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  1. When do the EPL changes take place? And who do you see rising?
  2. Re: Gourcuff is 92!! Im absolutely gutted! I was going to sign Cissokho, Chamakh and Bastos the other day.. and now i cant as i dont have enough money for all of them..
  3. Re: Where's my prize money ? No need to worry the season starts on a monday and then the first games on the saturday you'll have afew days to make transfers..
  4. Re: My Upcoming Premier League Rating Predictions Ive got alot of players from the EPL in one of my clubs, when do the changes take place? and are the rating changes also from the Championship and Leagues 1 & 2?
  5. Re: Possible risers Thanks for the help guys. Ill be putting the bids on at the end of december going into the new year. the players will either be money making once they rise (depending on the rise) but some ill keep for the future.. but ive already got a pretty average aged young club.
  6. Re: Who to buy - Benayoun or Milner? In my opinion id say Benayoun, but if your looking for long term prospects id get Milner. Did you look at players like, LENNON,Aaron ELIA,Eljero MCGEADY,Aidan
  7. Re: Possible risers Thanks, but some of them players i mentioned are at clubs.. and i think some managers will want to hold onto them.. the players that are either at unmanaged clubs or external clubs are.. SIMPSON,Jay MATIC,Nemanja LJAJIC,Adem OKAKA CHUKA,Stefano HENDERSON,Jordan RAMIRES,Santos
  8. Re: Possible risers Thanks. Ill buy them at the end of december if i have got enough. Also may i ask you all that reply on this thread. Do you see BENT, Darren rising in the next rises for the Premier league?
  9. Im looking at bringing some new signings into my Wolverhamton Wanderers team in the new season.. but do you think they will rise in the next rating changes for there leagues? these are the players i look to buy, give me a opinion if you think i sould sign them if they have a good chance in having a rating change:) SIMPSON,Jay MATIC,Nemanja LJAJIC,Adem TAARABT, Adel NEYMAR, Silva RAMSEY,Aaron OKAKA CHUKA,Stefano MANGALA, Eliaquim HENDERSON,Jordan RAMIRES,Santos WILSHERE,Jack CHAMAKH,Marouane Thanks for any of your help.. Dan:D
  10. Re: Line up to go unbeaten? Yeah.. when i play 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 i want a good RB and LB.. you got any suggestions? i want Insua for LB but his manager wont let me have him and god knows who i can have to play RB? 80-90 18-25?
  11. Re: Line up to go unbeaten? Well ill use that thanks' date=' ill get back to you if it works, at the moment ill use Eastmond in DM see how he gets on. Zubars injured at the moment so ill have to play with.. [i']Hibbert Lescott Bocenegra [/i]
  12. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1284389&clubid=436615&sid=3880 Here is my team, what line up can i put out from them players that can try and clinch me promotion.. at the moment i'm just sitting 6 points out of the play offs there are only 9 games left in the season.. i NEED to go unbeaten from Turn 30 till the end the season, Can you tell me what Line up, Pre-match options and In-Game instructions? Thanks to all that help. Dan:D
  13. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1284389&clubid=436615&sid=3880 .. This was my first season in English championship 430 and i have spent a colossus £180m this season but ive made £176m from selling players. Ive strengthened the team but not the defense. this is the team i want to put out next season (ive only done midfield and attackive area's as i don't know what to do with my defense.. players in bold are players i look to buy.. Lennon Ireland Help?! Lefted footed CM! Di Maria Saurez (currently on loan) RVP or ??? give me your idea's on my Midfield and attack.. and help on my defense if you can.. Dan.
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