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  1. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Shouldn't do. His rating is safe for these changes. I would expect 87' date=' but 88 is not impossible. Will stay at 90 for now. I'm sure he will get plenty of game time when he is fully fit, if he performs well he'll play more if he doesn't then he'll play less I wouldn't think so.
  2. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 If El Sha has played much better in every game then why didn't he win the Golden Boy Award? Belhanda & M'Vila have been playing consistently for a much longer time, which i guess is why they are higher rated... However they have nothing to do with the discussion which is El Sha and Isco. SM have set the new standard with their review of Italy, if El Sha went 88 then Isco likely would get 89, as El Sha went 89 guess what, Isco will get 90
  3. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 The first line of your post is indicative of a lot of forumers these days who are unable to argue any points made and therefore make a random outlandish statement with zero meaning as the base of their argument, so I will skip over that However with relation to your second point: There have been 496 goals scored in Serie A this season. There have been 485 goals scored in La Liga this season. La Liga has played one less game than Serie A so you can argue the difference in negligable. Last season there were 972 goals scored in Serie A, 1050 were scored in La Liga. A difference of 78, which can easily be made up with the difference of goals scored by the top 2 in each division. 142 by the Italians and 232 by the Spaniards. Given the massive gulf in quality of Barcelona to Juventus and Real Madrid to AC Milan it would be safe to say should each of these clubs play in the opposite league then the goal ratio would continue to increase further and further apart in favour of Serie A being the easier league to score goals in. Regardless of variations in the quality of La Liga's top teams to Serie A's, it is still remarkably even in terms of goals scored. Exatly what this has to do with El Sha being 89 and Isco being 90 I have no idea. Unless you are under the impression Isco is a centre forward... However what can not be argued is the fact the Italian league is so far away from the standard of La Liga that it is actually closer in standard to the Ukrainian league I'd love to hear a good argument as to why Isco should not be higher rated than El Sha, but I know i wont because there isn't one
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I wouldn't do it, you don't really need Weidenfeller if you have Courtois as there will likely only be 1 rating between them pretty soon, and Courtois has more chances of higher ratings in the future. Either keep Hart, or try and get another deal for him not involving a replacement GK.
  5. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 I think he will' date=' really top player who has been excellet recently including a few games for the NT since last review. Said to be interesting quite a few top clubs, would definitely buy him if you can. +3 most likely. Alba yes' date=' Falcao no, back to back +1's is likely for the Colombian as right now no CL football will hinder a straight rise 92-94. Then again who can say anything for certain with the ratings these days I think Suarez has a chance of 90, but 89 would seem most logical. Feghouli i would say definitley not, and Turan really should be a certain 91.
  6. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Thanks for the responses, all good points as to why he should stay at 95, and in general up until fairly recently I would've agreed he would stay. However after recent changes in Italy, which at the moment is miles behind the Bundesliga in terms of quality, and indeed is barely holding off France in terms of coefficients, I feel that the three biggest leagues should be looking at more generous reviews and in particular the Bundesliga where a lot of players are really quite underrated atm, Dortmund particularly. Not sure when Ribery's rating went up from 94-95 as history only goes back to May 09, but for sure since that time the Bundesliga has been getting stronger and stronger, and for me is now stronger than EPL but at the very least its 3rd strongest, miles ahead of Serie A in every way possible. Would also argue that, though as you say timesle that Ribery has consistently been world class for many years that his form over the past 12 months is arguably his best yet. With both these factors in play, as well as the seeming change in the way SM are reviewing players, leads me to the conclusion that Ribery will hit 96. The lack of trophies is probably the only main reason which could hinder a rise, had they won the CL for example i think a 96 would almost be a certainty, but then I do wonder if 1 game should really make that much of a difference. At the end of the day i can see him both rising or staying, just have a funny feeling that they will give him 96.
  7. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Franck Ribery 95-96? His performances definitely deserve it imo. This season he has been the best player in the league in the best team in the league. Was similarly excellent last season in Bayerns run to the CL final. Bayern are ranked second in the Uefa club coefficients only behind Barcelona. Germany are ranked third in the Country coefficients, and will likely overtake the EPL come end of season. Various football stat websites have Ribery as comfortably one of the best players in the World this season. Whoscored for example rate him at 8.8, behind only Messi on 9.0, and miles ahead of the next highest rated Ibrahimovic on 8.1. Said player can hold a 96 rating in a much weaker league and team and NT. 96 would not be flattering, in fact i'd say it would be certainly justified. Opinions?
  8. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Safe to say judging by Serie A's review then most players can expect better rises than I have predicted. I have changed some of them, main ones being Isco 87-90 now, anything less would be shambolic. Alba is 100% getting 92, more likely to get 93 than 91 now tbh. Courtois is going straight to 90. Leo Baptistao is now looking at 77-85, Portillo 80-86, Adrian 77-85. Many more players can expect better rises as well. Yes +1 He pretty much has to rise given SM's recent review of Italy. Madrid's less than scinitllating form this season shouldn't hinder his well overdue rise. Winning the league and Euro's since the last review is more than enough for a player who is consistently one of/the best in his position.
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Have made a few signings recently with my Betis in GC 119, first 11 now looks like: Casillas Arbeloa Mertesacker Pepe Ribery Alonso Rolfes Robben Gotze Ronaldo Neymar Second 11: Marchetti Cassani Gamberini IgnashevichWestermann Medel Reyes Beckham Alvarez Morel Borriello Plus around 100 youth players, many of which are super talented. Have built a far stronger team than i ever thought i'd have been able to when i started out, one of only a couple of teams left i still really enjoy managing on SM
  10. Re: GC 119 Real Betis Road To Glory RONALDO SIGNS FOR REAL BETIS!!! Real Betis stunned the World with the shock signing of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese centurion has put pen to paper on a lucrative 5 year deal which has really shown Betis’ ambition. “Ronaldo has been a long term target of ours, we thought perhaps we could one day bring him in maybe at the end of his career, but to sign him in his prime is a real surprise and delight for us.” The signing has been met with joy and disbelief by the Betis fans who have hailed their new superstar signing as a God. The 27 year old is sure to go down in history as one of the greatest players of all time and he will be expected to take Betis onto the next level, with expectations now at an all time high. Ronaldo welcomed to Betis The expected preferred first XI is expected to line up like this: Casillas Arbeloa Mertesacker Pepe Ribery Alonso Rolfes Robben Gotze Ronaldo Neymar This is my final post in this thread so thanks to all who have followed and commented :-)
  11. Re: GC 119 Real Betis Road To Glory TRANSFER NEWS With Salvatore Sirigu not quite settling in as well as was first hoped Betis began their search for a new goalkeeper, with what was described as a very small shortlist. We only ever wanted one man to be our new GK, we only wanted the very best: Casillas Iker Casillas is a living legend, with over 600 first team games in his glittering career, including an incredible 143 caps for Spain, and still only 31 he arguably has his best years ahead of him. Widely regarded as the best GK in the World Casillas has won everything there is to win at club and international level. With their new GK in tow it is believed the next target was to bring in quality defenders to stand in front of him: Kepler Laveran Lima Ferreira, aka Pepe, was signed up. The controversial no nonsense Portuguese defender was identified as a key player to help sort out Betis’ leaky defence. Pepe Adding to the German contingent at the club Per Mertesacker signed on the dotted line. The tall 28 year old was thought to be the perfect foil to Pepe at the back, and with 85 caps for Germany brings a wealth of experience with him. Mertesacker Alvaro Arbeloa was the next to agree on a switch to Betis. The 29 year old Spanish fullback was seen as the final piece of the defensive jigsaw. Arbeloa With their new look defence now complete Betis decided they needed just one more signing to complete their team, a marquee signing…
  12. Re: GC 119 Real Betis Road To Glory Betis finished the season in 5th position, 9 points off the pace of the champions, and were knocked out of the SMFA Cup on penalties to Porto. A lack of squad depth was considered the major problem as Betis struggled to maintain challenges in both competitions. “Our first team is strong and capable of competing with the very best in the world and we have a lot of good up and coming youngsters, however our second team lacks a bit of quality and experience at the moment, particularly defensively, and we will be looking at addressing that as a priority for next season." THE REREVOLUTION BEGINS: With bringing in good experienced defensive players on the agenda Betis began their spending spree with the signing of 31 year old German holding midfielder Simon Rolfes and soon followed it up with International compatriot Heiko Westermann. The pair have 50 caps for German between them and are expected to challenge for places in the starting line up. Rolfes Experienced defenders Alessandro Gamberini and Sergey Ignashevich were next to be drafted in to further provide defensive competition in the squad, something Betis have always lacked under Kari. Gamberini Chilean Gary Medel was next to be brought in, the 25 year old has 46 caps for his Country and is viewed as a good utility player as he can play both holding midfield and in defence. With some important depth brought into the squad Betis next target was to bring in quality players to slot straight into the first team, with defence again pin pointed as the key area.
  13. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Yes should do as dancpoli has said it hasn't been footballing reasons his lack of games. If he stayed at Athletic the entire season barely playing then he would drop but for now he will stay. By the time SM finally get round to reviewing the league he will probably be playing elsewhere! Probably +1 for Deulfoeu Whoever told you that is lying I know SM can do some crazy things but at the very very most he'll get +2. Portillo should be looking at +5 minimum though.
  14. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........
  15. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Not sure whats going on with the ratings and dont fancy reading through all these pages to try and find out (if theres even an answer anywhere), but can someone answer the following questions for me please: 1. Are SM still reviewing players on a league by league basis? 2. Why are they so slow, Bundesliga for example was last reviewed in March, people have babies quicker than SM do their ratings. Whatever happened to the major leagues being reviewed 3 times a year? 3. Why have they seemingly changed the review policy just before the major leagues are due to be done, thus causing further delays. Surely having up to date ratings for the major leagues take priority over pretty much meaningless +1's for players in Croatia for example. 4. Why are random players from leagues that have been reviewed several months after the major leagues last were done now getting rating changes? 5. Why on SoccerWiki are rating change suggestions randomly capped, for example I can't suggest a rating any higher than 90 for a player playing in Portugal. And what if a player deserves more than a +5 yet it is impossible to suggest so. I have more questions but if these get answered it might clear up others which i am confused on.
  16. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread He sure did, but Muller's Goal's per game ratio is still higher Nevertheless incredible stuff, i reckon he could even get to 100 in a calender year, not this one though obv
  17. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Higuain definitely not. Ramos has a chance, but a stay is more likely.
  18. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Briliant FK from Ozil z0aKOv_BFlQ
  19. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Guess we'll soon find out whether its madness or genius! Could go either way..
  20. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Now Arbeloa off and Modric on LOL
  21. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Should've been left back in the dressing room
  22. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Possibly done enough for him to get +1.
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