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    MR.SHAHIR reacted to Sublime in | English Championship 2009 || Leicester City |   
    Re: | English Championship 2009 || Leicester City |
    My Current Squad:
    1.POMAZAN, Evgeni
    2.STUDER, Sascha
    3.CRESCENZI, Alessandro
    4.ROSSI, Marco
    5.BADSTUBER, Holger
    6.DOHERTY, Gary
    7.PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos
    8.TRECARICHI, Lucas
    9.ALBRIGHTON, Mark
    10.WORRALL, David
    11.AMBROGETTI, Alessio
    12.EASTMOND, Craig
    13.RAMSEY, Aaron
    14.MERIDA, Fran
    15.SVEZHOV, Viktor
    16.BOLZONI, Francesco
    17.GULBRANDSEN, Fredrik
    18.BRIDCUTT, Liam
    19.VERRATTI, Marco
    20.AJDAREVIC, Astrit
    21.KAKUTA, Gaël
    22.MEDOJEVIC, Slobodan
    23.SERGIO MOTA, Mello
    24.LESTIENNE, Maxime
    25.KEKO, Sergio Gontan
    26.NEYMAR, Silva
    27.ARNAUTOVIC, Marko
    28.CIRO, Silva
    30.CHRISANTUS, Macauley
    31.GRIMALDI, Adriano
    32.KING, Joshua
    33.WATT, Sanchez
    34.ADAMS, Sadick
    35.MANCINI, Filippo
    36.TESTROET, Pascal
    37.CASNOS, Luc
    38.BORINI, Fabio

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    MR.SHAHIR reacted to .Saiko in .Manchester United Telegraph   
    Sir Alex Ferguson ~ Jose Mourinho

    This Thread Is Only For Me.
    No Other Post Allowed.
    If You Want To Comment About My Post,Send It Into My P/M

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    MR.SHAHIR reacted to <(*_*)> in [ Recreativo Activities ]--Road To Div.1--   
    Just Pick Up This Team And I'm Going To Build This Team
    And Brings It Into Division 1.
    No Posting In This Thread.Only For Me

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    MR.SHAHIR reacted to CR_9 in [Man City News]-[The New Energy]   
    English Championship 5113

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    MR.SHAHIR reacted to AS_7 in [ English Championship 5007 ][Man Utd News]   
    This Is For My Manchester United..
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    MR.SHAHIR got a reaction from Neller in Be A Coach---Spanish Team---   
    Team : Barcelona
    League: Spanish Championship
    This Is It!!!
    I Only Need 5 Forumers To Join.(If I Got More People,I Will Change It)
    For Example Midfielder,Keeper,Striker And Defender.
    (I Take Charge Of Strikers In The Club That We Will Join)
    Example If Barcelona,I Only Can Sign Strikers As I"m The Striker's Coach.
    One Forumers Must Be Good at tactical.He will set the tactical of the club.
    Once I Get Enought Member I Will Try To Get Barcelona And I WIll Send All The Members The Account Password And Email.
    Each Member Can Only Use 10 Million To Buy New Player.
    Post Your Name And Your Position.
    Coach In Charge:
    Striker : MR.SHAHIR
    Keeper : haydenjaydabest
    Def. : Xii GlEnn LfC 1997 iix
    Midfielder:Karim Benzema
    Tactical :

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