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  1. Re: Rags To Riches III - Re-emergence of the minnows
  2. Re: Rags To Riches III - Re-emergence of the minnows
  3. I don't know if anything like this has ever been thought up but I think it'd be fun to join an English Championship in Div 5 and see how long or if it's even possible to eventually end up with 1 Billion in the bank. Could be done so each person is in a different setup or if only a few people are interested, I think it would be fun to compete against each other on the field as well, though the real winner will be whoever reaches 1 Billion first.
  4. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Cazorla has no chance of hitting 93?
  5. Re: Rags To Riches III - Re-emergence of the minnows Torquay Get Their Man! Vietto replaces Kane. Having sold Kane for £10.9M midweek (£8.5 profit), Baldo moved quickly to snap up his replacement, splashing out £6.2M on 21 year old Argentine Luciano Vietto. The club will be hoping the signing will ensure they reach their target of automatic promotion. "It's a lot of money but he's a huge talent. All the players who have netted as much as he has in La Liga at his age, continued to develop and became the best strikers in the world. We'll be happy enough with him just guiding us to a top t
  6. Re: Luck of the Irish Bringing Serie A to Ireland! A few days into the job at Belfast side Linfield and already Baldo looks close to completing his squad. The Anglo-Italian has stuck to what he knows best and brought in players mostly from England and Italy. Brozovic and Rugani are the stand out names, with international experience already, but the real experience should come from the 31 year old Braafheid, who cost just 2.3 mil. Oliver Kirch is another older player, in an otherwise young squad, but his versatility could be even more useful than his vast experience. Empoli have been r
  7. Re: Luck of the Irish Mcnair 78 Rugani 85 Braafheid 84 Masuaku 83 Verdi 83 Valdifiori 84 Brozovic 85 Ibe 82 29.9 mil on this. Overspent so far.
  8. Re: Fluff's Mixed Nations I'm ready. I've posted on here since the teams were announced. IDK if that was enough. 30 managers should be a fun change. Used to 20 max.
  9. Re: Fluff's Mixed Nations Pedro, I'm gonna word this as nicely as I can. Give me VITESSE!!! Thinking about it, Sparta Praha may have a higher valued squad?
  10. Re: From Rags To Riches II - The World Club Version. I'm 19th in Div 2. Can I get some odds on making the top 3? I think I'll do it.
  11. Re: Luck of the Irish I'm interested
  12. Re: Rags To Riches III - Re-emergence of the minnows Torquay boss... Subtracting my sales from my buys, I'm left with 5.8mil outgoing. I've just had two away games at EPL sides in the last few weeks. 5th best attendance in the division. I'm playing by the rules. I remember getting 800k in the first R2R, when I had Arsenal away.
  13. Re: Fluff's Mixed Nations I'd be interested. Think I've only ever been in 1 of your setups.
  14. Re: Now This Is What I Call A Soccer Challenge Can you even have a division of just 6 teams?! I thought the minimum was 8. Anyway, I'd suggest creating the setup ASAP. We could then wait till it's full, before we make signings. Then those involved already will have a reason to quickly help get managers to join too. I'll be asking one or two if they want to join.
  15. Re: Now This Is What I Call A Soccer Challenge It was just a suggestion guys, chill out! Yes, I'd still be interested. I forgot to add that I'm not saying the manager would have to leave, they could be offered a job by the setup creator, and reject it. There'd have to be an added incentive to join that club. Not sure what though. Maybe you can take any 3 players from your old club. Something like that. Anyway, it's clear people are happy with the current idea. One of the main attractions to the idea I suggested was to see how some teams could do in a division with other teams on a higher bud
  16. Re: Now This Is What I Call A Soccer Challenge I'd be interested in this setup. What do you think of maybe mixing the teams up. There will still be teams with the restrictions that you've set like buying 87 and below and having a smaller budget but maybe putting a few of these sides in Div 1/Div 2? You then give them the goal of staying up. If they manage to have a very impressive season, they are offered the job of a top team, that had an awful season and were way off their expected finish? Like if one of the top teams you place in Div 3, fails to get promoted.
  17. Re: Rags To Riches III - Re-emergence of the minnows Sorry for the wait. I'll be boring and choose one of the top sides, Torquay. I'd welcome it being changed to all Conference South and North teams instead though, because it'd probably be more of a level playing field. Teams like Dover and Eastleigh are quite weak. Though I'm sure some thrive on that challenge. With the current teams, I don't think we'd have the problem of anyone having under 20 players. I think they just buy players around the same rating of players that are at the club anyway.
  18. Re: Rags To Riches III - Re-emergence of the minnows Mr R2R is here!! Not sure who I should be though. Will have a think. Appreciate the chance to pick my side though.
  19. Re: ||Epic|| - You write your own destiny I'm not offended. You did a good job on the video. I just think Milan don't get much respect. Even when we were successful a few years ago. Still, I bet the first word people say about Milan is old. I would accept old if we were successful again! We won with a lot of old players in our last UCL win. Lets see if we win tonight..
  20. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: "International Forumers Championship" 17? wow. Split them into north vs south too I'm surprised there are so few people joining from the UK. Only 3?
  21. Re: ||Epic|| - You write your own destiny I shouldn't find it funny as a Milan fan but that video was funny. I don't think Milan have completely fallen. From what we once were..Definitely. But we finished top in 2011 and then the next season were robbed of first. We've won a UCL in the last 10 years too. That's better than some "top teams."
  22. Re: "International Forumers Championship" Is this only based on where you are born? I have an Italian parent and Polish grandparent. Can I represent those countries?
  23. Re: The Defence Versus Attack League - Match Reports, Transfers And All Round Banter. Subs: Manolas, Alderweireld, Medel, Iturbe, Markovic, Mane. Quite happy with my squad. No huge names but young and players I really like.
  24. Re: From Rags To Riches II - The World Club Version.
  25. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Anyone know how to work out what will be the value of a player after I sell a player in their position? Sakho 90, 24 yrs old, D (LC), 17M Willems 87, 20 yrs old, D,DM (L) 7.2M Lascelles 83, 20 yrs old, D (RC) 4.6M Besic 85, 22 yrs old, D (RC), DM ©, 3.9M I have a 90 rated RB too and an 82 CB. Just want to know the value of Willems and Lascelles if I sell Sakho.
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