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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Nope' date=' because effectively that would be Martinez + M'Vila for Iniesta which imo is not good enough for a player of Iniesta's calibre.[/font']
  2. Re: The New Players Thread Surprised that Momar Bangoura has yet to be mentioned on this thread, 18 years old defensive midfielder from Senegal, plays for Marseille and looks to have a bright future. Not going to be a world beater but in comparison to some players that get mentioned on here then he is World class Anyway was added a couple days ago so if he aint gone already then its worth snapping him up..
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... In a word...yes
  4. Re: Official Neymar Thread Gee thanks a lot guys for quoting this person's post Theres a reason he's on my ignore list and thats so i dont have to bear witness to the utter drivel that pours out of him! "For all those who can see clearly there be always one who is blind, treat not the blind with contempt rather treat them with sympathy for failing to see the joy which be a treat to so many." Kari 9:38
  5. Kazzer


    Re: Croatia In terms of 75 rated and below the only real must have from Croatia i would say is Kovacic who should rise between 80-82 and is a very promising player. Other players i have in some of my teams are: Dario Zuparic 75 Tonci Kukoc 72 Filip Scrbec 75 Ante Erceg 75 Filip Ozobic 75 All those players should rise to between 77-80 and are under 21 so would be worth hanging onto at least for 1 more rating change after this one as they will likely rise further.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Probably a gamble but i'd rather take Adler' date=' i suspect he will get his career back on track at Hamburg, and from what i've seen of Wiese he doesn't impress me all that much.[/font']
  7. Re: Official Neymar Thread An article with a few nice quotes from Neymar: http://www.nst.com.my/latest/neymar-gets-a-chance-to-prove-his-worth-in-london-1.86892 He's also promised Gold in the Olympics, which i have no doubts he will get
  8. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Villa will miss Euro 2012 through injury and his stock is pretty low atm so you'll struggle to get a better offer than that' date=' still a class act though and his 95 should be safe given his injury. Pastore wont get a high rating while in France and Lavezzi has just risen so unlikely to rise again soon, short term i'd keep Villa, longer term then the Argentines.[/font']
  10. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Jesus Notice how you missed this part out Notice how you deleted the ":p" when quoting my statement, which was clearly to show it was banter, but then you knew that and are trying to be clever. Fail. I invited Hagrid for a little bit of banter and he accepted with this: Now jog on and let Hagrid speak for himself please
  11. Re: been offered neymar for pedro. help FAST In terms of SM, if ratings are the only thing you go on, then Pedro is a better choice than Neymar, least short to medium term. However in any other terms possible Neymar is sooooooooooooooooo much the better option I mean seriously theres not a single club in the world irl that would choose Pedro over Neymar. But yea this is SM so as i say, ratings wise, for now, Pedro is the better option, if thats what your looking for...
  12. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Not Arjen Robben was worthless tonight' date=' not Arjen Robben had a poor game simply Arjen Robben is worthless. This was in response to someone saying Robben is a very important player for Bayern Munich. No "I agree, but tonight he was rubbish", simply "He's worthless". Also the "i hope its okey to have an opinion" suggests that your opinion differs to that of said person who stated Robben is an important player for Bayern and is indeed, in your opinion, worthless.
  13. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Most likely he will' date=' however the next Brazilian changes are likely a while away and anything can happen in football If your thinking of signing him though definitely do it, he is a very talented player with potentially a massive future [/font']
  14. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Yes...luck
  15. Re: Official Neymar Thread Well no it was the South American Champions League actually. He will...in time. Was voted 10th in the most recent Ballon D'or Which incidentally some other young German didn't even make the shortlist for
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Belhanda is likely to stay at Montpeillier for another season but they will have CL football so he can rise further in France. Nor sure about Adriano but i dont see any movement personally.
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hmm tough one' date=' would be a lot easier to answer that in a few months time, but right now i'd choose Thiago, Barca>any team that Kagawa will go to, so presuming they both get fairly similar game time then Thiago is a better option imo.[/font']
  18. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Another night where football loses at the hands of Chelsea. In fairness they did what they did best, defend for their lives and rely heavily on luck, master tacticion that RDM is... Selfish yes' date=' worthless pfft seen some ridiculous statements from you and that is right up there as one of the silliest Fantastic player, easily one of the best wingers in the World, and even last night, despite not having his shooting boots on, was probably still the best player on the pitch, and loads of internet sites/papers back that up by rating him accordingly so, one, of many examples here. Worth more than the entire Spurs team put together (well once they sell Modric & Bale ) and worth more than the entire of Ligue 1 put together
  19. Re: Official Neymar Thread I dont know how well he played as i didn't watch the game. Though from what i hear Ramalho adopted very negative tactics' date=' Chelsea tactics if you will, in the hope of taking a 0-0 draw back to Brazil. So unfortunately Neymar was left on his own the whole game, and on this occassion failed to win the match single handedly.. The last match i watched him in though he scored 2 and created 5 [/font']
  20. Re: Official Neymar Thread Neymar is one of the main stars in Nike's new marketing campaign: QMv8g8CO4cQ The likes of Ronaldo, Ribery, Iniesta et are also quite prominent, plus cameo appearances from the likes of Goetze and Oezil et al. Also a brief behins the scenes look feauturing Neymar and some others: dToPGz2r-K4 I believe the advert is set to debut at sometime throughout tonights Champions League final broadcast, most likely at HT.
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