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  1. Re: Tactics Help!!! Good team you have their for Leeds! My advice would just be to go for it and play an attacking formation, im no expert though so hopefully someone else can give you in depth help! Good luck p.s its always unmanaged weaker teams that seem to beat me too
  2. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Just rejected Wigan Ahtletic in GC 71 if anyone wants them
  3. Re: Gold Championship 81 Shakhtar have signed Argentinian trio Óscar Trejo, Mauro Óbolo and Sergio Vittor plus Uruguayan Santiago Tanque Silva and Ivorian Koutouan Tony
  4. Re: JC'S DETAILED GUIDE To Success In Soccermanager Really helpful guide I too never knew about giving new contracts to raise morale, very useful. Personally i have found 3-5-2 formation to be unstoppable if you have really good players, with a weaker team though i have had a lot of success with 4-5-1, using counter attack, tight marking, hard tackling and pressing all over it seems to have done the trick! I'll rep you as soon as i find out how to do it
  5. Re: CSKA Moskva World Championship 6380 DAINELLI LATEST SIGNING Experienced centre back Dario Dainelli is the latest signing at CSKA Mosvka. The defender joins from Fiorentina for £8,000,000.
  6. Re: CSKA Moskva World Championship 6380 KRASIC AND GOURCUFF JOIN ON LOAN Former player Miloš Krasic and highly rated Yoann Gourcuff have both signed on season long loans from Real Madrid. Both players are full pf quality and should prove a great move by the CSKA manager
  7. Re: CSKA Moskva World Championship 6380 VILLA DOES SIGN! Despite reports to the contrary Sánchez David Villa has completed his switch to World Champions CSKA Moskva today. Talks had apparantly broke down between CSKA and Valencia as they failed to reach an agreement for the player however it is now believed that may have been an elaborate ploy to stop other clubs hijacking the deal with the likes of Barcelona, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City all chasing the players signature. Manager Kari has said she is thrilled and delighted to be welcoming one of the worlds true football stars to her club and today is a momentous day for everybody connected with the club. Villa was greeted with a heroes welcome as he checked into Moskva last night to complete his switch, and a record crowd of 100,000 is expected to pack into the Luzhniki stadium as Kari officially unveils the superstar as a CSKA player. Asked about how he feels about joining the club Villa said "Es un honor de estar uniendo un club tan fantástico como CSKA Moskva y para estar trabajando con el mejor director en el mundo Kari" Villa is expected to make his debut on Saturday against Manchester United.
  8. Re: Neuer...hart or akinfeev I would say Akinfeev he is captain of CSKA Moskva and linked with a lot of big clubs including Manchester United. Potential to be the best goalkeeper in the world imo
  9. Re: stupid counter bids I have had a lot of very silly counter offers particularly in new standard game worlds, people will transfer list their best players then make ridiculous counter offers, personally i feel that you should only be able to make a counter offer if it is one that would go through, i.e Kaka Ronaldo + 100 million for Messi is not going to go through so the manager shouldnt be able to propose that offer. At the same time though it doesnt bother me if people do make stupid counter offers i just think to myself "idiot" and dont deal with them again
  10. Re: Gold Member? Is It Worth It For me gold membership is totally worth it, the gold championships are a lot better than the standard gameworlds imo not just more populated but a lot more challenging as well. Plus you get to manage an extra 10 clubs and get a free reserve a club, all for £1.00 a month. Bargain i think The reserve a club feature though i find annoying simply because since i became a gold member only 1 out of about 10 created was a free one and i refuse to pay an extra £3.00 just to manage 1 club for me that is not good value, but a lot of people are paying this and for some obscure teams as well! And while plenty of people keep doing this i dont see SM changing it, but hopefully they will change the ratio of reserve and free as it is way too high in favour of reserve atm. I really can not understand the fuss over the latest GC initially being for members with 200+ rep, to reward your longest serving most loyal customers makes complete perfect sense, fair enough if 50% of GC's created were for 200+ rep but 1 in 81? Pretty sure the people moaning wouldnt be if their rep was 200+ but hey some people are simply not happy unless they get everything catered for entirely to their own tastes Also i have a pretty poor internet connection but so far i have never not got a club i have went for including Real Madrid in the only free one created since i went gold. I think its more down to the speed of your eyes and fingers than your internet connection whether you get a good team or not
  11. Re: Petition for 1 in 5 GCs to be normal. Quite possibly the greatest idea i have ever heard in my life
  12. Re: CSKA Moskva World Championship 6380 AKINFEEV RETURNS! There was delight amongst the CSKA Moskva supporters as manager Kari announced the return of world class goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev. Akinfeev returns from a year at Bayern Munich and is said to be delighted to be back "home". The deal is believed to have cost CSKA around £6,000,000 plus goalkeeper Michael Rensing and defender Ledley King. Asked during the press conference whether their was any bad blood between player and manager after her decision to initially sell the goalkeeper she replied "absolutely not Igor understands that i acted in the best interests of this club when i sold him, and now that we are in the position we are in we are delighted to be able to bring him back to the club. Kari would not be drawn on whether or not Akinfeev would be handed back the captaincy of the club but stated an announcement on the captaincy would be made shortly. VILLA ISNT SIGNING Meanwhile Kari has also denied reports linking the club with Spanish striker David Villa, "David is a fantastic player however i can categorically state he will not be signing for CSKA Moskva" It is believed however CSKA did have a bid accepted for the Valencia hitman only for Valencia to change their mind at the last minute. New signings are expected though in the near future.
  13. Re: CSKA Moskva World Championship 6380 PETRIC OUT PERROTTA IN Mladen Petric has signed for Roma in a deal reported to be worth £4,000,000 plus midfield playmaker Simone Perrotta. Petric feature in 22 games for CSKA last season scoring 4 goals and was deemed surplus to requirements at the Luzhniki
  14. Re: CSKA Moskva World Championship 6380 WELLITON SIGNS FOR CSKA MOSKVA Soares Welliton is the first signing of the new season having joined from Spartak Moskva in a swap deal involving Dmitri Torbinski. The 23 year old was the top scorer in the Russian league last term with an impressive return of 21 goals in 28 appearances. He is said to be delighted to be joining such a successful club and hopes to repay the faith in him his new manager has shown with plenty of goals.
  15. Season 1 has just finished in WC 6380 with CSKA Moskva shocking the world: Despite being tipped for relegation CSKA's manager Kari Haner has stunned world football by winning the division 1 title in her first year in charge. She has completely transformed the squad with not a single surviving member of the team she inherited. The squad currently looks like this: Kari has also appealed to the fans to come and watch and support the club as despite never falling out of the top 3 all season and having an 85000 capacity stadium the club has had the 3rd lowest average attendance in the league which has cost the club valuable finances. Despite this Kari has promised to bring in bigger and better players to the club as she tries to achieve the impossible and retain the First Division Championship.
  16. Re: GC75-Official Thread. News/Match Reports! Real Madrid beat Barcelona BARCELONA 1 - 2 REAL MADRID Kick-Off 2: A clear crisp strike by Cristiano RONALDO hits the side netting! 3: Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC gains control at the edge of the box but curls his shot inches wide 5: John TERRY drags his shot wide 6: Rafael MARQUEZ starts to push further forward in the attack 7: José FERNANDO TORRES hits the ball hard with the outside of his boot, but puts it into row z 9: [Goal] GOAL!! - Cristiano RONALDO hits a powerful right foot shot into the onion bag! He'll be proud of that one! 11: A dangerous cross by João MOUTINHO races across the mouth of the goal 15: Ashley COLE takes control of the loose ball 18: Seydou KEITA gets in the way of a thundering shot 20: [Yellow Card] BOOKED - Cristiano RONALDO takes out his man with his forearm and results in a yellow card 21: Iker CASILLAS dives to his left and clutches the ball to his chest 23: The imposing Ruud VAN NISTELROOY heads inches over 26: Dejan STANKOVIC nearly gives the crowd something to cheer about as his drive whistles past the post 28: A mazey dribble by Scherer MAXWELL but he is unfortunate as he fails to get his shot on target 29: A golden opportunity is wasted and Dejan STANKOVIC knows it! 30: [Goal] GOAL!! - A foraging run and strike by Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC sends the crowd wild! One for the scrapbook! 31: A 25 yard shot by Cristiano RONALDO smashes against the crossbar 33: With an open goal Ruud VAN NISTELROOY shot blazes over the bar! No wonder he's looking at the ground! 43: Some hard tackling by Silva DANI ALVES, contributing to his teams defence 44: Ruud VAN NISTELROOY is clean through on goal with only the keeper to beat, but hits the outside of the post 45: Half Time 48: Scherer MAXWELL is starting to boss the play as he is getting more on the ball and space 51: A scramble in the six yard box ensues and Michael ESSIEN blasts it into the arms of the keeper 53: A short range effort is easily saved by Iker CASILLAS 60: A shot from Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC is cleared off the line and out to safety 62: An easy chance by José FERNANDO TORRES goes begging 64: [Goal] GOAL!! - A long ball over the defence is superbly controlled by Dejan STANKOVIC who volleys past the motionless keeper! 68: Dejan STANKOVIC places a right foot shot wide from twenty yards out 69: Cristiano RONALDO has his head in his hands, after he blasts wide infront of an open goal!!!! 70: [Yellow Card] BOOKED - Raúl ALBIOL receives a yellow card after a rash tackle 73: [Yellow Card] BOOKED - The ref brandishes a yellow card to Carles PUYOL for kicking the ball away 76: The ball is knocked long by João MOUTINHO, to send the ball into the oppositions half 77: An accurate pass falls to Cristiano RONALDO who crosses it into the box 84: Mauro ZARATE blasts the ball towards the goal, but somehow it just goes wide 89: The ball ricochets off Krkic BOJAN and out of play 90: Full Time Possession 42% 58% Total Shots 12 17 Shots On Target 6 12 Corners 9 4 Yellow Cards 1 2 Red Cards 0 0
  17. Re: GC75-Official Thread. News/Match Reports! Quick update for Real Madrid: PSV 0 - 1 Real Madrid: The only goal scored and MOTM performance from Dejan Stankovic give RM the win. Malaga 0 - 1 Real Madrid: Ronaldo gets his first of the season to make it 2 from 2 in the league, next up away to rivals Atletico Madrid on Saturday.
  18. I had an idea for a new Gold Championship which i shall christen the "GC Lottery" anyway basically this is how it would go: SM would announce in their usual manner that a new GC would be created on whatever date but say it will be a "lottery" method, so you'd click for more details bla bla..anyways so basically what you would have to do if you wished to partake in the GC was to "apply for this gameworld" or something along them lines, and then say like maybe after a day all the clubs would be offered out on a purely random basis to all those who had apllied, and for example you had 24 hours to respond to the offer. After 24 hours the remaining unaccepted clubs would become available to anyone to pick and choose as they wished, and then the gameworld could open soon after that. I understand that potentially there will be a lot of rejected offers by people who dont want the club offered etc, but obviously there will be a good number of people who will accept there offer should they be offered a reasonably good team. It might also encourage people to manage a club they might not have thought about before. But the main thing for me would be it would be a completely fair way of handing out the teams and everyone would have the same chance of landing a big club and id imagine you'd be pretty stoked if your offered say Barcelona or another big club. It may also freshen up the GC's a little after they seem to have stagnated a bit recently and if SM insist on creating a ton of GC's all the time then they may aswell do something different every now and then! Hope that made sense, its Friday and been a long week so potentially i've not made any sense If anyone has any thoughts/comments/suggestions/questions or anything like that id appreciate them
  19. Re: GC75-Official Thread. News/Match Reports! REAL MADRID MATCH REPORT Despite winning the game RM manager Kari was less than happy with the manner of the win conceding two sloppy goals and also losing star midfielder Xavi for half of the season after fracturing his ankle
  20. Re: GC75-Official Thread. News/Match Reports! REAL MADRID TRANSFER NEWS TRANSFERS IN: TERRY, John/ FERNANDO TORRES, José/ XAVI, Hernández/ PUYOL, Carles/ ESSIEN, Michael/ LAMPARD, Frank/ COLE, Ashley/ KRASIC, Miloš/ STANKOVIC, Dejan/ SAMUEL, Walter/ NASTEVSKI, Ivan/ CHIARELLI, Raffaele/ ROJAS, Andres/ ZLATIC, Ivo/ CHOCO, João/ SUCHY, Marek/ DJORDJEVIC, Nenad/ CANIZA, Denis/ GABRIEL MACHADO, Teixeira/ OSAKO, Yuya/ TORJE, Gabriel/ CAICEDO, Edison/ FERNANDEZ, Roberto/ HARAGUCHI, Genki/ BREITVEIT, Filipp/ ANISIMOV, Sergei/ RAUL RUIZ, Matarín/ HERNANDEZ, Luis/ CHERMITI, Mohamed/ GARCIA, Santiago/ HELDER, Santos/ RAMOS, Christian/ CLAUDEMIR, Domingues/ KAYAL, Biram/ ADEMI, Arijan/ TRUJILLO, Luis TRANSFERS OUT: GRANERO, Esteban/ METZELDER, Christoph/ DE LA RED, Rubén/ VAN DER VAART, Rafael/ DIARRA, Mahamadou/ KAKA, Ricardo/ MARCELO, Vieira/ BENZEMA, Karim/ HIGUAIN, Gonzalo/ DIARRA, Lass/ GAGO, Fernando/ DUDEK, Jerzy/ PEPE, Ferreira/ Garay, Ezequiel/ RAUL, González/ ALBIOL, Raúl/ XABI ALONSO, Olano/ ARBELOA, Álvaro GOOD LUCK TO ALL MANAGERS, ESPCIALLY MY COMRADES IN SPAIN
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