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  1. Barcelona clinch La Liga! The La Liga title was clinched tonight, not with a bang, but a whimper. Barca manager Hereward held up his hands, as the league leaders went to Villareal and played an aggressive style and they were punished for it. A fairly even first half went to the home side when FERNANDAO blasted a long range effort past BUFFON in the 33rd minute. Both sides were creating chances, as SHEVCHENKO had a shot cleared off the line, then blazed over the bar with a gaping net early on. Eight minutes after the restart, Patrick VIEIRA had Barca level, as he took advantage of confusion
  2. Re: Scottish Clubs Here are some views on HEARTS players: DRIVER, Andrew (LM/CM) 20/83. Should go up. Has started 10 matches this season, scored 4 goals as a wide player. Position is probably LM/RM. JONSSON, Eggert (CM) 19/74. Must go up. Very promising young player, now a fixture in midfield (played 9 matches so far), and has been called up to the full Iceland squad vs. Denmark. EDIT 11/21/07 Eggert Jonsson came on in the 70th minute to win his first full international cap for Iceland. VELICKA, Andrius (CF) 28/85. Should go up. Played in 8 matches, scored 4 goals, good finisher. KSANAV
  3. Re: Gold Championship 2 Barcelona manager Hereward said this to the press after a storming attack-minded Champions League final: "I'm gutted to come this close to the trophy only to have it slip away from us in the final minutes. We knew it was always going to be a great game, and it lived up to the billing. Havoc and his Real Madrid team have had a magical season, full marks to them. I'm proud of my team. They've given a tremendous effort and we prepared them as well as we could. Tomorrow, it is back to business in the league. We have a job to finish in La Liga, and we'll be doing our best
  4. All-La Liga Final for the SMFA Champions League! Barcelona pulled off the upset today, defeating the defending SMFA Cup manager RAZ Hooley's Chelsea in a 3-2 thriller. The chances came thick and fast with NESTA smashing a shot off the bar before even a minute had been played. SHEVCHENKO and SAHA had chances to reply, before TEVEZ put Chelsea ahead in the 16th minute. Barca were level almost immediately as the brilliant SHEVCHENKO scored a golasso to tie. Things looked grim for the Spanish side in the 28th minute when midfield enforcer GATTUSO was shown a straight red for a petulant kick, but
  5. Re: Gold Championship 2 With the first team playing the SMFA semifinals against Chelsea and defending GC2 SMFA Cup-winning manager (and former Barcelona man) RAZ Hooley on Friday, Barcelona gambled and fielded a team of mostly reserves against their visitors from Real Sociedad. Zaragoza and Real Madrid remain hot on Barca's heels in La Liga, so Barca could ill-afford to drop any points at home. After a lacklustre first half in which Barcelona had most of the play, they turned up the heat in the second half. The game would be decided in the last ten minutes, even though Barca created four tim
  6. Re: Gold Championship 5 official match thread A thrilling Scottish Cup final today saw the hardware headed back to Edinburgh after only the most nail-biting of finishes. Sixth-placed Aberdeen took on second-placed Heart of Midlothian, the defending Scottish Cup champions, and while the maroons held a slim edge in possession, shots and corners, it was the dons who hit the bar twice, and had a shot cleared off the line in a fast-paced, but scoreless first half. Darren Mackie sent a curler past Gordon in the Hearts goal in the 51st minute to send the Aberdeen support into raptures of delight.
  7. Re: Gold Championship 2 Barca manager Hereward was quoted today as saying to the pursuing press pack: "Look, I think a measure of the quality we have in la liga this season is of course the number of teams we have competing for the SMFA trophies, but in those one-off matches, anything can happen. I'm pleased that we have an excellent competition going every week in Spain. Last season proved that this is a very difficult league to win, going right down to the wire. You need to constantly add quality players to your team to stay competitive in this league. I've tried to do that, and I will
  8. Anyone else not getting them when adding a player to shortlist or bidding on a player (since yesterday)? Sorry teb if this is the wrong forum for this Q.
  9. Re: Scottish/Irish Rating Changes Have to take issue with this now, as Naismith is the third-leading scorer in the SPL with 15 goals in all competitions so far, might have to be looked at for an increase, as he is currently rated 86. I think Kris Boyd deserves consideration for 90 as he is the top scorer with 20 in all competitions, scoring at the same rate as Jimmy Vinegar of Castlemilk, who is a 91.
  10. Re: where can AM players play Another formation you could consider is 3-5-2, play Makelele at 5, Lamps at 6, Pirlo at 8, Bastian at 7, Cole at 11 and you could set Essien to sub for any of the 5, 6 or 8. One of the formations that allows you to have AMs behind the strikers would probably make better use of their attacking ability. Nice squad, btw
  11. Re: The Premiership - Decreases Don't think Pennant or Fletcher need decreases -- the rest, sure. Sometimes Senderos looks like he might be decent (although that might be the influence of Gilberto Silva), in spite of his glacial pace, but when he comes up against an attacker with both pace and power, and Arsenal can't cover for him, he looks bad. Alliadiere is a mystery to me too. Should be the real deal, but isn't. Wenger probably fears that the guy will find his game as soon as he gets rid of him.
  12. Re: Kaka vs Ronaldinho I agree with what Fraser said, in the sense that I think Ronaldinho is a better individual player (last weekend when he hit the bar after going past 3 or 4 defenders - amazing), but Kaka is a better team player, and improves the players around him. Ronnie seems almost old school Brazilian, he does his thing and the others need to fill in around him. Kaka is less flashy, but might on balance be more effective.
  13. Re: Henrik Larsson I agree. On form, has to go up. Proving he still has the class against top competition. The guy changes games against the best. Deserves at least 90.
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