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  1. Re: [ Brazilian Championship 593 ][Activities Thread] Anelka Move To Flamengo The Chelsea’s striker has completed his moved to Flamengo for 8.9 Million fees. Anelka signing will give a high hopes to all the fan as they now can see a shining era under Shahir’s management. Shahir hopes that Anelka can be a scoring machine for the club like he do at Chelsea. Shahir can’t make any deals with Liverpool and M.U after has signed 3 players from them. Shahir has signed Valencia,Obertan And Gibson from Manchester United and only Gibson has played.And 3 players from Liverpool are Lucas,Benayoun a
  2. Re: Brazilian Championship 593 won 4 - 1...first place...
  3. Re: New Manchester Utd help i use 4-5-1 for my man utd and never lose in 15 games.. it up to you to use it or not.
  4. Re: New priv app english champ maybe I will be Man Citi. Thankss..Hope you make it as soon as possible..
  5. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers shuld we start dicussing a deal??
  6. Re: English Championship 5000 - Transfer/Gossip thread Finally Aston Villa get their new manager Ahmad Shahir to replace Martin O'Neill who known as "The Special One" Shahir signed two years contract with Aston Villa , also Shahir has received thumbs up from his girl friends,Jessica Alba. The 15 old Malaysian tactician spent 5 marvelous seasons with Leed United led them to Champions League finals (2005-06) and transforming the small club into one of Europe most improved clubs. With Leed's Shahir create a Young-style team in term of playing with expert eye on young players to prove to be al
  7. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers yeah...I got Inter... what is your email????want to add you.
  8. Re: Brazilian Championship 593 thanks...i dont worried for keeper anymore:D
  9. Re: Be A Coach---Spanish Team--- why we focusing on frey??I mean we can sign Reina Or VDS(Cheaper) we also can save our money?
  10. Re: Brazilian Championship 593 sorry mate..i also need him.... i also interest to making a bid for arshavin... can i loan delac after you sign him?
  11. My Flamengo team got 20 million to spend. I was looking a high rated golie which is good for me. This is player that i looking to sign,Is it good?? Almunia Fabianski Turnbull which one is better??? :confused::confused:
  12. Re: [ Brazilian Championship 593 ][Activities Thread] VS Date : 25 November 2009
  13. Re: Be A Coach---Spanish Team--- we will lose Santon...
  14. Re: Be A Coach---Spanish Team--- i always use 4 - 5 -1 i got man utd in one setup and i only lost one game and now it is turn 15..... but i tried the same formation on barca and i lost 3 - 1 to deportivo...what a shame. dont know...
  15. Re: Be A Coach---Spanish Team--- our deal for Torres and Vermaelen has been accepted.:D Say Bye To Henry. We Are Facing Real Madrid In Second Match....WOW:cool: lets win this one... Our first match is not so though and i hope we can make it.
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