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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Thanks...how about Shaqiri + Lamela + Dante for Gotze? Don't need depth and neither of the 3 would get in first team so figuring thats probably a no as well, however unsure of Shaqiri's and particularly Lamela's potential?

    Hmm so l'm selling Evra.

    Which is better

    Varane + Morata

    Varane + Callejon

    I think Morata is more talented than Callejon and will most likely reach a comfortably higher rating than Callejon so option 1 for me.

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    It all depends on how you view the deals; future potential' date=' short term, long term etc...

    If your first team squad is pretty decent and not in desperate need of improvements (average of over 90) I'd not even consider swapping Pogba for a 90 rated player right now who only has the potential of reaching 91.

    What's your first team squad like at present?[/quote']

    Pretty much a medium term investment i'm looking at, something which will still be a decent enough deal 1 year from now, but will possibly turn out not so good longer term!

    First team average is 93:


    Arbeloa Mertesacker Pepe

    Ribery Alonso Rolfes Gotze

    Robben Ronaldo Neymar

    Ideally i want a midfielder to replace Rolfes and either a defender or forward. However I think my current expectations may be a bit high, then again 3 months from now the ratings will look different, and every review from then on in likely my four will keep going higher, but i'd like to cash in now with someone who understands the talent and would part with pretty good players in exchange.

    To give an example i'm looking at something like Fellaini and Godin, but that may be considered too much i really dont know!

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I find it difficult to conjure up a reasonable response on this one. Unless you were in need of swapping all four players for higher rated players but lesser in quantity' date=' I would keep hold of them until they climb towards 90 and beyond and then use them in less complicated swap deals.[/quote']

    I think most people probably are tbf! I have a pool of around 100 youth players, and although those 4 are among the most talented if I could bring in 2 good players for my first team then I could let them leave no problem, just don't know what standard of 2 players would be reasonable to expect in return.

  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Well I dunno - who's available? What I would say is Pogba' date=' Carvajal and Deulofeu will be very good players in a few years[/quote']

    Nobody in particular available, but I know a lot of clubs are interested in these players and one club is interested in taking all 4. I am having trouble valueing them though as all are big talents, 3 are playing regular first team football and the other is considered biggest talent in La Masia. Just wondering theoretically if you were to give all 4 players what kind of players you would be expecting to receive.

  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Thanks for the replies - I didn't word my question particularly well though so:

    I have Pogba, Deulofeu, Carvajal and Umtiti, if I were to offer all 4 of them what would people expect in return?

    Looking for higher rated players rather than young talent.

  6. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013

    I'm not arguing that Dani Alves isn't playing at the same level as before' date=' what i'm saying is that the drop happened very quickly.

    He didn't rise to 95 for playing well only for half a season, right? The same way, they shouldn't drop him now for playing bad for half a season! They should wait at least until the end of the season and if his bad form continued, then drop him.

    Khedira and Arbeloa fully deserved a rise, not only for the performances for their clubs, but also for their national teams. They are consistenly playing - and doing well, especially Khedira- at the highest possible level, both in clubs and national teams. End of story.[/quote']

    Completely agree with everything in this post.

  7. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013

    these Spanish players it seems are rated for potential....and not what is achieved to date.

    Which is totally wrong' date=' you can't base ratings on perceived potential however it looks like that is whats happening :rolleyes:

    Well there you have it don't you? I think that should definately warrant a +1. Oh and don't forget Real also got to the semi-final of the CL and won the Supercopa. So a player who wins the league, the Euro Champs and the Supercopa and also got to the semi's of the CL imo definately deserves 95. If not then what else must he do.

    Which makes Arbeloa's non rise even more baffling B)

  8. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013

    I'm shocking to see Thiago +1.

    Also' date=' Arbeloa should be +1.[/quote']

    ^ this.

    Thiago rising is quite frankly ludicrous, as is Arbeloa not rising, but hopefully they might sort out the latter tomorrow...

    Too many inconsistencies in these (and the other leagues) ratings.

    Take Francisco Portillo for example 20 league games, 14 starts 1188 minutes for team 4th in table, plus 5 games and 2 starts in the Champions League, + 4 Copa Del Rey appearances.

    Ruben Pardo 15 league games, 8 starts 767 minutes for team 9th in table, no European minutes + 2 Copa Del Rey games.

    Alvaro Morata 5 games, no starts 62 minutes for team 3rd in table, 11 minutes in Champions League, 2 games in Copa Del Rey.

    All 3 had virtually no minutes between last review and end of last season so ratings are based purely on this season so can someone explain to me how they all go 80-85? Makes absolutely no sense to me, correct ratings would be more like Portillo 86, Pardo 84 and Morata 82, to have them equal in ratings is bizarre and just one of many examples of total irregularities in the way SM are now rating players.

  9. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013

    Any predictions for OZIL and MODRIC? Have any chance to rise or drop?

    Both should stay.

    What rating changes do people think these players will get?

    Falcao- (I think 94 myself)

    Jordi Alba

    Iker Muniain

    Thibaut Courtois

    Raphael Varane

    Leo Baptistao

    Also does anyone have any must buy youths from La Liga not the obvious ones (Isco) thanks in advance

    Falcao 94/93

    Alba 92

    Munian 90

    Courtois 90

    Varane 88/89

    Baptistao 85/86

    minutes // goals // rating

    T. Alcantara 306 90 348 // 1 - 1 // 89

    Raphael Varane 557 375 314 // - - - // 87

    J. Callejon 673 217 238 // 1 2 2 // 88

    black = Primera Division

    red = Ch. League

    blue = Copa del Rey

    I don't understand why many of you insist that Alcantara should go to 90.

    p.s. I could' date=' also, compare him with other players like El Shaarawy, Michu, J. Martinez and many many others[/quote']

    Thiago definitely wont rise.

  10. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread

    When did they officially update it though? 8th december according to wiki.

    Plus in your other post' date=' you said theyve been #1 for years, they havent.[/quote']

    They officially update it after every European match day ;) Never quote wikipedia as a source btw ;)

    Yeah they have been #1 all this year and all last year, that makes them #1 for years, as 2=plural. Not much between them the previous 2 years and over the last 5 years La Liga is on top by quite a substantial distance.

  11. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread

    It seems a bit unbelievable that pro players voted for that team' date=' because it isnt what it should be. I just thought I would mention Pirlo since some people might actually have him in there instead because of his Euro performance as well. The back line is definitely not what is should be. Its just a suprise that out of many players that could be in the back line, they are all La Liga and even RvP vs Falcao, the La Liga man is chosen but RvP, Falcao won Europa but RvP played in the best league according to the coefficient.[/quote']

    Well they did :P

    If Italy had won the Euro Championships i'd suggest Pirlo would've got in the team, if's and but's though. Playing in such a weak league certainly didn't help his case any though...

    Btw the EPL is not the best league according to the coefficient, and hasn't been for quite awhile now, and tbh its not even going to be the second best league for long ;)

  12. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread

    Cant complain about the front three' date=' the midfield is debatable because Pirlo was fantastic over the year but the back four just goes to show [b']FIFA love La Liga too much.[/b]

    Except the team is voted on by 50000+ professional players not FIFA ;)

    For sure i would change some players, Pirlo wouldn't get in for me over Alonso though, you could argue they are both of similar quality though for me Alonso is better, plus he won the league against arguably the greatest team of all time and also won the European Championships, so i guess thats why he made the team again. Falcao and RVP is much of a muchness really either deserved to be there but pleased it went to Falcao.

    Would make a couple changes in defence personally but overall spot on for me.

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