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  1. Re: The Restrictor Challenge (TRC!) Bump? What happened?
  2. Re: International League! If i was you PET i would choose Chile.... you'd have more depth and overall better players, sure Cameroon have Eto'o and if you are looking for a 1 man team go for it!
  3. well just player with MRADMASKI93 I played terrible! either him r his friends are american:p this is where you can invite people for games and stuff Enjoy
  4. Re: Viera Vs Juninho Vs Ze Roberto Vs Maniche Vs Veron thanks. any other views?
  5. currently I have Ze roberto and Veron but am selling 1 of the 2 so i could buy either Viera or Juninho. so who should i sell? and who should i buy? And is it worth getting Maniche iswell? please can someone help me
  6. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread Nottingham Forest's New man! Elliot Pearce has today been annouced As the Nottingham Forest Manager. he has a strong side with Makele in the side. his aim is for Automatic promotian. currently 7th! if any wide midfield players are avalible for loan please contact me!
  7. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread it looks like this league is quite active how many games left to go?
  8. Re: I'm gonna be a Dad!! ahhh she's soo cute! she looks like my mate's niece
  9. Re: International League! here is my shortlist Goalkeepers (i will pick 3) Manuel Neuer Rene Adler Robert Enke Jens Leghmen Frank Rost Left backs Phillip Lahm (XI) Marcell Jansen Andreas Beck (Youth Squad) Right Backs Castro (XI) Lell Fritz? Centre Backs Metzelder Metresacker (XI) A.Friedrich (XI) Tasci M.Friedrich Defenders Weisterman Left Midfielders Marko Marin Right Midfielders Schwienstiger(XI) Schnider Centre Mids Frings (XI) Ballack(XI) Hitzelsperger(XI) Rolfles Borwowski Jones Defensive Midfielders Ersnt Ottl Attacking Midfielders Hoffman Wingers Trochowski Striet Ebert Strikers Gomez(XI) Klose(XI) Kurayni Podolski Helmes if anyone has any 88+ german players can they contact me
  10. Re: Gold Championship Match Reports No, it's just it makes me feel better like some one is reading them if you know what i mean?
  11. Re: Reliable & Active Match Reporters? I would like this challange maybe all reasonable premier league teams? like Newcastle, Blackburn etc. not sure if that;s been done before. all non top 4 side's?
  12. Re: Fifa 09 PS3 Tournament I will try joining again at 6 30
  13. Re: Gold Championship Match Reports i will do some on my Juventus in GC 53 i don't do many as i never get any rep for them
  14. Re: International League! my name is Elliot Pearce
  15. Re: International League! Bayern Munich - Germany
  16. Re: Fifa 09 PS3 Tournament i have tried joining but it wont let me what do i have to do ???
  17. Re: Fifa 09 PS3 Tournament can somebody help me
  18. Re: Fifa 09 PS3 Tournament this league doesn not currently allow users to join
  19. Re: Fifa 09 PS3 Tournament i will be joining the legue sometime in the next hour.
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Joe Cole for Xabi Alonso i am chelsea
  21. Re: Fifa 09 PS3 Tournament how many people we gonna need for the tournement. btw just got beaten by my lil bro 3-1:rolleyes: i had 7 men anyone ever foerfited because of lack of players? i did once
  22. Re: Fifa 09 PS3 Tournament Mine is recruit4 and im up for a game
  23. Re: Gold Championship 53/Match Reports/Transfers. Juventus Update: Since my last update i have been knocked out in the first round of the cup have won 3 drawn 1 and lost 1 and also beat Sao Paulo 5-0 in the SMFA Cup! then drew against schackle but am still top of the group. Inter 1-5 Juve Inter were outclassed by a fit Juve team. goals from Giovonco, Barzagli, Camranesi, Lucho Gonzales and Trezeguet sealed a great win over title rivals Inter. manager elliot hartfree-pearce said he was exstatic. Camronesi celebrates his goal for Juve here is the table : The next match is a masive one against a over-acheiving siena who are currently top! winner goes top!
  24. Re: SM Allstars - Match Report/Transfer News Thread! Lyon get of to winning start! Lyon defeated Juventus 2-0 in a match which was they dominated. Benzema gave Lyon the lead on the 51st minute before Govou rapped it up with an amazing chip. this was a good start for the Lyon side who are hunting promotion MoM: S.GOVOU Chris didn't have the best of games and will be replaced with new signing Juatino who left in a swap for Mensah. New signing Juatino battling with raul
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