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  1. Re: Kaka and getting the most from him i would play 3-4-1-2 and play him just behind the strikers, as the 1. how have u been using him before?
  2. Re: Michael Tarnat i use this formation a lot and tend to play fullbacks wen i want to play defensively and lm/rm/wingers wen i want to play attacking football. this normally works for me
  3. Re: TomOwen's German Rating Changes-Full Report great news ur reports are accurate n theres always a few gems..... i'll be interested to see wat u make of ashkan dejagah. been considering buying him for a while now....and kroos obviously hu is already in my squad
  4. Re: Goalkeepers that was my first thought too. im keeping isla for the moment tho coz he is rated 87 so is my best rated keeper. looks like i will sell makabu-makalamabay, urko n pontdeme then
  5. Re: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru & Uruguay. ji-parana never increased was expecting a healthy rse for my millwall side n not a point difference
  6. Re: Help my Gunners a 2-2 draw away from home last nite......
  7. Re: Sagna,Castro or Anyukov out of your 3 i wud say sagna, will defo rise for arsenal. longer term gonul gokhan....
  8. Re: Valdez or no Valdez personally i wud go for akinfeev
  9. Re: Roman Pavlyuchenko van persie is back in training already, and the english changes dont come around again for wa while. van persies is a future 94 plus for sure, and with pavlyuchenko in the mix as well i think it would be bteer to keep van persie. i see ur point tho, but i wud swap toni.
  10. Re: Roman Pavlyuchenko i would have to disagree with Redevil. van persie is coming back frm injury in the next couple of weeks so his rating is only gna go one way....u hav a point about eduardo but if he is scoring goals in the game i cn c y danny wants to keep him. i would sell toni, but that is only an opinion...
  11. Re: Help my Gunners kk ill try that for four or five games and see how it goes. wud i not be better playing flamini instead of hleb tho? as flamini is a CM and hleb is a RM??
  12. Re: Roman Pavlyuchenko well van perise is due back for arsenal very soon, which will help his rating and he is a young player. as u knw eduardo is going to be out for a while so be prepared for his rating to drop. but considering ur other 3 strikers if u take toni out, and the fact u wud pavlychenko as well, i wud say go for it
  13. Re: Roman Pavlyuchenko i knw hes a very highly rated youngster. has broken into the full national side (scored the goals to knock england out of euro qualification:mad: ). rating wont go too much higher all the while he still plays in russia but with toni getting on a bit (30 now i beleive?) it mite be an idea to start looking at somone younger. what is the rest of your strikeforce like??
  14. Re: My youth team, help please: gavin hoyte and jack rodweel and ones for the long term. highly tipped at their respective clubs but wont have massive raises any time soon. same goes for mancini.....i would keep them all in your finances are ok tho defo keep vormer and hiariej they are tipped for good increases wen the dutch ratings are done soon....quoteschella is also one to keep not heard much on any of the others tho
  15. Re: Help my Gunners thats exactly how im playing now, but jst last note we got thumped 4-2 by an average portsmouth side. and we were at home!!
  16. Re: Can AM play as a CM they will not play as well as their rating suggests because technically they are being played out of position. and for future reference use the search tool because there are a number of threads on this topic....
  17. Re: Goalkeepers kk thanks for the advice. anyone got any ideas about urko or pontdeme????
  18. Re: Who should I swap with? muratori is only 84 atm but a future star......shud b easy enough to get hold of if he hasnt already been snapped up.... marcell jansen? dont knw if he will be managed depends wat type of set up u r in
  19. Re: Who should I swap with? gael clichy
  20. Re: Young, cheap defenders. joleon lescott
  21. Re: SM No Longer Give a Toss! good point, I too wud like to know....
  22. Re: Club Messages - How many? its not a bug, its down as an improvement by SM. i know sum wont see it that way, but it wont be changing as it has only just been implemented
  23. Re: Goalkeepers yup thats exactly wat i needed. advice from someone who knew more than lol. ill sell makabu-makalambay then. thanks mate
  24. Re: left mid help asap please ashley young? hes a W as well so cn cover the right too.....arda turan,again a W.....both tipped for big things
  25. Re: De Jong, Lamah, Sulejmani kk. its just i have 3 or 4 cm better rated than de jong and cud do with sum cash, but didnt want to sell him only for to go up a few point n be jst as gud as my other CMs.....
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