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  1. Re: M a d r i d X x X L i e t e ' s P o r t f o l i o thanks m8! really nice! repped
  2. Re: M a d r i d X x X L i e t e ' s P o r t f o l i o thanks =) look i don't wanna sound fussy or anything, but cud u change Seville to Sevilla, as Sevilla is the spanish name The siggy is very nice. I like the cut. U make it look like its one pic
  3. Re: Jack Rodwell >87 My mistake But what I said about Keane is true
  4. Re: Jack Rodwell >87 Excuse me? Keane has been a "JOKE" ever since he returned from Liverpool. The best thing he cud do against wolves was to step on the ball! Benitez is 88 because of Birminghams average rating. Sm have a cap of 87 for teams finnishing 10- in the EPL, which means players over 87 will dropp 1 every rating (or 2 if they suck), 'til they reach 87. Also players thats already 87 and plays great wont rise before they get to a club finnishing in 10+
  5. Never heard of him b4. Is he any good? will he rise, dropp or stay nexy ratings. And can anyone list up some talents 80+ going to 85-90+? What i need is:GK, RB, DM, Wing (could be LM or RM aswell) and a FWD EDIT: ano bout Hulk, but if u got ne other strikers, then mention them aswell
  6. Re: Help for my Trinidad & Tobago team I didn't mean the whole squad. I ment how do the CFs perform as wide strikers in a 3-4-3 formation?
  7. Re: Help for my Trinidad & Tobago team Zamora and Jlloyd is half Trinidadian, they switched national team earlier this year.
  8. My best strikers is Kenwyne Jones(88), Bobby Zamora(87) and Jason Scotland(85). In a 442 Scotland wouldn't have a place, which is a shame as he is my fav. So I wondered how well any CF would play if I played them in the following positions: 343 - 4312 - 3421 - 433 - 4321 - 3412 - 523 - 32221. Also I'd like to know how well a CF would perform in the hanging role in the 4411 formation Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. Re: M a d r i d X x X L i e t e ' s P o r t f o l i o It's amazing to see how much u've improved since u started this thread! Hulk and Adebayor is the best imo (I repped them ). U are creative (spelling?). Would u like to make me a Kanouté sigg? doesn't matter if its in tottenham or sevilla kit Thanks in the advance. I will repp u
  10. Re: Julio Cesar or Buffon? Ok, takk EDIT: and thanks to the reply under me. I repped u both
  11. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Nice goal from Kranjcar at 90 mins Bad game against Wolves tho. We cant loose games like Stoke and Wolves at home if we expect to finnish in the top 4
  12. Re: Rising strikers Thanks for the help, repped u all.
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a 85-89 rated striker who will rise to 90+ in the nearest future any suggestions? Any help will be rewarded with reputation
  14. Re: 99-Rated Players - A Journey Through Time what do u think about Gazza? atleast 95?
  15. Re: EPL Changes. Do you agree? Milner didn't deserve his 90 either. Lennon is way better!
  16. Re: Newcastle dillema thanks, I'll repp u
  17. Im playing a standard 4-4-2 or a 4-4-1-1. I have a dillema on the left flank, should I play Lovenkrands which is a left footed 85 rated fwd/wing (which basically means he will get a -1 or -2 when playing wing, right?) or should I play a right footed 85 rated wing/fwd? The one thats not played on the left flank is going to beplayed at the fwd position. Any help apreciated =)
  18. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread how often does a club in 106 become available?
  19. Re: Playing players in their second position nah, dont think they perform just as good, as there have to be a difference betwen a RB/RM and a RM/RB or a CM/RM and a RM/CM etc.
  20. Re: JC'S DETAILED GUIDE To Success In Soccermanager Great guide! I didn't know about the contracts. Repped u;)
  21. Re: Opposing manager signed the COMPLETE TEAM of my Arsenal players - come look! I have a Leeds team where the tottenham manager have sold every player to external clubs in the past seasons. Im now building a Leeds Hotspur over time.
  22. Re: Best Summer Signing Nah' date=' it's a good signing, but vermaelen is better. True but the deal also involved o'hara goin out on loan
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