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  1. I tried to search, but the search engine didnt work. I thought we could hhave a thread where we mentioned any good long termriser like this: Gareth Bale: Skill: 90 Pos: LM/LB Next rating: 91/92 Posible position: Wing/LB Peak: 94/95
  2. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Tears of joy!
  3. Re: Gareth Bale i think rooneyisyummy was jking
  4. Re: Gareth Bale many of you may laugh at me for saying this... but he deserves a 91. Hes a keyplayer for the national team Keyplayer for Tottenham Playing in CL Vermaelen got 88-91, Glen Johnson got 89-91 (Bale should ave been 89 last time around)
  5. Re: English Champioship 6957 Discussion thread Hi Joined up as Shorpe United. If any one have any good players they wanna loan out, then msg me
  6. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Tottenham has been a big disappointment so far this year. It doesn't seem like they want to win... Also i don't like Redknapps tactics. Last year we played with wingers, this year the widemen just sit back. Tottenhams strenght is down the flanks, So i dont see the point with palacios trying to be xabi alonso and jenas thinking he can drible through every defence...
  7. Re: Jermaine Defoe.. I agree with defoe not being any where near 92 or 93 atm, but to be fair, I don't see Adebayor scoring week in week out either... "You can't say that after 2 league games" blablabla. The ratings depends on his form in the end of last season too, and it seems like he's dropped from the starting XI now too.
  8. Re: Gareth Bale that i can come up with right here, right now. I'm sure u can find more.
  9. Re: Gareth Bale In the chelsea and arsenal and today vs stoke is just a few. For instance he started of in rw pos' date=' ran towards the 16meter and tapped in the winner against arsenal. Today he and lennon changed sides several times throughout the game. Maybe i was a lil too exited when i wrote that lennon deserved a rise yet, but the build-up to both of the goals today is the best of lennon since pre-injury last season.
  10. Gareth Bale What do you think about him next changes? Personal thoughts: Rating: 88-90. This is a must! haven't done a bad game since last year. And he is as good as Lennon who deserves a rise too. Pos: LB/Wing or Wing/LB. Not LM/LB because he can play at the right wing as well. It's not a common pos combo in sm, but michel bastos already got it.
  11. Re: William Gallas Joining Spurs Personally I hate the idea of gallas joining spurs. And i think the main reason for him to join us is that he want to prove wenger he was worth a 2-year deal. Although he only got a 1-year deal with tottenham he has an option for another year.
  12. Re: 10k risers @najduch5: thanks for the mazola tip. @miles: thats the point with forums, eh? sharing eachothers opinions...
  13. I noticed there are no fresh 10k risers, so i wondered if any one could mention any?
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