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  1. Re: Gareth Bale

    many of you may laugh at me for saying this... but he deserves a 91.

    Hes a keyplayer for the national team

    Keyplayer for Tottenham

    Playing in CL

    Vermaelen got 88-91, Glen Johnson got 89-91 (Bale should ave been 89 last time around)

  2. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread

    Tottenham has been a big disappointment so far this year. It doesn't seem like they want to win... Also i don't like Redknapps tactics. Last year we played with wingers, this year the widemen just sit back.

    Tottenhams strenght is down the flanks, So i dont see the point with palacios trying to be xabi alonso and jenas thinking he can drible through every defence...

  3. Re: Jermaine Defoe..

    I agree with defoe not being any where near 92 or 93 atm, but to be fair, I don't see Adebayor scoring week in week out either...

    "You can't say that after 2 league games" blablabla. The ratings depends on his form in the end of last season too, and it seems like he's dropped from the starting XI now too.

  4. Re: Gareth Bale

    look if bale starts most of the time from now until december( probable next epl rating change) and he plays in the CL games( if they dont get knocked out:)) then he will rise. he has obviously played very well buts its only two games so some ppl are overrreacting' date=' nut i can tell you starting for the fourth best team in the premier league and playing well( assumeing he continues to play well) will get you a 90. so yea he'll rise...eventually[/quote']

    As TotnumMatt said, I started this thread based on his performances since the last ratings.

  5. Re: Gareth Bale

    You know whats hillarious' date=' people trying to wind me up or gain a "point" by trying mock a lpayer from the club i support.

    Please, it really hurts my feelings :rolleyes:

    Yes Lennon probably edges it. . . . your point ?

    But id rather have Young in my team, Lennons ball is good enough and he likes the physio room to much, but im not getting into this conversation

    My point is he doesnt deserve to rise.

    Now excuse me while i go and cry myself to sleep over the fact you said Lenno is better than young :rolleyes:[/quote']

    Well, just so u know it, i wasn't trying to "wind you up or gain a "point" by trying mock a payer from the club you support". I was just saying that if young is a 90, then lennon deserves a 91.

    Scores 2 goals and all of a sudden derserves 90 :D Hey Walcott got a hat-trick today' date=' lets make him 91!

    Please. Compared to what Pedro did last season when he got 90, Bale needs to do much more, and the fact theres been 2 league games. Atleast wait 10 games to see how Bale, and Tottenham do. Why are there so many threads for players to rise when season just started??[/quote']

    He has been a consistent performer ever since he broke through in december/january, and he has done so well that he deserves a 90.

  6. Re: Gareth Bale

    Lennon does NOT deserve to rise' date=' where on earth did you get that from.[/quote']

    For instance, he is better than A. Young...

    When has he ever played RM?

    In the chelsea and arsenal and today vs stoke is just a few. For instance he started of in rw pos' date=' ran towards the 16meter and tapped in the winner against arsenal. Today he and lennon changed sides several times throughout the game.

    I think Lennon deserved to rise in the last EPL changes due to his pre-injury form, but his injury put that idea to bed. I don't think he has quite hit the same form just yet, but it is still early in the season and I would expect him to.

    Maybe i was a lil too exited when i wrote that lennon deserved a rise yet, but the build-up to both of the goals today is the best of lennon since pre-injury last season.

  7. Gareth Bale

    What do you think about him next changes?

    Personal thoughts:

    Rating: 88-90. This is a must! haven't done a bad game since last year. And he is as good as Lennon who deserves a rise too.

    Pos: LB/Wing or Wing/LB. Not LM/LB because he can play at the right wing as well. It's not a common pos combo in sm, but michel bastos already got it.

  8. Re: William Gallas Joining Spurs

    Personally I hate the idea of gallas joining spurs. And i think the main reason for him to join us is that he want to prove wenger he was worth a 2-year deal. Although he only got a 1-year deal with tottenham he has an option for another year.

  9. Re: Tottenham Hotspur - Predicted Rating Changes

    Nice ratings, i agree with all of your ratings, except a few. Kaboul have been decent when playing, and had a good game against chelsea. He shud rise to 87 imo.

    I agree with Dougie, Keane must drop. He plays in the SPL.

    Post your ratings in the Tottenham threads btw, I've already posted mine =)

  10. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread

    In fear of breaking up a conversation here, I wanna do Tottenham ratings :P

    Note: This is not predictions, It's what I'd give them if I was to rate them.


    May rise


    May drop


    Gomes 90 - 91

    Cudicini 87 - 86

    Assou-Ekotto 88 - 89

    Bale 87 - 89

    Corluka 91 - 91/90

    Walker 82 - 83/84/85

    Woodgate - 89 - 88

    King 89 - 89

    Bassong 88 - 88

    Dawson 87 - 89

    Kaboul 86 - 87/88

    Kranjcar 90 - 90

    Bentley 88 - 88/89

    Palacios 89 - 89/90

    Jenas 89 - 88

    Huddlestone 88 - 89/90

    Modric 91 - 91/92

    Gudjohnsen 89 - 89

    Lennon 90 - 90/91

    Defoe 91 - 91

    Pavlyuchenko 90 - 90

    Crouch 90 - 90


    Hutton 88 - 88

    Naughton 85 - 85

    O'Hara 86 - 86

    Taarabt 84 - 84

    Keane 91 - 90/89

    Giovani d.S 86 - 87

    How would you rate them?

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