weight, could he get a +3 or is that too hopeful? What are we thinking for Taylor Moore, Antoine Semenyo and Josh Laurent ?
  12. Also saw a rumour he was being linked with Huddersfield too 🤣
  13. Thanks both. Its a very competitive game world which is why I just signed him without knowing an awful lot as sometimes you just never know where their career will go. But faced no competition for him which is why I questioned it. At 22, with very little information about him I didn't really think he was going to be a wonderkid breaking into the Napoli side but his agent has a few clients in Serie A so hopefully put him in the shop window for a few of the smaller sides in the division.
  14. Anyone able to shed any light on Michael Folorunsho? Picked him up in one setup without knowing an awful lot about him, can only find game stats but nothing else, wondering if any Napoli, Reggina or someone that follows the Serie B could tell me anything about him
  15. Are we going to see the MLS done before another season goes by? 😂 I must have signed MLS risers, lost them to level 5 concerns and resigned them again and they are on level 3 already!!!
  16. What do you think for Rivaldo Coetzee?
  17. Is Tonny Vilhena rating safe? Been offered him in one setup but in two minds as he hasn't featured as much this season. I know he had coronavirus in November, but still seems a little out of favour. if he drops to 87 the deal im about to do won't be worth it.
  18. All hype. Thats the problem with ratings being based off soccerwiki, more people are going to put a +1 on Grealish than they will on Basham. Grealish has spent the past 6 months being linked with Arsenal and Manchester United, meanwhile Chris Basham signed a contract extension with... that average side from Yorkshire. 😏😏
  19. Chris Basham not even getting a +1 is a travesty. I know he had a handsome rise mid-season but he was by far one of Sheffield United's best players. If Jack Grealish can get a 90 (+5 over the course of the season) by being a standout player in a side that only just avoided relegation, then why can't Baldock, Egan, O'Connell and Basham atleast be minimum 88 for finishing 20 points ahead...
  20. Yeah get Atal or Telles. Atal can play right-back too.
  21. Does anyone reckon the mls is ever going to get reviewed this side of Christmas? 😑😐😐😑
  22. Picked up Nicolas Seiwald in a competitive setup - can anyone tell me much about him? TIA
  23. Don’t think they’ll just skip the mls? Hope they take into consideration minutes from last season when hey do. Known them overlook historic minutes from previous seasons before.
  24. Surely it would have made more sense to review the MLS and Norway during the close season, and review Holland mid-season, and leave league one and two till the end of the season? Hopefully Holland, MLS and Austria (or at least LASK) get reviewed this next few weeks.
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