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  1. The club is unmanaged and I can sign any of the following players with minimal cost. Who is the best prospect in the list that I should buy? I have 15.4M and my squad is https://iframe.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1298148&clubid=22294627&sid=112157 Davide Santon 7.5M Jack Rodwell 8.9M Jack Wilshere 13.6M Thiago Alcantara 11.7M Christian Eriksen 13.6M Mario Balotelli 14.7M Erik Lamela 10.5M Oxlade-Chamberlain 6.4M Lukaku 10.7M El Shaarawy 6.1M
  2. Re: Champion Of Champions! (Sign Up Here!) Think you quote the wrong person
  3. Re: Champion Of Champions! (Sign Up Here!) Im on! My name is Michael Rowe in the game with rep of 169. Other teams that I manage is Real Madrid and Stockport County.
  4. Re: Champion Of Champions! (Sign Up Here!) Whattt!! 300M hahah.
  5. Re: Champion Of Champions! (Sign Up Here!) Hopefully no managers quit or spoils the world.... Also hope that there wont be any conflict between managers
  6. Re: who should i sell from my squad? Sell those in bold to get younger and better players. Dont keep so many players of one position, they'll get concerned due to lack of games being played.
  7. Re: Sakho, Cahill, Shawcross, Dawson?? I think Shawcross is a bit underrated. I think he deserve a rise to 89 and even 90 in the future. He is still young.
  8. Re: Champion Of Champions! (Sign Up Here!) C'mon! Join the league! Cant wait for it to start.
  9. Re: David Silva or Higuain? Thanks guys!! You all been a great help. Since I have cash at the moment, I'll try to bid for Silva with cash alone. I am currently negotiating a deal for Messi that may include Higuain in it Cheers all!
  10. Re: David Silva or Higuain? Money isnt the issue because I have 200+M in my club at the moment. Im looking at the player!
  11. Re: Champion Of Champions! (Sign Up Here!) I think it'll open when there's 24 forum managers taking part
  12. I have Higuain, and another manager offered 20M + David Silva for Higuain. Do you think Silva will rise? Or will Higuain rise?
  13. Will the rating of Schweinsteiger rise or drop? Anyone knows how is he doing in Bayern Munich? Im thinking of trading Essien for Schweinsteiger. Is that a good deal? I have Essien
  14. Re: Michael Essien,Higuain&Torres ratings?
  15. Can anyone tell me what will happen to the rating of; - Michael Essien - Higuain - Fernando Torres?
  16. Hey guys, I just received a deal where he wants 8M + Hazard in exchange for Fabregas. (I have Hazard, he have Fabregas) First, money isn't a problem for me, but will Hazard be as good as Fabregas in the future? Do you think I should take the deal? PLEASE HELP!!
  17. Re: Is swapping Fabiano for Lukaku a good deal (i get Lukaku) I say you take the deal! Then hope for Lukaku to play well at Chelsea.
  18. Re: My Manchester City Hope I helped
  19. Re: Stay rise or drop? Agree with you. I think Enrique will get a +1!
  20. Re: Looking for ... Neymar Fwd 90 Hernandez CF 90 Ashley Young Wing 90 Lucas CM 90 Gotze AM 89 Honda AM 89 Shawcross CB 88 (Not 89-90 but sure to rise!) Hope I helped
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