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  1. Safe at 92? Spurs more or less certainly not in the Champions League next season, and the rate it's going won't be in the Europa league either! Based on that, not safe, but linked with a move, maybe to Manchester United. What do people reckon? In my context, I also have Hamsik and Muller as AMs, so worth selling? Even though he's a higher rating? Thanks! Tom
  2. Re: Green or Robinson If West Ham get relegated you'll have to see if he transfers. If WH are relegated and he stays, he's drop. If they stay up or he moves clubs fairly good bet, he seems to have refound a bit of form. Robinson's been in good form but could too be relegated. If I had to pick one, I'd go for Green because he's in a better bit of form. Reckon it'll be a bit of luck either way though! Tom
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    Re: Aliyev Anyone got any idea?
  4. I bought him because of the amount of goals he was scoring, but looks like he's moved clubs now (I think) and the only stats I can find for Dynamo Kiev are the games against Man City, where I can't see him in the lineup. He's also the highest rated player for Kiev - so should I sell? Got him at a couple of my teams, including one where I have him along with Gourcuff and Pjanic and a bid for Aliyev of 18mill. What to do!? Thanks! Tom
  5. Hit me with your rising goalkeepers - I had the guy from Freiberg, Thibaut, Dreyer and a couple of another and looking for another for a soon rise. Anyone rated 75-82ish going up to mid-80s - can't think of anyone in the Premier League, Serie A or Spanish league. Or French league either for that matter! Thanks! Tom
  6. Re: Squad thinning help! Really? I thought Mata was a good prospect. Is he not as good anymore? Tom
  7. Hi all, I have a huge squad at Hull City, which I've already gone through one round of thinning. After the database changes, clearly more needs to be done! First issue: AMs I've got 4: Ideally get rid of 1, two if necessary. Who? Van Der Vaart Gourcuff Hamsik Muller Second issue: Wings Also got 5, should really sell one to two and get a cheaper one! Mata Nani Bastos Krasic Bale Any help appreciated! Thanks! Tom
  8. Re: ASAP! Buy Suarez for Gignac + 3m? Thank you both! Tom
  9. Hi all, Quickie because it's been accepted: I have Gignac, add 3million to him to buy Suarez? Good deal? Quick responses good! Thanks! Tom
  10. Re: Help ASAP! Swap Fletcher for Van Der Vaart?
  11. Hi all, I've got Fletcher and made a swap offer to a team in setup for Van Der Vaart, which has been accepted. Good deal or not? Thanks! Tom
  12. Re: Your Highest Scoring Player in one SM season? Said Defoe is now up to 30 goals with two games of the season to go, but can't play the next game. Still fairly pleased with that! In the same club, Dzeko's been my top scorer for the past two seasons, scoring about 25 goals a season. This season he's had less than 10 though. Strange! Oh, and I won the championship with the team last night, which means I've won Divisions 3, 2 and 1 in three consecutive seasons Tom
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