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    TH14-_- got a reaction from dancpoli in Official Arsenal Thread   
    adebayor can only score late goal(most of them) LOL
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    TH14-_- got a reaction from Gizb in Who is the best keeper in The Premiership?   
    Re: Who is the best keeper in The Premiership?
    jens lehnman....he is..the best goalie after i watched him in CL..last season...he made many unexpected save...
    arsenal's record clean sheet in CL..MAINLY because of him...he is super in-form when arsenal versus big team...
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    TH14-_- reacted to Dexterbrazil in South American Young Talents   
    Re: South American Young Talents
    Because he's just a sub at Corinthians right now. For instance, Breno the 17 years old Sao Paulo defender is a regular ofr the team and just got his 86 rating now. Lulinha must play a season or two of fulltime games to earn a higher rating
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    TH14-_- reacted to fraser mcinnes in SM Predict - Season3 Week 2   
    Re: SM Predict - Season3 Week 2
    less than a day and a half to go before week 2 of predict.
    16 players from week 1 have still to post predictions for week 2...
    alan crazy bones neller
    mondi 27
    shelbourne fc
    dan payne
    tom mfc
    craig johnson
    oobee 007
    dr dx
    mr eng champ 1
    toggs thomas
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    TH14-_- reacted to bryan in Rep points???   
    Re: Rep points???
    In your USER CP (where it lists your rep points received/comments etc) does the green light next to it mean that the person agreed with/liked your post and if it is grey they didn't like/agree with your post?
    That right?
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