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    Re: Top 100 huh? slovan liberec? wat's that...lol
  2. Re: South American Young Talents hi Dexter. Should i swap marcello mattos or betao for Manoel Morais? i heard morais is good but his rating dropped....? should i swap for him? Please recommend me some good strikers... future star striker :o
  3. does anyone know him???? Is he a talented 1? will he go up to 90+ in the future? please tell me:D
  4. Re: Arsenal Gossip who is going to play? almunia or lehnmann? or fabianski van persie and senderos are OUT!
  5. Re: WRIGHT-PHILLIPS, Shaun he scored the first goal!!
  6. WRIGHT-PHILLIPS, Shaun why wright philips is still a 89?? he hasn't do good enough to earn a 90++?? :mad:
  7. Re: South American Young Talents DEXTER, please help me! tell me whether they are good? are they going to get 90++ in the future? MARCELO MATTOS, Mendonca BETAO, Willian PEDRO , Roberto CARLOS ALBERTO, Gomes NILMAR, Honorato BORGES , Humberto SUAREZ, Jeffrén WOODS, Michael NINIS, Sotiris
  8. Re: Arsenal Gossip boring first half....luckily RVP just did it...and Hleb...
  9. Re: shaun wright-phillips ya! i think he a great player too! but why he is still a 89? i think he's already better than that...90/91 ATM......!
  10. Re: Arsenal Gossip Gilberto may leave Arsenal after admitting he is aware of interest from Valencia and Juventus. http://www.teamtalk.com/football/interactiveEditorial/0,16398,3209,00.html
  11. Re: Arsenal Gossip Can adebayor become the top scorer at the end of the season?
  12. Re: Arsenal Gossip they are Newcastle United....quite strong with their strikers..viduka, owen, martins...
  13. Re: Arsenal Gossip arsenal 5-0 and adebayor hattrick....
  14. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 6 Where is Fraser machines!???
  15. Re: Arsenal Gossip Arsenal got the spirit of the champion...they are the champions.. but..oh no, rosicky off against derby...!
  16. Re: **HOT NEWS*** Mourinho left Chelsea. Did he jump or was he pushed? it is almost unbelieavable...This really stunned me... Maybe Roman Abramovich forced him to leave...dont believe that he will leave because of a few games....If he is, then he is a really bad the loser...The Special Loser...! What do you think? i think there are many other reasons
  17. Re: Arsenal Gossip ya...arsenal is the 2nd richest club :D 1. Real Madrid 220m 2. Arsenal 170m+
  18. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 6 Saturday Waterford 1-1 Cork City New York Red Bulls 2-1 New England Revolution Red Star 2-1 Vojvodina Shakhtar Donetsk 3-0 FC Dnipro Sunday Roma 1-2 Juventus Hibernian 0-2 Celtic Barcelona 1-0 Sevilla Sampdoria 2-0 Genoa
  19. Re: Arsenal Gossip Oh no!!! i cant believe that Adebayor is that great!!! that's a really fabulous superb brilliant power Goal!!!!!! What a goal!!!! Fabregas!!! he got his confident now!!! he shoot and goal!!!! about the equaliser..we need to take that guy who helped us to have a second free kick? is he a gunner fans!?!?!? THX!!!! ARSENAL ROCKS!!!
  20. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 5 Saturday 15th sept Tottenham 1 v 2 Arsenal ESB West Brom 2 v 0 Ipswich Farsley Celtic 1 v 1 Exeter Athletic Bilbao 1 v 1 Real Zaragoza Sunday 16th sept Monaco 1 v 0 PSG Watford 1 v 1 Southampton Dundee United 1 v 0 St Mirren Napoli 0 v 2 Sampdoria
  21. Re: Arsenal Gossip i think AT LEAST....they need to bag a trophy back home...
  22. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 5 latavia 0-2 N.Ireland Slovakia 1- 2 Ireland Scotland 2-1 Lithunia Wales 0-3 germany italy 1-2 france sweden 1-1 denmark malta 0-2 turkey
  23. Re: Arsenal Gossip EPL 1 to 4 If a champship side can win FA with LUCK, then that means...all EPL clubs are rubbish....We win with skills not luck...if they're just abit unlucky, and they cant win the game...that means they are weak.... Isn't it too early to say that arsenal will win the CL? who knows if persie and fabregas injure in next game...? only dream that u will win CL before the the final.....if persie and fabregas injured for a season, u wouldn't say that arsenal are going to win anything.....please just be patient... i always say that arsenal are the champion of EPL...but already 3 years not arsenal's.....just hopefully this season is..but have to doubt that
  24. Re: Arsenal Gossip is diarra gonna play against spurs? how many percent do ya'think? who will play? diarra, denilson or diaby?
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