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  1. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Why are you giving Valencia a -1? He doesn't become a worse player because he's been injured. United have really missed him and SM don't usually drop someone due to injury. I'm pretty sure he'll stay.
  2. Re: Who will win? Chelsea vs Man United Chelsea are 5th so it's not a clash between 2 of the best teams, it's a clash between the best team and a mediocre team. United to win 1-0.
  3. Re: Pique and valdes That proves the other guy's point...they're seldom. Off the top of your head how many people in the 90s have had +1 rises? Hell of a lot more. Hopefully Valdes will get 92 going off last year and this year....he's been consistently good.
  4. Just wondering what people think - if both were available at similar prices, who would you go for? Thanks in advance.
  5. Re: In Memory of Robert Enke Like others have said, depression is a chemical imbalance and altho it seems selfish, people shouldn't judge so harshly. That being said, I will never understand why someone would take their life in such a selfish way. What sort of mental issues will those train drivers have now? They saw him on the tracks but couldn't stop in time...it must be horrendous for them. Prayers to his family and the poor people on that train.
  6. Re: Neur a good GK to get? For what it's worth: http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/manchester-united-interested-in-keeper-neuer-1813440.html
  7. Re: Hugo Lloris vs. Manuel Neuer vs. Rene Adler Thanks, mate...rep'd. Anyone else have any views? Personally i think after today SAF will go for Akinfeev, he seems to buy people who play well against united.
  8. If the price was similar for all 3, which would be the best option to go for. I would think it would be between Lloris and Adler, with maybe Lloris getting the nod with playing in champion's league. But then you have the possible Neuer move to united...what do people think?
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