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  1. What's people's thought on Joshua Guilavogui? 89 rated. Has he recovered from that broken neck? Thanks in advance
  2. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 Hey kitey, This is a great thread thanks. What d'ya think of Igor Akinfeev? Had him for a number of years and hasnt played for me in ages...Developing the concerns. Should i sell or will he rise soon? Thanks
  3. i've had Igor for years now but he has been 91 for 5 years! Is he going to soon get the next +1 or a transfer move? He is strarting to get concerns as he doesnt play. What to do? Thankss in advance
  4. Re: Gourcuff and Higuian Thanks everyone, Just time consuming waiting for them to rise, Thinking of keeping Higuian but selling Gourcuff. Any other ideas.
  5. I have Gourcuff and Higuian but i think they both have peaked at 92 and 94 repectively, what are your thoughts about these players? Should i keep? Non of them get into my starting X1. Thanks in advance
  6. Since Oliver Kahn's retirement and the death of Robert Enke. Who is Germany's number one? Who would you prefer to buy as i could buy either of them but not both
  7. Re: Ryan Shawcross!...will he rise,is he a great CB for the future? Im a stoke fan, watch pretty much every game. Shawcross is emmense! The amount of goals he scores for a centre back and he is only 22. CB's play until theyre 35 or older! He will definately achieve 90+ eventually because many english fans know any CB is better than Matthew Upson at CB. As soon as the england CB spot is available Shawcross is next in line!
  8. Re: i need an AM !!! He hasn't played any games all season
  9. He had a position change yesterday...does that mean he wont rise in the argentinian rating changes? Or doesn't he deserve one? Thanks in advance
  10. Should i sell these players as they are not good enough for my first team?
  11. Re: Help please. Some one must be able to help?
  12. Re: Help please. Anyone help please?
  13. I bought these players during the french changes and now theyve come off transfer ban so what should I do with them: Delvin Ndinga Alexis Thebaux Franck Tabanou Yann M'vila Younes Belhanda Gregory Sertic Will any of them become world class or should i Just sell to get money now?
  14. I bought these players: Gignac Chamakh Bastos Rolando I bought them to add cover to my team and none have them have had the chance to play so I might sell. Who should i keep and sell? Thanks in advance. rep will be given
  15. Re: Ramires and Bastos The thing is none of them get into the starting 11 and are wasting wages. If you would sell one which one would you sell? Or none
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