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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Iv been offered angel correa from atheltico madrid and ryan mason from spurs for my Max Meyer. What should i do? Correa + Mason... Vs ...Meyer
  2. im trying to decide which of the 3 fullbacks to sign (in terms of the future) Lahm Alba Bernat Im talking rating wise in 2/3 years time. Who do you recommend? Thanks Matt
  3. I am desperate for a new midfielder, irrelevant of rating. Who is the better signing? Cazorla Fellaini Herrera Let me know! Thanks
  4. Which one or two should i sign? Malanda from wolfsburg Leitner from dortmund Praet from Anderlecht Rafinha from barcelona Rode from Bayern Looking more for the future. Thanks
  5. I need 2 new strikers for my new side, but cant decide which of these to get... Could you tell me who you would personally choose out of the following? Herrmann Volland Musa Rodrigo Destro Immobile Giuseppe Rossi Thanks in advance
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... is Camacho of Malaga worth buying? Have not watched Malaga yet this season, so have no idea if he has played or how he is doing? Thank you
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... okey dokey, thank you everyone
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Is he as good as falcao?
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... just bought jackson martinez of porto from an external team for 6mil Is he worth taking the risk? As he wont be starting in my team or on the bench Will he increase? Thanks
  10. Re: Ugliest Players Too young to see him play but my Dad said he was the captain of his ugly eleven back in the 80's lol......... Davie Dodds
  11. Re: Messi Deal... I was just bout to create a new thread then noticed this 1 so thought may aswell write on here. Iv literally just bought messi for 36mil + iniesta + sahin. What do you all think of this deal? was it worth it? Thanks
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... selling pedro for 33mil + mchearen + kakuta?? Have lots of wingers at the club
  13. Re: Berbatov for Khedira & Altintop i think that may have been a poor deal, altintop is not that great a player but khedira is getting regular games at real madrid for the moment anyways. Khedira is a safe 91 with an outside chance of 92, but berba has only started 2 games for man u this season as well as being 4th choice striker so he is guaranteed a drop. Think u may regret this come the next changes
  14. Re: Is this a good deal? Thanks a lot mate I thought the same but always best to back up my opinion
  15. Re: Is this a good deal? hmm i have tried 4 mussachio but he is at one of my friends teams and he isnt willing to sell him. Personally i prefer Hummels but i am a fan of both him and subotic. Looks like i am going to have both soon Im pretty proud of my full team now but would quite like a new goalkeeper. I currently have Akinfeev but Lloris is at an external and is available in a couple of days. Should i switch my Akinfeev for Lloris?
  16. Re: Is this a good deal? thanks everyone, it has been accepted and no im not wolfsburg, i am in an english setup with Ipswich. I have managed to build a large young squad and wanted to try and add a top class centre back who is young and he was the best option. So thanks once again
  17. I have been after Subotic from borussia dortmund for a while now to partner my Hummels. I made an offer of 10mil + Kjaer for Subotic, is this a good deal for me? Thanks
  18. Re: what should i do? yer i wasnt sure bout giving him jones but how is this as a counter-offer by me... 20mil + kelly (liverpool) + matip (schalke)?
  19. hi I made an offer for vincent Kompany of man city and i got a counter offer back 2day of 17.5mil + phil jones. Would you accept this? I will be the 1 getting Kompany, thanks
  20. I just had my bid for Sow from lille accepted of 7.7mill. Is he a good player? Whats his long-term prospects? Is it a good deal? Thanks
  21. I think i know the answer, but is it worth buying Adil Rami for 13million? He will only add further depth in my defence but is he a good buy both short an long term? thankss
  22. I have made an offer for Luis Suarez of liverpool being 2mill + Moussa Sissoko and Ryo Miyaichi. Am i getting a good deal here? Is it worth losing two good young players with potential for one world class striker who will only be a back up for now?? Thanks for your help
  23. Re: £18mil...Who to get? yer thats wat i thought but who knows
  24. Re: £18mil...Who to get? Thanks so far , HAYD3N thats what i thought at 1st but do you reckon that walcott could eventually become a FWD? With his blinding pace and good finish, surely he would b a threat if played as a striker more often. Surely, Wenger can see that
  25. Hey every1 Was wondering who u think i should buy out of Walcott, Balotelli or Marin. I have just got £18mill in the bank. My current wingers are.. Pedro, lennon, menez, ayew and a few youngsters. When my current strikers are.. Dzeko, hernandez, hulk and carroll. So who would b the best purchase, thanks
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