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  1. Re: SM No Longer Give a Toss! good point, I too wud like to know....
  2. Re: Club Messages - How many? its not a bug, its down as an improvement by SM. i know sum wont see it that way, but it wont be changing as it has only just been implemented
  3. Re: Goalkeepers yup thats exactly wat i needed. advice from someone who knew more than lol. ill sell makabu-makalambay then. thanks mate
  4. Re: left mid help asap please ashley young? hes a W as well so cn cover the right too.....arda turan,again a W.....both tipped for big things
  5. Re: De Jong, Lamah, Sulejmani kk. its just i have 3 or 4 cm better rated than de jong and cud do with sum cash, but didnt want to sell him only for to go up a few point n be jst as gud as my other CMs.....
  6. Re: Mario Jaramillo jst snapped up young jaramillo for 20 k. thanks mate nice scout
  7. Re: Goalkeepers so shud i sell or wat? my post was who to sell, not whether i need more than one....
  8. Re: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru & Uruguay.
  9. Re: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru & Uruguay. correct me if im worng, but forumers arent involved in ratings are they? they scout players and try to predict changes, but thats as far as it goes
  10. Re: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru & Uruguay.
  11. Re: Goalkeepers thats what im saying!! i know to keep rui patricio and sergio asenjo, but should i sell makabu-makalambay and urko and pontdeme or are they future stars like sergio asenjo and rui patricio??
  12. Re: Iranian Sensation ok.....lol. that IS confusing. ijm glad its the same one coz i have him in a couple of setups already. nice to see im not the only one hu likes the look of him
  13. I have the following goalkeepers in my squad: Sergio asenjo pontdeme rui patricio makabu-makalambay urko islas i know ruipatricio and segio asenjo are tipped to be stars of the future, but what about the others? my budget is low and i need to sell somebody.....i have tried loaning them out and sending a pm to managers but i have had no luck. islas is still under a transfer ban but what about maakabu-makalambay and urko and pontdeme??
  14. Re: Iranian Sensation he is on the database!! and along with fitzsimons, i too thought he played for wolfburg.....
  15. a few weeks before the last dutch ratings I bought Miralem Suljmani (LM), Roland Lamah (AM) and Siem De Jong (CM)upon advice from the scouts. As expected they had healthy rises and Lamah is now 84, De Jong is 83, and Sulejmani is 84. I just wanted to know if they were due to increase/decrease or remain the same when the dutch ratings come round in a few weeks time??? Anyone help on this?
  16. Re: Lm/w?! vela definitely
  17. Re: TomOwen's Austrian Rating Changes Glad to have u back tom!! more gems for my teams im sure
  18. Re: Czech Republic Ratings (17 players) nice post, ive picked up a couple for some of my teams
  19. Re: Explanation about Transfers please no worries mate. any other problems jst pm me or post on the forum n someone will help you out:D
  20. Re: Lm/w?! ashley young?....carlos vela?
  21. Re: Explanation about Transfers please the club offering the best deal will get the player, so u need to outbid them
  22. Re: Mexican wonder unveiled at the CONCACAF U-20'S i bought him for all of my sides back when he was a 75 rated free agent. am reaping the rewards now
  23. Re: Arsenal changes yup im with gangsta. along with adebayor hleb and flamini, sagna has been a revelation for the gunners this season. adapted to english football with no trouble, and one of the first names on the score sheet. yet to score, but doesnt hesitate in getting forward. solid defensivley as well. noway is he too steep bendtner is also playing well. with eduardo now injured, and van persie still yet to return, it is between him and walcott for the second strikers position so will only play more. good for both goals and assists
  24. Re: Surreal deal stop that really is starnge then, its not like hes your best player or anything
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