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  1. Re: Stadium Building

    This Stadium Building change is welcome but for those of us that have already taken smaller clubs to the top division and have to regularly sell our best players to survive it won't help.

    What will help is our existing stadia capacity being filled on a weekly basis AS IT WOULD BE IN REAL LIFE.

    Yeah, this has been a big problem for a long long time!

    I have a Sau Paulo team, very successful , Messi + other top stars and 80k seat stadium... 30k attendance... 'because that's what Sau Paulo get in real life'!!???

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Hi all,

    To get Falcao, should i give away Ter Stegan + Cash .. possibly Ter Stegen + Pedro + cash?

    I have De Gea as my main keeper. Falcao would be my main striker in a 4-3-3w and i'd move Reus into Pedro's spot if he goes in the deal.

    Front 3 could be Reus-Falcao-Di Maria!

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    haha that is quite a thing if you had him since he was 83.

    I would personally get Rakitic. Pedro is no-where near Hazard' date=' Di Maria or Gotze and Rakitic has started very well at Barcelona.[/quote']

    I think Rakitic is a very good player and can rise more playing for BARCA. In the other hand PEDRO is a very good player but doesn't play very well from the middle end of the previous season. Also this season there are some young players who start playing for first team' date=' at same position, and there are rumourss that he may be sold to another team. If you think that he is so good to keep his rating if he moves to another club keep him or else make the transfer.

    PS : If in your game world he plays very good and you have him as a son then keep him, make him unavailable and negotiate for other players :)[/quote']

    Thanks guys.. I think i'll do the swap. Would be good to get another decent M© although i don't know if that makes much difference.

    I guess as well... when i said he's like a son to me.. maybe i ment more like a nephew! :rolleyes:

  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Hi all,

    Just to double check... should i swap my Pedro for Rakitic?

    I have Hazard, Di Maria and Gotze as well.

    In a 4-3-3 W setup, i would push Hazard out wide to cover Pedro and have Rakitic in the middle.

    Feels wrong to give away such a high rated player lol...

    Plus had him since he was 83 and he's helped bring my side from Div 3 to Div 1.. like a son to me! ;)

  5. Re: Stadium Building

    I feel your pain guys, my AFC Bournemouth team is and has been in Div.1 for a few years buy still has the lowest attendance in the league.

    I got this from them a couple of years ago now...

    Again we will reiterate what has already been said within tickets ######## and ########. We have reviewed this ticket and believe there is no reported bug. This is because a club's attendance is in line with their real life attendance when a Game World is created. This will gradually increase or decrease based on factors outlined within the Help article titled Real Life Attendances. However, this does not mean that a club with an average attendance of 20,000 in real life within a 80,000 capacity stadium will end up selling out if they are successful.

    Due to the aforementioned and also the responses provided within tickets ######## and ######## we now consider this matter resolved. It is also worth noting that any further tickets regarding in-game attendances will be closed without.

    We are playing a game, far far from real life but, for some reason, they don't seem to be interested in making it a level playing field.

    We don't need to start equal but it would be nice to be able to work towards it.

  6. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?

    About selling Victor Ruiz or not...

    How many higher rated' date=' and who are they? If you have good enough CBs and plenty enough I'd sell him.[/quote']

    I have...

    D. Luiz & D.Godin @91

    Dede & L.Gustavo @90

    A.Dominguez, P.Wollscheid & V.Ruiz @89

    Ruiz is on a lvl4, so i'd probably have to pay him a couple of mill to keep him.

  7. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013

    Juan BERNAT hasnt received his increase either' date=' should get a +3.

    Also, Gonzalez ALVARO and Jordi AMAT are both 87, fair enough, but how can SM justify Iñigo also being 87?? Should certainly have got a +3, plays for the bigger club, better defender than both, also a Spanish U21 international, really baffled with this.[/quote']

    Hi, just wondering if Gonzalez Alvaro is worth keeping? I need to trim my squad and he's miles from my team.

    I was thinking of selling him, unless he's a hot prospect etc?

  8. Re: Riferimento: Re: Counter formations

    use arampage's 5-4-1 with arrows pointing forward on your fullbacks/wingbacks



    Thanks for that, i've only lost 2 games all season but it's goal diff that is letting me down.

    I need to play Neymar though, on lvl 4 concern, so he would be my front man and not Villa.

    It's not affected my team avg though.

    Will let you know how i get on.

  9. Re: Counter formations

    Hi guys,

    great thread and very helpful but i need some ideas.

    I've got 4 games to go in a league with my friends. I'm second on goal diff. by 5 goals.

    I need to win my next 4 games with a high number of goals.

    Any ideas?

    My team avg. is 94 and my next 4 matches are against unmanaged sides.. 89,88,88 & 86.

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