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  1. Re: International League! All where going to be doing on the first day is selling our foerigners i am going to do it over time : sell me foerigners then when i get the cash but the Germans . may make a few key signings on the first day ie Ballack.
  2. Re: International League! anyone with any german players please contact me!
  3. Robin Van Persie. I was wondering what you thought as I Belive he has been a Asset to Arsernal So Far and was wonderng if anyone else felt he should hit 93.
  4. Re: Xabi Alonso i voted yes as he has been one of the reason's Liverpool (were) Top
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... mine seemed to Get unnoticed : Molinro For 5 million and Semoli
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i would rather have Huntelaar Selling Molinro For 5 Million Plus Semioli I Know Molinro might go up but i need another winger. so will Simioli go down? Is it a really bad deal? or is it actually decent.
  7. Re: Gold Championship 53/Match Reports/Transfers. Dan, i will help you out as soon as some of my deals go through so i can see where i am financly and just too make sure i wont go into debt in my next match, I've got a big deal in the Wings with Buffon possibly leaving.
  8. Re: Gold Championship Match Reports did a Juve in GC 53 tonight will be hoping to keep that going
  9. Re: Gold Championship 53/Match Reports/Transfers. Juve Go Top!! After a draw with top Siena kept them 2nd, Cesar gave Bologna an early lead after 13 minutes. But Gonzales puled it back 5 minutes later with a powerful right shot. then after a rather uneventful 1st half just before the interval Poulsen put Juve 2-1 up. Poulsen double's Juve's lead before Trezeguet volley's home on the hour mark to wrap up a 4-1 comftable win. Poulsen who scored twice MoM Lucho Gonzales The Table now : sorry for the bad table am on my bro's account and he has safari
  10. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread QPR OFF to winning ways! QPR Recorded there first league win in 2 months over Wolves. Yorke gave QPR the lead on 17 minutes with a beatiful low shot. Wolves pulled it back though with Palermo on 65. But it was better late then never as on the 89th minute legend Gary Speed to tap home to round of a very important Win. Speed who got the winner.
  11. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread i Can't understand the transfer-list thing if it's true nd if the likes of Lampard and Terry go and a new average squad comes in i will have to consider why would i support Chelsea. but at the mo i am happy with Scolari 3rd in the league isn't bad. where were we last season with Avram Grant? 3RD! and we nearly won the league. so it's not over until the fat lady sings. where still in the FA Cup and the Champions League. i think people need to give Scolari a bit of time to rsurrect the chelsea he had when he first took over
  12. Re: New Feature: Table History i would love something like this as it would show if you came along way through the season or something.
  13. Re: What should i do? i go to Leyton Orient every week i can and the football is AWFUL! but i still go because it's my local club and it's a laugh
  14. Re: 10 Football League Youngsters To Watch In 2009 Jason Demetriou - 21 years old 76 rated : Under rated one of the best players at the club should get a +1/2 in the next rating change. when i went to the game today he was one of the players who shone like always. had Pompey after him a little bit ago. Charlie Daniels - former Spurs player had a MOTM winning performance today. has a lot of potential.
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... 5 Mil Stankovic+ Julio Cesar for Buffon i have Buffon
  16. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread QPR announce MR.pearce as boss! the man who left nottinham forest in a different account because of the international league and planned to re-take over on the other account but found he couldn't. so he took over struggling QPR Who are 12 points a drift with just 1 win this season. but Elliot feels her can turn it around and has annouced he will sell Petric in a bid to get in some more players. two 89's (one being a foward) will be enough. On his way out?
  17. here is my own personall challange to get my local club to the top division. My friend (Nick Scott) has taken over Bradford and will also be in the league. More info to follow when i get back from the actually match
  18. Re: International League - Some Decisions To Make i think a Random league would be fun. Maybe you could do a feeder Country E.g Singapore and spain so spain can loan 3 youngsters to Singapore. I wouldn't mind either league. how many teams will get relegated?
  19. Re: International League! really looking foward to it are you going to put the best countries in division 1?
  20. Re: Call Of Duty 5 SMFC Clan & Competitions i would love to join Adam
  21. Re: Call of Duty WaW Official Thread! Thought more people would have played it too be honest anyone up for a game in about 10 mins?
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