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  1. Re: .Dan_DG17.'s Rating Predictions For The Premier League. how can silvestre be in for a rise when he hasnt played this season????
  2. Re: New AM-Dzagoev or pjanic? went to put a bid in for pjanic and it wont let me as their squad size will drop below 21 and they both play for the same team in my set up so i cnt go for dzagoev either. so any other suggestions? who else could i go for?
  3. Re: New AM-Dzagoev or pjanic? ok thanks for all your help guys i'll go with pjanic seeing as he gets the majority vote!!
  4. Re: Steven defour deal? ersonally i would keep defour. he is only 21, already rated 89, and is tipped for big things in the coming years. the likes of man u n arsenal are interested, and he is one of belgiums best players. i would keep defour without a doubt
  5. Re: New AM-Dzagoev or pjanic? Its EC450. took it over in Div 2 with a budget of 7.2 mill. had it for bought a week, i love the challenge of transforming 'little' clubs and making them major contemders
  6. Hi all. i am rebuilding an old leeds united side i have found among the older leagues, and hav come across one that i can really get my teeth into. they hav a number of good players, but a lot of them are aging and so i am investing in good youngsters and so am looking at the long term future of the club. i desperately need a new AM, and have a choice of 2. Alex Dzagoev of CSKA Moscow, and miralem Pjanic of lyon. both are 19, Dzagoev is rated 88 to Pjanic's 87 but i know both are hot prospects. Dzagoev will cost me 11.2 mill to Pjanic's 7.8 mill. i dont mind spending the money for the right player, but im not sure which is my best option. Or is there a better one i dont know about? any help guys????
  7. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Anyone got any ideas on adam lallana of southampton? hes been a regular since the season started, and has scored at least once that i know of (against QPR) i dont have access to any stats, but he has caught my eye, and for just 10k i have taken a mini gamble. can anyone give anymore of an idea on this guy? maybe a rating prediction?
  8. Re: Brado Jones and Ross Turnbull (good buy)
  9. Re: German Changes hey guys. anyone have any kinda prediction for Wolfsburg's RM/AM Ashkan Dejagah? Hes currently rated 87. I bought him just before the last set of german changes as he was tipped to raise by 1, maybe 2. He didnt rise at all, and was just wondering if anyone can give me aprediction this time round? Im reshaping my squad and dont know whether he is worth keeping or not......
  10. Re: Need some young risers! daniel opare andre ayew jay simpson mark randall fran merida marc crosas keiran gibbs toni kroos miralem pjanic fouad idabdelhay marcelo lulinha dirk marcellis rui patricio sergio asenjo
  11. Re: Looking for improving players he was in the original squad, but missed the cut when it was reduced to 23
  12. Re: TomOwen's Mexican Rating Changes-Full Report hes already risen mate, u missed him.....
  13. Re: Martin BRAVO i boughthim on ur advice teb so thanks for the tip, was disappointed he changed from W/F to F tho, i needed a winger....
  14. Re: Nacer Barazite BARGAIN BUY yeah the leagues being referred to are the academy and reserve leagues. he is a regular in both, but aside from the carling cup has yet to play for the first team. i agree with the other guys, an old scout but worth a buy. i had him ages ago as soon as he came on the DB
  15. Re: Moussa Sissoko im so glad i followed ahmed's advice and snapped him up rated 73
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