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  1. Evening gentlemen.... Would any of you swap Alexis Sanchez for Bernardo Silva? Alexis Sanchez is on a level 4 concern, I have tried to get him down but unsuccessful when I have Suarez, Ibra, Lukaku and Dybala competing for one spot generally. Its a lot to pay for a 90 rated player, but watching him against City he looks a very impressive player.
  2. MARTENS HANGS UP HIS BOOTS So the day has finally come.... 12 seasons 334 appearances 78 goals 160 assists 7.02 avp The guy featured less over the past two seasons but will go down in Peterborough folk law for the 5 years of service.
  3. It was far better when you could pay off player concerns. Yeah ok, it meant people would hoggers for longer, but at a cost. Paying off a level 4 concern at say £3m and then putting that player from 100k a week to 180k. I keep losing players and I don't have squads with Lewandowski, Reus, Ronaldo, Messi, Aguero and co.... but still seem to be losing good players to bs concerns.
  4. Liverpool v Manchester United Dortmund v Spurs Tasty!
  5. Anybody see Jordan Henderson 10 quick fire questions on LFCTV? Don't know if it was the way it was delivered but sorta gave me goosebumps. Europa League draw in an hour.... who do we want? I'd take Anderlecht, and desperately want to avoid Shakhtar or Spurs.
  6. Another hectic month ahead it seems (7 in December, 9 in January). Could potentially end up playing 8 games in the upcoming month, with a trip to Germany, a cup final and a big game four days later against Manchester City in there. Klopp still reluctant to sign anybody ahead of Monday. Coutinho will be back for Leicester it seems, along with Hendo. Would like to see a bit more of Kent - looked exciting in the first game against Exeter.
  7. Disappointing not too see Kent starting. Enrique at CB again... not sure why Caulker hasn't been given a go... even though he played for the U21's. Interesting squad, hopefully Benteke can get into it early on with a goal. Not sure why Sinclair is on the bench. Might as well give a place on the bench too somebody who will be at the club in 10 days time.
  8. Urm... I only saw highlights of the United game as I was working, but there's signs for optimism.... I'm not sure regarding a top 4 finish tho. I don't know..... we'll wait and see. Not sure what to make of Mignolet's contract extension mind you. Came at a funny time really. Wouldn't say he has massively earned it.
  9. What happened to this place? Everybody hiding under a rock?
  10. Heard the name Andre Gray before on SSN, Brentford striker...... £9m to Bristol City. Thought to myself.... Andre Gray? That name sounds familiar..... yup.... its the same Andre Gray that 5 years ago couldn't even make it into the Shrewsbury League Two side, released, ended up playing at Telford and then Hinckley. Chraaaazyyyyy!
  11. Another 3 points gained where we didn't particularly look very good. Pretty fortunate to even win as well. Bournemouth should have won 1-0.
  12. Been offered £6.5m for Laporte plus Benteke. The manager did originally offer me £5m, Willian and Berahino. I countered Denayer and Benteke. I have Bonucci, Dede, Manolas, Inigo Martinez, Abdennour and Matip at CB. Although likely to swap Matip for Chadli in a different deal.
  13. 24th May 2015: Stoke 6-1 Liverpool 9th August 2015: Stoke 0-1 Liverpool The Glen Johnson affect...
  14. £2m + Eric Dier + Jonjo Shelvey for Erik Durm?
  15. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/33065320 Is it any surprise?
  16. Had a bid accepted for Vidal when the deal to Barcelona was announced - semi-expecting him to be a regular but with Dani Alves signing a new 2-year-contract today, is he still worth signing or is he going to spend most of the season on the bench?
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