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    Re: Top 100 huh? slovan liberec? wat's that...lol
  2. Re: South American Young Talents hi Dexter. Should i swap marcello mattos or betao for Manoel Morais? i heard morais is good but his rating dropped....? should i swap for him? Please recommend me some good strikers... future star striker :o
  3. does anyone know him???? Is he a talented 1? will he go up to 90+ in the future? please tell me:D
  4. Re: Arsenal Gossip who is going to play? almunia or lehnmann? or fabianski van persie and senderos are OUT!
  5. Re: WRIGHT-PHILLIPS, Shaun he scored the first goal!!
  6. WRIGHT-PHILLIPS, Shaun why wright philips is still a 89?? he hasn't do good enough to earn a 90++?? :mad:
  7. Re: South American Young Talents DEXTER, please help me! tell me whether they are good? are they going to get 90++ in the future? MARCELO MATTOS, Mendonca BETAO, Willian PEDRO , Roberto CARLOS ALBERTO, Gomes NILMAR, Honorato BORGES , Humberto SUAREZ, Jeffrén WOODS, Michael NINIS, Sotiris
  8. Re: Arsenal Gossip boring first half....luckily RVP just did it...and Hleb...
  9. Re: shaun wright-phillips ya! i think he a great player too! but why he is still a 89? i think he's already better than that...90/91 ATM......!
  10. Re: Arsenal Gossip Gilberto may leave Arsenal after admitting he is aware of interest from Valencia and Juventus. http://www.teamtalk.com/football/interactiveEditorial/0,16398,3209,00.html
  11. Re: Arsenal Gossip Can adebayor become the top scorer at the end of the season?
  12. Re: Arsenal Gossip they are Newcastle United....quite strong with their strikers..viduka, owen, martins...
  13. Re: Arsenal Gossip arsenal 5-0 and adebayor hattrick....
  14. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 6 Where is Fraser machines!???
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