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  1. I agree. This guy never fails to impress and has been the bedrock of arsenals defence over the last few seasons. Hardly ever struggles with injury, has a great discipline record and is a brilliant leader too. He's been chipping in with crucial goals and hes only 24!!!! its great to be a gunner at times like this:D Kolo for capatin!!
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    hello. im new to the forum too. im english but grew up in the emerald isle. Come on the Wexford!!!!
  3. what about the games which are due tonight? i have a major cup semi final and need to change my team as there are a numbe of cup tied players who played in the last game. if the site is not sorted before tonight what will happen about my tactics? is the game postponed or do i just play with half a dozen players?
  4. let me clear up the confusion guys. my name is not bernard, it really is ben
  5. well im a gunner samthedevil so ure okay!!!
  6. i have jst taken control of accrington stanley in the new gold setup, and have 2 million budget. what young players do u recommend that will increase soon, but not blow my budget. ive looked at the free agents but there doesnt seem anything special.
  7. thanks for the advicxe. ive made a post in the help and tactics section so fingers crossed we will have a change in fortunes in theory anyway
  8. ok thanks that could save me a lot of time!!!
  9. Hi all. my names ben and im new to the forum. Ive been a member of SM for a whil tho. im a gold member and own barcelona, arsenal, chelsea, man utd, real madrid, AC milan, valencia, roma, west ham, accrington stanley. my barca side is quality and my asenal side is a good squad but they keep losing
  10. anyone know when exactly they are going to be introduced? its been saying soon for ages
  11. Hi all. i have an arsenal team as follows: G J. Lehmann, 93 G M. Almunia 87 LB/LM G. Antonio Lopez 92 LB G. Clichy 88 RB B. Lauren 91 RB/CB E. Eboue 89 RB/LB J. Hoyte 84 CB/RB K. Toure 94 CB P. Senderos 89 CB/DM J. Djourou 86 D W. Gallas 95 RM/AM M. Rodriguez 91 CM C. Fabregas 93 CM/AM T. Rosicky 93 CM/DM A. Gilberto Silva 92 CM/DM Y. Toure 91 AM/F C. Julio Baptista 92 W/F L. Giuly 92 F/W R. Van Persie 92 F/AM E. Gudjohnson 92 F/ S. Barbarez 90 CF E. Adebayor 87 CF J. Aliaidere 82 i have had a bid accept
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