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  1. Hi there. Does anyone have any suggestions for a young right back? Preferably rated somewhere in the 80s atm(low 80s is fine) that will rise by a point or more over this season, preferably at a big club aswell. I can't really think of any others other than Martin Kelly or Jenkinson. Also I need a young gk. Preferably one who is rated 90 or under and has good scope to rise. I was thinking Szczesny because he's the no.1 for Arsenal(when fit) and he's only 22 which should give him good scope to rise. Is anyone a better option than Szczesny? I was thinking maybe Sirigu or something, suggestions ar
  2. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread The amount of diving going on in this match is sheer ridiculousness, Di Maria particularly.
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread A pretty solid performance from Chelsea, you never really looked in trouble apart from Ballack's chance. Torres' general performance was pretty poor but his two assists were very good, I wish he took the goal in the last minute himself though. I think you should start David Luiz up front against Man U and see how that goes He's technically brilliant, however, I get very worried when he goes charging up the field lol. Sturridge impressed again, he's playing like he really wants his first team spot. Out of the Leverkusen players Schurrle stood out. Good movement
  4. Re: Official Manchester City Thread How are the ticket sales going for tomorrow? I hope there will be a good atmosphere. It's going to be hard choosing between watching Man U tear Benfica apart or you lot tear Napoli apart I think I'll watch you against Napoli for the Hamsik/Cavani factor.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I wouldn't think anything of it tbh. Real Madrid are linked with players in good form every day. I doubt he will have a release clause, as most players don't in England, and I doubt Liverpool will sell him for anything under £40m as he's been so important for them so far. Real may well be looking at him though, he's been one of the best players in the league since he signed. I hope he stays at Liverpool too, he's a joy to watch.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Where did you hear this mate? At this point in the season it seems unlikely that Real would be going to put an offer in for him, especially considering he only signed for Liverpool 9 months ago and he looks to be really enjoying himself in the Premiership. I think Real have wanted every decent player in the world at some point lol. On a side note, does anyone else find it HILARIOUS when Suarez appeals for decisions etc? The look on his face as he charges towards the officials with his hands going crazy hahah
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Hazard is immense.
  8. Re: Official Sunderland Thread You best change your avatar mate haha
  9. Re: Ugliest Players Obertan. Modric isn't too great either.
  10. Re: Official Sunderland Thread Gyan leaving is complete madness. Why not get rid of him in the transfer window instead of now when we can't replace him? Possible explanations for his departure: 1. Gyan and/or Gyan's agent forced the deal through because he wants to fill his boots, rather than pursue his career in the best league in the world. I can't imagine we were underpaying him. He was happy to sign on the dotted line a year ago and has done nothing to deserve a wage rise since. Seriously, say I was Eto'o. I'm getting £100k a week from Inter to play in the Serie A, in my prime, then Anz
  11. Re: Does anyone respect Barcelona anymore? I personally hate Barcelona, mainly because they dominate matches too much. Fair play they play wonderful football, but I like games to be close it's annoying when it's a rout almost every time they play somebody. But anyway that's off topic. I hate how theatric their players are. Granted there are a lot of teams like this these days, but nobody is as bad as Barca. The only players in their starting 11 who I've never seen dive are Xavi and Puyol I think. Messi tries to stay on his feet a lot of the time even when he's getting kicked, but he does stil
  12. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Wow, Citeh are looking an unstoppable force atm. The real test will come when you play United/Chelsea. Your attack is tearing anyone you play to pieces.
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