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  1. Re: The Challenge i am still joing as Dag and Red
  2. Re: Chat Room Events(Nightly) how about a 'guess who im talking about' or something along those lines?
  3. Re: International League! ive got a bit of a problem : Willy sagnol has annouced his retirement. can i loan him to Lyon or should i release him?
  4. Re: The Challenge Ill have Dag+Red please
  5. Re: International League! My line up's getting better all the time! just want to get Hitzelsperger.
  6. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread i would like to join the challange cup if possible
  7. Re: Daraghs a scout !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good on ya mate hope you keep it up
  8. Re: SM Allstars - Match Report/Transfer News Thread! Liverpool 1-2 Lyon Lyon shock the odds by beating Liverpool to get them into the quarter finals.Lyon Didn't hang about and in the 1st minute Petrov put Lyon 1-0 up. Di Natalie pulled one back for Liverpool but it wasn't too be as Just before half time Juninho Smashed the ball home! next up is struggling Valencia who Elliot hopes he will get 3 Points from!
  9. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread Chartlton VS QPR Two New Managers to there clubs face off both needing the points.Charlton's main Threat Guiza is injured so Podolski and Pavley will most probably be the duo. A number Of QPR players will make there debut. Ibagaza will miss out and we may see and Di Michele Milosevic partnership as Petric's fitness isn't 100%.
  10. Re: Most Frustrating Results (On SM)? This is my chelsea who i have had PLENTY of disappointing results with:
  11. Re: International League! I still have 3 turkish players, do we know when this person will join?
  12. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread Pearce asks for a little patience form The Boro camp as QPR prepare a bid! "we need a solid keeper and quite frankly Kiely isn't good enough" Danny tu is exspected to leave for Funds so Schwarzer can Join. Elliot has put in a loan bid as he hopes he can have schwarzer on loan until the deal is made permanent. Joing QPR?
  13. Re: Official Free Kick Fusion Tournament 2009 Thread (Participants Only) Offered Mu-Milan a match last week didn't reply:confused:
  14. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread QPR Complete Re-Vamp! QPR Have made 6 New Signings to try and save there side from Relegation! Monterrubio was the first to sign for 5.1 million shortly followed by 5 others. Bordeaux's Diawarra signed in a swap For Russ, He will now be a key playyer at the back. Emre Asik also joined for Ian Evett a man who had only played 25 games in the last 7 seasons and 200k. David Di michele was a big buy. the former Coventry man signed in a swap for Luiz Ronaldo. Milosevic signed in a swap deal for Stead, who had struggled to Play this season managing 1 game.A player almost certain for a rise Cruzado joined for 350k and Luke Moore who hasn't played since season 2! New Signing Di Michele
  15. Re: Tactics Help Thread he's playing a 4-3-1-2
  16. Re: Tactics Help Thread here is my chelsea team : Can't seem to win atm can anyone help?? i play 4-4-2
  17. Re: International League Match Reports & Transfers Ballack to Join Munich! Elliot's German Raid Begin's with Ballack. Bayern Have agreed a fee with Chelsea for just over 5 million. He will be a key memeber of the First team. Toni could leave tommoro with Milan Sniffing around. Ballack Playing for Germany Going?
  18. Re: International League Match Reports & Transfers Germany and Munich's New Man! Germany annouced Elliot As there new boss. He will start with Bayen Munich but MUST change them into the national side.
  19. Re: International League! 17.5 million to spend . anyone want anyone From Bayern Offer now!
  20. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread I could sell you Ian Evett 3 mil?
  21. Re: Gold Championship 53/Match Reports/Transfers. Buffon Leaves for Stankovic and Cesar! Buffon today left Juventus in a Deal which Brought Julio Cesar and Stankovic, "I Believe Stankovic and Cesar will now be Key Players" Also signing was Humberto Suazo who joined for Zanneti and 3 Million. Zanetti wasn't playing as much as he would of liked and Suazo adds good depth to the team. New Signing Suazo Julio Cesar Dejan Stankovic
  22. Re: International League! yes but he will find it hard to get the like's of Messi and Aguero as he is Boca.
  23. Re: International League! we could see it being a Scotland VS Sweden in division 1.. i believe i can win division 3 some hard countries in there thought
  24. Re: International League! Division 1 is all the smaller countries
  25. Re: International League! 4-4-2Normal/Dimond suits me best GK (Any of 3) - 91 LB - Lahm 93 CB- Metresacker 93 CB- Friedrich 91 RB- Castro 91 LM- Hitzelsperger 92 CM/DM- Frings 93 CM/AM- Ballack 93 RM- Schwienstiger 92 ST Klose 93 ST Gomez 93
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