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  1. Re: How does substitutions help? to change tactics, give players returning from injury match fitness, fresh legs, same as in a real game
  2. Re: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru & Uruguay. yeah he defo did move to chelsea
  3. Re: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru & Uruguay. they could still go up at any point over the two weeks, so dont concern urself too much. the same thing happened with charles kabore in the french ratings so im not too worried about it yet
  4. Re: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru & Uruguay. theres still over a week to go so they will happen at some point
  5. Re: Which young winger and why? kk thanks, i'll grab him now
  6. Re: backup striker that could contend pato or bojan are the obvious choices if u cn get them.....or try eduardo of arsenal. starting to find his feet in the premier league and so will rise when he has fully settled.....manucho is a good youngster.......doubt u will get benzema unless you have some players to exchange with......other than that i would suggest luis suarez. plays for groningen so should be available, tipped to rise into 90s soon, only 21......
  7. Re: How to spend invest in youth. look at the player ratings section. players such as bestpay and tomowen regulalry post young talents who will have rating increases. they can often be picked up for a few hundred thousand, then their ratings increase, wages stay low and u keep a good budget. i took over a millwall side and did this and i now have a budget of 9 mill, an average squad rating of 84, and promtoion in my first season
  8. Re: Attacking mids kk thanks guys. so would you suggest the same for my keepers......i have: rui patricio sergio asenjo makubu-makalamby pontdeme islas urko i know sergio asenjo and rui patricio are tipped for the top....wat about the rest of them.....future rises or have they reached about as high as they will go?
  9. Re: Which young winger and why? this thread is for wingers but jonathon de guzman is down on the db as a cm/rm? have i got the wrong guy or has the database got it wrong? the guy i have is a cnadian, rated 89 and 20 years old???? playing for feyenoord....? i wana buy him but i wana make sure i have the right guy first lol
  10. Re: Attacking mids just to raise cash for some more investments, but if you think it would be best to keep them i will try loaning them out to keep my budget down
  11. Re: Surreal deal stop whats the rest of your defence like?
  12. Re: overseas games will never happen Well the FA have officially rejected the idea so thank god for that
  13. Re: Surreal deal stop i am being so thick lol....so there offering u mertesacker and 3 mill for milito?, yet YOUR chairman stopped the deal.....
  14. Re: overseas games will never happen im glad its all gone tits up, i thought the idea was stupid anyway.....
  15. Re: relegation dog fight i think derby and fulham will go down. sunderlands homw form may well keep them up....i think the third team will be between birminhgam and wigan.....cant decide which tho.....
  16. Re: The World's Most Violent Player? gotta be vinnie jones!!!! grabbed gazza by the balls:eek:
  17. Re: Need CM help my choice would be yaya toure but he isnt in ur list so i wud go for moutinho
  18. Re: Surreal deal stop oh rite sorry mate i got the deal the wrong way round lol. well then it would be that he doesnt want to spend so much on that player......maybe 3 mill is most of your budget?.......or u dont need a class defender if u already have a good defence?.....
  19. Re: An attacking mid in centre mid ? Playable ? he will not perform as well as he cud do if played at cm. your best bet is to play 4-3-1-2 and play messi in the hole between rooney and eto'o. this is what i play with my barca side (with those exact 3 players as well!!!) and its highly sudccessful (unbeaten this season to be exact;) )
  20. Re: Longest winning streak? Most Games Won in Row 14 - 09 Sep 2007 to 25 Oct 2007 Most Games Unbeaten in Row 19 - 09 Dec 2007 to 17 Feb 2008 <<<<< in a division one so not a bad record
  21. Re: Surreal deal stop because he obviosuly feels he is sacrificing a top player for someone who , he feels, is not quite as good. mertesackers is of the same rating, yet younger, so the chairman proably rates him more highly
  22. Re: Which young winger and why? ben arfa for sure
  23. Re: Who Will Be The Back Four Of The Future? micah richards and ezequail garay as centre backs....not sure bout the full backs....
  24. Re: Remember The Flops francis jeffers for arsenal
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