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  1. Re: 2012 Olympic Football Predict Semi Finals Mexico 2-1 Japan (FGS-Dos Santos) Korea Republic 0-3 Brazil (ESB)
  2. Re: 2012 Olympic Football Predict Japan 2-0 Egypt (ESB) Mexico 2-1 Senegal Brazil 5-0 Honduras (FGS - Neymar) Great Britain 2-0 Korea Republic
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread The only way that deal could be "legit" is if SM credits were passed over as well
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread If i was in that setup i'd 100% be reporting that, shocking deal
  5. Re: 2012 Olympic Football Predict - Discussion Thread
  6. Re: Official Neymar Thread http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/brazil-striker-neymar-hands-control-of-image-rights-to-countrys-richest-man-7935690.html Not sure i like this move as to me this seems like it will keep Neymar in Brazil for at least another season Hopefully i'm wrong as it is time he joined Barca and showed why he's one of the best players in the world
  7. Re: GC 119 Real Betis Road To Glory TRANSFER NEWS Betis finally land a world class goalkeeper: SALVATORE SIRIGU After many seasons of searching and failed attempts Real Betis have finally managed to bring in a truly world class goalkeeper. Despite having a capable GK in Federico Marchetti he was still widely regarded as the weak link in the Betis team and although he was considered adequate enough while Kari concentrated on improving other areas of the team it was decided that finding a new GK was the only priority for this season. Sirigu is considered the natural successor to Buffon in the Italian National team, and is rated one of the best GK's around. Kari was delighted with the signing: To fund this signing Betis have had to let Brazilian Diego Ribas leave the club, despite Kari's disappointment at losing a player of Diego's class, with Dzagoev a ready made replacement on the bench and others such as Isco coming on leaps and bounds the Brazilian was considered expendable. With no more transfers either in or out on the cards Betis' first XI for next season is expected to be: Sirigu Kjaer Luiz Rakitskiy Ribery Alonso Gotze Robben Dzagoev Neymar Van Persie Subs: Marchetti, Azpilicueta, Zapata, Cassani, Reyes, Kerzhakov, Borriello In the SMFA Cup group Betis will play against Paris Saint Germain Independiente and current champions Mallorca, whilst they start their league campaign with matches against Osasuna and Villarreal.
  8. Re: 2012 Olympic Football Predict Group Stage Group A UAE 0-4 Uruguay Great Britain 4-0 Senegal (ESB) Senegal 0-2 Uruguay Great Britain 5-0 UAE Senegal 2-0 UAE Great Britain 2-1 Uruguay (FGS - Sturridge) Group B Mexico 3-0 Korea Republic Gabon 0-2 Switzerland Mexico 5-0 Gabon (ESB) Korea Republic 0-2 Switzerland Mexico 2-1 Switzerland (FGS - Hernandez) Korea Republic 2-0 Gabon Group C Belarus 1-0 New Zealand (ESB) Brazil 6-0 Egypt (FGS - Neymar) Brazil 7-0 Belarus Egypt 1-1 New Zealand Brazil 5-0 New Zealand Egypt 1-0 Belarus Group D Spain 4-0 Japan (FGS - Mata) Honduras 1-1 Morocco Spain 3-0 Honduras Japan 3-1 Morocco (ESB) Spain 5-0 Morocco Japan 2-0 Honduras Bonuses Tournament Winners - BRAZIL Top Goalscorer - NEYMAR
  9. Re: GC 119 Real Betis Road To Glory La Liga: Villarreal 1 - 1 Real Betis: A strike from Xabi Alonso earned Betis a point in the seasons curtain closer, confirming their second place finish. League Table: LA LIGA PLAYER OF THE SEASON NEYMAR Despite another injury prone campaign Neymar picked up the La Liga player of the season award, having managed to play in exactly half of the games he wowed and thrilled fans across the Country with his excellent displays: BALLON D'OR ROBIN VAN PERSIE Robin Van Persie picked up the prestigious Ballon D'or award following a terrific season, first with Bayern Munich and then with Real Betis: Neymar was voted 3rd for the Ballon D'or with Messi sandwiched in between him and his winning teammate. BETIS TEAM OF THE SEASON Marchetti (7.21) Cassani (7.78) Zapata (7.96) Kjaer (7.42) Luiz (7.41) Alonso (7.71) Ribery (7.72) Goetze (7.84) Robben (8.30) Van Persie (8.52) Neymar (8.62) FORBES MOST VALUABLE TEAMS: Real Betis have been ranked 2nd in the list of the Worlds most valuable clubs, 30M behind Barcelona and 60M ahead of the next nearest rival. Meanwhile 5 of the top 10 were made up by La Liga clubs, 2 from England and 1 each from Germany, France and Italy. TOP 10: 1. BARCELONA - 475M 2. REAL BETIS - 442M 3. INTER MILAN - 382M 4. ARSENAL - 341M 5. MAN UNITED - 335M 6. PSG - 335M 7. REAL MADRID - 330M 8. BAYERN MUNICH - 329M 9. VALENCIA - 325M 10. ATLETICO MADRID - 314M BETIS SQUAD LIST FIRST TEAM YOUTH TEAM This upcoming season will be my final posts on this thread, I will still be managing the club just wont be coming on the forum anymore as i find it incredibily boring on the whole these days. Big thank you to everyone who has followed this thread and in particular those who have gave me positive comments, you are the reason i have kept this going as long as i have so thanks x
  10. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) CSKA Gold 119 4x90+ Akinfeev, Doumbia, Krasic, Love 9x89 including Honda, Defour, Johnson, Berezutskiy's 58 man youth team Worth 250M+ Betis will pay a very big price for a few players
  11. Re: The New Players Thread He's far too good for the EPL
  12. Re: The New Players Thread SM dont (usually) add players who have never played though' date=' so by definition finally suggests that he should have been added to the db earlier, which he shouldn't have, by SM's standards at least. But yea i know what you mean anyways [/font']
  13. Re: The New Players Thread He's only just made his debut what do you mean finally I'd advise everyone to buy him though best brazilian to be added to the db since neymar
  14. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Neither deal i consider to be a big price to pay, fair to even quite cheap imo! Now thats what i call a big price to pay Still i'm not adverse to paying over the odds myself if i want a player badly enough. Which brings me to Gold 119, I will pay a truly massive price for a 90+ GK, having an 88 rated GK is just no use and i blame him for costing me the league title. Then again had i won the league this season my thunder would well and truly have been stolen by Mallorca who have just beaten a much stronger Inter Milan to lift the SMFA Cup Also looking to acquire a 90+ rated GK in Gold 71 with Dundee and can offer either Alba or Reus in a deal. Also looking to sell Ribery for a Def and a Fwd.
  15. Re: Gold Championship 160 One bit of business done and dusted so far with Mesut Oezil coming back to Germany. Paid a reasonably large price for him with Muller and Kroos leaving, two players im not a big fan of for one i love so very happy with the deal. Just missed out on Jordi Alba, couldn't compete with Kagawa and Schmelzer i'm afraid! Not that i needed him with Lahm, Badstuber and Alaba for LB, but still not much transfer activity around atm so thought i'd get involved. Not a single bid on Ribery, Robben, Schweinsteiger, Lahm, Neuer or Gomez, which amazes me, i guess noones interested in truly world class players so i've taken them off the market now
  16. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread Yes Football is still alive Unless you like boring football then football is dead Yea he did' date=' came on against France [/font']
  17. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Really nice River Plate in Gold 71: 1x 91 Meireles 3x90 Miranda, Love, Bent 3x 89 Ayew, Sissoko, Pareja 4x 88 including Lamela Massive youth team with lots of stand out talents. Contact Dundee if you wish to do any deals
  18. Re: The New Players Thread Says it all really Well you couldn't be more wrong if you tried (as per)' date=' it doesn't bother me in the slightest when good players are posted here, it is the utter pish you post that bothers me, again i guess you haven't understood this yet, perhaps one day it will sink in..then again... I dont argue about any of those players having talent, dont believe you were the first person to post on this thread that they had been added to the db though Yet again an example of you failing to grasp the situation. I have not been taking the thread off topic' date=' my discussion is specifically related to this thread and is 100% on topic. Not every post has to be a new player added for it to be on topic you know. Let me dig up a quote from none other than your good self: So you will find that i have been commenting on things and expressing my opinion on the happenings in this thread. Cheers
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Kjaer + Kerzhakov for Cambiasso? I'd be getting baldy...
  20. Re: The New Players Thread Hmm well what i dont like is people who post players they've never seen before describing them as great talents and must buys because they have played a game or 2 Dont have anything against the thread in general, at least not before you decided to "take over" and post dirt bigging them up as gold. I have used this thread myself previously to post a new player, one who i have actually seen and know has a lot of potential, which i believe was the OP's original aim of this thread, rather than one person repeatedly posting awful players which is absolutely no use to the SM community Anyways Duy Nam Vo has just been added to the database, 38 games and over 3000 minutes for Ha Noi TT, must be good then
  21. Re: Romarinho: A youngster with a point to prove. Settle petal Comparing Romarinho to Neymar is a hundred times worse then comparing Neymar with Messi! Messi is officially the best player in the world whilst Neymar is officially the 10th best. Romarinho has 2 hours of football at a decent level under his belt so calm down a bit He has some talent for sure but compare what Romarinho has achieved at 21 to what Neymar has achieved at 20 then it aint just Pele who's on drugs
  22. Re: The New Players Thread Well i never, a player with actual potential getting mentioned on this thread I better bring us back to normality: Andy Ryan has just been added to the database he is a *must buy*, at 17 years old he has already played 21 games for Hamilton Academicals with over 1000 minutes!! Never seen him play but going by his stats and his fwd/wing position i feel pretty confident in saying he is the next Cristiano Ronaldo, quick buy buy buy...
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