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  1. Re: What do you think about the managers who buy a lot of young players? In the end someone will buy the talents anyways, so why don't pick 'em up all at once?
  2. Re: Norweigen Risers? Well Tippeligaen havn't started yet, so it's a bit early to say.. But Mads Stokkelien and Marcus Pedersen is two up and coming players that will rise for sure, as they both will be going to play a lot of matches
  3. Re: Football Manager 2010 Just a quick tip: When u are some seasons out, u should search for players who is from 16-19 yrs old (or something like that) and then sort by value. the most valued youths are often future stars. I've found a right back with 17, 16 and 15 in lots of their stats.
  4. Re: Football Manager 2010 I'm playing as AFC Wimbledon. 3rd season going im strugling to avoid relegation from league 1. found a nice tactic that kicked me through the divisions . http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/f72/goals-galore-2010-its-back-and-its-banging-3-goals-t24827.html
  5. Lennon


    Re: Atouba But what do u think about Cohen? its kinda urgent..
  6. Atouba, LB at Ajax. Is he worth buying? I'm a Birmingham side in a GC and both of my fullbacks are at 85. Also could i have your thoughts on Tamir Cohen at Bolton: 85 CM/AM And do u know about any good left or right backs or wings in external clubs? (GC)
  7. Re: Rising Right back thanks for that, but i ment right backs rising to 90+ =)
  8. Could any one mention a rising RB or two? Rising from 80+ to 90+?
  9. Could any one tell me bout some good right backs? (prefferably rising soon) From the range of 85-87 rising to 87-89 Also I'd like ur thoughts about Cska Moskvas rb Chidi Odiah and NEC's cm Lorenzo Davids! Thanks in advance
  10. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread "The Spurs Mansion" Back to the transfer rumours: Flamini!? No thank you! The Saha deal would be great tho =D
  11. Im an english side in a gc, and have gotten some loan bids from some other english sides and one scottish side. If i loan him to the scottish side, and hes played in the scottish cup, will he be cup tied then? Will I be unable to take him back and play him in the cups?
  12. Re: 70+ to 80+ rising LB and CM thanks to all replys =D repped u all
  13. Re: 70+ to 80+ rising LB and CM thanks, I repped u EDIT: Cant find this Maxi Oliva tho
  14. As the title says. I need em for my leeds team. Also, do any one know if Lorenzo Davids is doing well. Is he a big prospect?
  15. Re: Sol Campbell Agreed, and he is very fair and honest. I'll compare him to wenger: (no offence) When Defoe stamped some guys leg and got the red card, 'Arry totally agreed and said it was unexcuseable. When this stuff happens with Wengers players, he "dit eh.., not see tath"
  16. Re: Trl players don't get bids I haven't set any minimum, but could the asking price have an affect? They have been listed for a week or so now. first match is the 3rd so it would have been good to reshuffle the squad b4 that :/
  17. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread I agree with most of what u say, Arrys Twitch, except the Thudd thing. He have improved since last year and is playing good imo. Although Lennon-Palacios-Kranjcar-Modric would be great! Bassong isn't called up is he? Cameroons loss
  18. In my setup (containing me and 2 of my friends) the trl players dont get bids :S any ideas?
  19. Re: Adrien Silva and Fredy yes it is, thanks. I repped u
  20. Hi, could any one predict Fredy and Adrien silvas ratings in the upcoming changes? also Adrien silva don't get a pos change eh? cuz I use him on my right flank. Also do anyone know about any threads with risers in external clubs? (gold memberships)
  21. Re: Help for my Trinidad & Tobago team Bump. Would really like to hear others thoughts. Can CFs play as wide or assisting strikers in formations like 4411, 433, 4312 and 4321 etc?
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