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  1. Yeah. Logged in today and found that one of the game world I am in will be closed at the end of the season.. Why?
  2. Re: Matija Nastasic Well I've sold him for clubs that have enough backups. He has the potential though, but he only played 11 matches in the PL last season. Hopefully he has recovered from his mysterious knee injury. He will be fresh but a little rusty when the new season kicks off. Maybe you can wait and see what happens to him since Mangala is coming in. And pre-season is the period where player's rating won't rise or fall yet so no worries.
  3. Re: Kroos = Alaba + Shaw I'd sell/trade Gibbs. Move Alaba to Midfield to fill in Kroos's position, (DM/CM) play Marcelo on the left wing and Ricardo Rodriduez at LB. And loan out Shaw until he rises to 90 or 91. By then maybe you can sell Marcelo or Rodriguez.
  4. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Should I sell him ? If someone offers you mad cash and cash is still valuable in your game world and provided you can get a good replacement, sell him. Sell him before his birthday so you get more money selling to an unmanaged club.
  5. Re: Matija Nastasic Sell only if you can get him back. I'd go for Eder Alvarez Balanta.
  6. Re: Jorge Koke, Alarcon Isco or Iker Muniain? So what do you think of them now?
  7. Who would you guys choose out of this two? I've Pisczek as my RB, and this two are my back up. I need to free up the wage bill, so thinking of selling either one of them.
  8. Re: Daniel Agger & Martin Skrtel This is irrelevant, but, who would you guys choose between Danilo and Carvajal?
  9. Re: Daniel Agger & Martin Skrtel Wow thanks guys ! This is more for the short term, I believe Nastasic has great potential, but won't rise for now. Thats why I'm selling him(external). I'll be getting him back in the future for sure.
  10. Thinking of getting the both of them as I'm selling Nastasic. However, I'm unsure whether they would rise. I think Skrtel most likely would, but what about Agger?
  11. Re: Bonucci for Costa You can sell him when he gets 92 or 93. Most likely 92 at the end of this season. I personally would sell him if he does moves to the Premier League in the summer.
  12. Should I cash in on him now? Moreover, I've Courtois, Ter-Stegen and Leno.
  13. Re: Worlds top 3 players? (Not messi/ronaldo!)? Ozil Iniesta Ibrahimovic
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