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  1. mine has 2 be dhooroso cost 6 mil 90 rating 1 season later 88 rating 1.2 million ( just after i was gonna sell him)
  2. why the heck has only 2 peeps ( 1 if not including myself) not voted for fiorentina !!!! the have toni crying out load!!!!
  3. elliotick


    a custom setup !!!
  4. elliotick

    Soccer Chants

    no they sang ur not singing anymore but THEN we sung no.3 to stick up 4 areselves lol
  5. elliotick

    Soccer Chants

    chelsea chants here are some chesea chants all against reading ( when we were winning) 1) THATS WHY WERE CHSMPIONS rpt x5 2) SUPER LAMP, SUPER, SUPER LAMP, SUPER,SUPER FRANKY LAMPARD 3) WHO THE F***ING HELL ARE YOU. rpt x3
  6. com on people get typing!!!!
  7. how do you do a poll??? p.s. i only started on the forum today
  8. elliotick


    I have got 3 questions 1) Can you score own goals???? 2) can u get penalties???? 3) Is there extra time in cup games???? Please answer them thank you
  9. division 1 transfers liverpool- the english club look set to sighn ribery for a masive 34 million from inter !! he said it would be a dream move!!! inter- intewr make a bargin by sighning stam for 2.8 mil with pancarro going the other way! Chelsea- the blues sighn hunterlaar for just 3 million. the 23 year said there was no point staying with ajaz without a manager !! yaya toure and diana go the other way.
  10. elliotick


    hi im elliotick and ive just joined im ussualy typin stuff on cisos's leugue its sick!!!
  11. tottaly right. the way diegos been playing he should be atleast 92 while ze robeto i didnt even no what club he was know playing at!!!!
  12. Hello people!!! George boeteng is defentialy no 90!!!! barton is an 89 and is as good or even better than boeteng imo!!! and someone please tell me that they also beive that matt taylor ( the one who scored a 42 yard screamer a couple of weeks ago) is better than a 88 !!! please give me your views on these 3 players and there rating !!!
  13. division 2 round up Peterborough Utd- Peterborough have been busy in the tranfer windom recently. sighning such stars as york, valente and friedal. but is it enough to get them some points? Tottenham- spurs have sighned simons from psv for 6 million with Ghali moving the other way. while Van persie moves for 14 million and says he is so pleased to be back in london. Benfica - Keita sighns for 2.2 million with miguelito and micolli going the other way. the manager says he is glad to have keita on his team.
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