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  1. Re: Freddie Sears sears scored 24 goals in 25 games at academy level....looks a good talent, played well wen he came on
  2. Re: Anyone Know Any Full Backs ? ramos edson and gonul gokhan are probably the best two right backs...also daniel opare but it will be a while before he has a big rise for left backs, armand traore, joe mattock and vincent muratori.... goalkeepers rui patricio, sergio asenjo, joe hart, ben foster not all have a rating rise coming but they are the next batch of stars, all young and wont cost a fortune
  3. Re: I need to get to 1st and win continuosly to buy a player!! my personal preference for a barcelona team particularly is a 3-4-1-2 formation, so -------------------buffon--------------- --------puyol-------terry------gallas----- ---ronaldo---gerrard----fabregas----guardado --------------------kaka----------------- --------------messi------rooney-------------- attacking mentality and a fast tempo. use playmaker (kaka) and attack through the middle. this will utilise the talents of kaka, fabregas and gerrard....any of the CB as captain....normal tackling.... then u still have quality
  4. Re: Help my Gunners ok its all in place. this sunderland side are also the league leaders so we'll see how it goes....
  5. Re: Help my Gunners maybe its 3-5-2 then. 3 CBs, a holding mifielder, flat midfield foru, and two strikers.....
  6. Re: Help my Gunners lost 2-0 last nite sumthing didnt work. they had 54% posession to my 46% and won 2-0. next game is away to sunderland. they have a strong team and play 3-1-4-2... 1 G C. GORDON 90 2 RB Á. MICHEL SALGADO 89 3 LB G. JUANFRAN 89 4 CB E. GARAY 91 5 DM/CB C. MARCHENA 91 6 CM/AM S. RENATO AUGUSTO 88 7 M S. BARONE 90 8 CM J. VERON 92 9 CF C. LUIS FABIANO 92 10 CF C. PIZARRO 89 11 LM/LB d. GILBERTO 92 S1 G P. RUI PATRICIO 83 S2 RM/CM M. BRIGHI 89 S3 CB/RB R. ANDERSON 87 S4 LM/AM M. SULEJMANI 84 S5 CF S. OKORONKWO 83 attacking ment
  7. Re: Midfilders... i guess i could try and find someone else to go, but its centre mid is where i have the most players...ideally i wud like to keep them both but i want moutinho....
  8. Re: WATLW's French U21 Rating Changes up to 87 that would put him in my first team....result!!! not bad for a 10k investment...
  9. Re: WATLW's French U21 Rating Changes i have him as well so i wud b interetsed to hear what those in the know would recommend....?
  10. Re: WATLW's French U21 Rating Changes interesting to see the differences of opinion regarding ayew and crosas....i have both in my team and ben's predictions differ quite a bit...i just hope he is closer lol but good work mate
  11. Re: Good,New,Cheap Players Added to the Database. oh my bad, i misread the post sorry damien:o
  12. Re: Good,New,Cheap Players Added to the Database. wrong section mate, this should be posted in the database section
  13. Re: Help my Gunners sheva.....u r a genius!!! won 6-0 away from home last nite....ibrahimovic with a hat trick, hleb with a brace, and fabregas got the other....hleb got MOM. thank u!!! got wigan at home next....there last report shows they play 4-3-1-2 like me, and there line up is Starting Line-UpNo. Pos Nat Player Rat 1 G C. KIRKLAND 88 2 D L. CUFRE 88 3 D/DM J. O'SHEA 89 4 CB E. ZE CASTRO 88 5 D M. CANEIRA 90 6 CM/LM C. EDU 89 7 CM/DM M. SISSOKO 88 8 F R. SOLDADO 88 9 CF E. HESKEY 88 10 F A. DI NATALE 93 11 CM/RM N. MANICHE 91 S1 RB/CB M. MELCHIOT 88
  14. Re: Help my Gunners nah i made a mistake. its a custom set up so dont play til tonite
  15. Re: Help my Gunners ok, have changed it so now i am playing with the the red line up and the blue tactics
  16. Re: Help my Gunners rite, playing a spurs team tonite, same squad as would line up in the premiership....normal tactics, 4-4-2. i have a far stronger squad on paper, and am using the red tactics, so lets see what happens tonite sheva.
  17. Re: Help my Gunners lost 3-1 at home to boro last nite....thats two games and only one point.....
  18. Re: Muratori, Gokhan, Edson, Malonga, Buananotte
  19. Re: Kaka and getting the most from him kaka's position is the same, but the position of the players around him, who support him and who supply the ball is different. playing a 3-4-1-2 formation, he will have more support which can help him play better
  20. Re: Filip Djordjevic not bad for 280 k thanks ahmed!!
  21. Re: RM needed - Ratings bentley wud be a gud buy imo. otherwise try rakitic or arda turan. both wingers both both soon to be 90+ 88 and 89 atm but will be big soon. villaluz is a RM rated 88 and will take longer to be a star, still playing in mexico at the moment but if he gets a move to europe he will be gud
  22. Re: Goalkeepers yeah but they are ones for the future surely??. they are young keepers who are not the finished article yet.....
  23. Re: Kaka and getting the most from him kaka will play pretty much the same in a 4-3-1-2 or a 3-4-1-2 so if u hav gud rm and lm play 3-4-1-2 instead of 4-3-1-2. kaka should play just as well as he is being played in the same position
  24. Re: Goalkeepers my personal opinion is keep rui patricio, sergio asenjo, henessy n kameni. sell isaksson, not sure of others
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