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  1. Titulli: Re: Titulli: Official Red Devils thread
  2. Titulli: Official Red Devils thread Okay okay okay, i've been called Glory Hunter many times. But let me try to shut up that Ian. Ian, if let's say, English football is actually terrible as in somewhere around the standard of South African standard, tell me honestly would you be supporting another league who are winners? Yes you may still support Man City, but would you also support a WINNING team? I support Manchester United and Hougang United, a team who finished 2nd from bottom every season in Singapore. We support Manchester United because it's a global brand. You see them on the pa
  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread Side note : Munich Remembrance by fans in Singapore. A group which i am proud to be in.
  4. Re: A Brand New Forum English Championship With Updated Squads ? In. Seem interesting. Any rules tho?
  5. Re: Official Red Devils thread Jack, i admit defeat. Jarvis and Doyle were magic. Elokobi gave us problems the previous game, now again.
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread Rafael seemed to have suffered a massive knock. Wasn't able to catch the game. Anyone has any replay of any collision?
  7. Re: Official Red Devils thread So what? We won. It doesnt matter who played. The players just needed game time. And whats your points of posting this here? It's not like we talked about the EDS on the City thread.
  8. Re: Official Red Devils thread Why PM? He did give you a massive burning. Dont hide my friend. How is it that Man City's squad is very international. Do you actually understand the term gloryhunters? I was 4 years old when i supported United. Who at 4 knew which team was winning? My cousins who's 10 dont even know Liverpool is losing and he loves Liverpool. A glory hunter supports whoever is winning. Problem here is. Even if United in 20years to come are relegated or whatever, i'll still be a diehard United fan. A glory hunter is a certain Glenn Ong from Singapore. A local radio DJ,
  9. Re: Official Red Devils thread Here's one that might get me in trouble but just to show you that passion does not matter where in the world you're from. At least i only support one team. Not two like a certain someone. And btw, Singaporeans speak English. In ur liverpool slums, you used to sing munich but anymore since 96 scousers laid dead on the floor. In ur liverpool slums. I might get flamed, but it's just something to show to Mr.IthinkIknowitall. Why does location really matter? Does it really matter about the colour of your skin? EPL is a big part of Singapore. We love the EPL.
  10. Re: Official Red Devils thread True about that. So has Nani last season. Rafael with the Champions League. Bebe against Aston Villa. What a player does on-pitch does not matter as long as we win. Yes he cost us alot of times. But lets just say, everytime he plays it's after a few weeks of not playing. So it's kinda contradicting to say many times. Gary Neville is a red. Never tell him to retire especially with the use of Now. It's a strong word to use if you're a supporter of the club especially on our own players.
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread Thats a very strong thing to say. I want him to retire now. So would you say if Giggs doesnt terrible, you want him to retire NOW? Well yes Neville has been off for the whole season. But he is gonna retire at the end of the season. So why give him so much stick. You are a fan of Man United right. Appreciate the years he spent at United for the next 6 months. He's a United hero and leader. So why retire now. There's a whole 6 months left. Cheers
  12. Re: Official Red Devils thread Well Neville is way past his peak. This is his first game in months. Rafael was injured. Idk where was Brown. But yeah. Neville did almost get that penalty. But there was no penalty. He is gonna retire but i'm bloody sure Fergie will let his play more games this season. Just not the big games.
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