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  1. Re: [ Brazilian Championship 593 ][Activities Thread] Anelka Move To Flamengo The Chelsea’s striker has completed his moved to Flamengo for 8.9 Million fees. Anelka signing will give a high hopes to all the fan as they now can see a shining era under Shahir’s management. Shahir hopes that Anelka can be a scoring machine for the club like he do at Chelsea. Shahir can’t make any deals with Liverpool and M.U after has signed 3 players from them. Shahir has signed Valencia,Obertan And Gibson from Manchester United and only Gibson has played.And 3 players from Liverpool are Lucas,Benayoun and G.Johnson. “I must sign him,I know we already got Giovinco and he is good but look at Fluminense,the sign Owen.I need Anelka and Giovinco also can be at first team if he always score a goal.Anelka will not played until turn 3 as I want him to watch our playing style.”Shahir been Interviewed about Anelka’s signing. Bye Drogba..
  2. Re: Brazilian Championship 593 won 4 - 1...first place...
  3. Re: New Manchester Utd help i use 4-5-1 for my man utd and never lose in 15 games.. it up to you to use it or not.
  4. Re: New priv app english champ maybe I will be Man Citi. Thankss..Hope you make it as soon as possible..
  5. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers shuld we start dicussing a deal??
  6. Re: English Championship 5000 - Transfer/Gossip thread Finally Aston Villa get their new manager Ahmad Shahir to replace Martin O'Neill who known as "The Special One" Shahir signed two years contract with Aston Villa , also Shahir has received thumbs up from his girl friends,Jessica Alba. The 15 old Malaysian tactician spent 5 marvelous seasons with Leed United led them to Champions League finals (2005-06) and transforming the small club into one of Europe most improved clubs. With Leed's Shahir create a Young-style team in term of playing with expert eye on young players to prove to be all master piece transfers for the team. "We began discussing the coaching job 2 month ago. Shahir fulfills important requisites.He has been successful in Malaysia and was successful in England. He is very energatic manager." Shahir has tough task ahead to restore Aston Villa pride in The European stage and Premier League and to compete with "The Big Four". Jessica Alba:Good Luck,Shahir.
  7. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers yeah...I got Inter... what is your email????want to add you.
  8. Re: Brazilian Championship 593 thanks...i dont worried for keeper anymore:D
  9. Re: Be A Coach---Spanish Team--- why we focusing on frey??I mean we can sign Reina Or VDS(Cheaper) we also can save our money?
  10. Re: Brazilian Championship 593 sorry mate..i also need him.... i also interest to making a bid for arshavin... can i loan delac after you sign him?
  11. My Flamengo team got 20 million to spend. I was looking a high rated golie which is good for me. This is player that i looking to sign,Is it good?? Almunia Fabianski Turnbull which one is better??? :confused::confused:
  12. Re: [ Brazilian Championship 593 ][Activities Thread] VS Date : 25 November 2009
  13. Re: Be A Coach---Spanish Team--- we will lose Santon...
  14. Re: Be A Coach---Spanish Team--- i always use 4 - 5 -1 i got man utd in one setup and i only lost one game and now it is turn 15..... but i tried the same formation on barca and i lost 3 - 1 to deportivo...what a shame. dont know...
  15. Re: Be A Coach---Spanish Team--- our deal for Torres and Vermaelen has been accepted.:D Say Bye To Henry. We Are Facing Real Madrid In Second Match....WOW:cool: lets win this one... Our first match is not so though and i hope we can make it.
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