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  1. Re: English prospects yeah, but i need a CF rather than a F. I have plenty of F with bojan, lamah, sulejmani and idabdelhay. i only hav 1 CF n thats Ngog (82)
  2. Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report wat about the young right back, di silvestri??? thoughts guys?
  3. Re: Good Backup RB or gonul gokhan....
  4. Re: French risers perfect teb thats exactly wat i was looking for. will sell the likes of pontdeme, chaussidiere and baysse, and invest in new talent. cheers!! i think i will use lesoimier as p/e for ashkan dejagah befor ethe german changes start then
  5. Re: Help my Gunners this is ridiculous. lost 3-2 last nite.....aaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  6. Re: End of season finances?? soz to bump the thread, but i have a related question. i took over a millwall side and tore it apart and am rebuilding it with young taent and moneyspinners to genreate money. will my chairman see me as careless with money, or shrewd in the transfer market? will it affect my cash injection at the end of the season?
  7. Re: Help my Gunners lol i acutally hav both kolo and yaya. other cm options are flamini, but the only thing to call between yaya and flamini is the rating. form and morale are equal on both, which is y i hav yaya in there
  8. Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report what are the thoughts on young right back lorenzo di silvestri? i bought just before last rating changes as a big irser. anyone any ideas wat will happen to his rating this time round? or shud i sell him?
  9. Re: Help my Gunners i briefly considered young on the right and van persie on the left, but if i went with rosicky on the left, ibra in the hole and van perise and ade up front, i get all my best players on the pitch and all in their best positions, rather than play a couple in their secondary positions. i'll go with this ------------akinfeev---------- ---sagna---toure----gallas---- young---fabregas---toure---rosicky ------------ibrahimovic--------- ----van perise---adebayor------
  10. Re: Help my Gunners kk ill try that. bit of an issue tho, with both wright phillips and hleb injured, i hav put young on the right of midfield. the only player i hav to play on the left is rosicky, but he is also my only fit AM other than toni kroos (78). so shud i play kroos as AM with ibra and van persie up front, or play ibra in the hole with van persie and adebayor up front...?
  11. Re: Help my Gunners im not discounting ur tactics dudu, but wat r ur thoughts sheva? uve brought me some success, like that fine 6-0 win,. so wat do u suggest for this one?
  12. Re: Help my Gunners this is not good. 0-0 draw. lost wright phillips to injury man wat is goin wrong??? next game is away to blackburn G B. FRIEDEL 89 2 RB/RM B. EMERTON 88 3 LB/LM F. GROSSO 92 4 CB/LB K. KALADZE 92 5 CB M. FERRARI 90 6 CM/AM J. GUTI 92 7 RM/AM D. BENTLEY 90 8 AM/F V. RIVALDO 89 9 F/AM G. RAUL 94 10 F B. McCARTHY 91 11 LM/DM G. VAN BRONCKHORST 92 play defensive mentality, hard tackling, direct passing, mixed attacking style, pressing in own half, use playmaker, tight marking. thoughts?
  13. Re: Adil RAMI i bought rami as a money spiiner wen he was recommended by best pay i think it was, as a money spinner. his ban runs out 2moz but if he is gna get another healthy rise ill keep him, it will make him one of my best CB
  14. Re: WATLW's French U21 Rating Changes i hav the first two and have just transfer listed them, but if there due a rise can someone say pretty quick? coz i dnt wana sell them if there gna get a decent rise in a few weeks....
  15. Re: Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia & Macedonia. i hope so cos i cud really do with him rising for my millwall team...
  16. Re: Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia & Macedonia. confusing...and contradicting...what are the chance of this being looked into more closely then?
  17. Re: Help my Gunners i hope your right sheva, coz if results go against me tonite i could end up in the bottom thre.... that said west brom ARE in the bottom three, so i should be in with a chance. have set tactics to wat u said so will let u knw how we get on.
  18. Re: Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia & Macedonia. awww man!! i was banking on him getting a nice rise. is it worht keeping him unitl the next rating change or cut my losses and sell him?
  19. Re: Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia & Macedonia. cant beleive about baltanov. i jst cant beeleive he didnt rise
  20. Re: Help my Gunners lost 3-1. only had 46% posession and gallas got my goal. lost hleb to injury next game is home to west brom. they play 4-3-1-2 and this is their line up: G C. ROGERIO 92 2 RB/CB C. HOEFKENS 85 3 CB/LB N. CLEMENT 82 4 CB/CM M. PELE 85 5 CM/DM R. WALLWORK 80 6 RM/AM Z. GERA 86 7 CM/LM J. GREENING 86 8 CM R. CHAPLOW 82 9 F K. PHILLIPS 86 10 F/W I. MILLER 83 11 RB/RM M. ODDO 91 attacking mentality at a normal tempo, pressing all over. play counter attack using playmaker and have tight marking. what do i do? should i stick with 4-4-2 coz it r
  21. Re: I need to get to 1st and win continuosly to buy a player!! 258821] :confused: :confused: :confused: are u sure having 3 defenders will work? because i tried 3-4-3 in a friendly and i los 4-0! and cant i play messi instead of guardado? and s.ramos instead of gallas??? and u think this formation will work? im not guaranteeing this will work, but it normally does for me. i wouldnt really play messi instead of guardado for 2 reasons. first, he is your best striker, and second, he will not play as well there becuase that is a position for a W or LM and messi is a F/AM and yeah ramos cou
  22. Re: I need to get to 1st and win continuosly to buy a player!! lol i dont tink it does, but he was aksing for player assignments so i just thought i would add that in
  23. Re: Fred Sears considering west hams luck with injury and suspension, plus his performance yesterday, he could work his way in even quicker
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