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  1. Re: 99-Rated Players - A Journey Through Time He'd get the award for the bendyist legs!! Was like watching a man floating on elastic bands!! Amazing lol!! Can't remember how good he was... but those bendy legs!!!
  2. Re: Top 5 RB Under 90 Cheers for that but i still can't afford him lol. I've got Sau Paulo in a World Champs. Currently in Div 2 and getting stupidly low gate figures. Might be on the up though! VdW is at an unmanaged club for 11 or 12 and i've only got about 5mill. There's one player i could sell for about 5.5 but i'd still not have enough. I can get AZPILICUETA though from an external club.. so the player i could sell' date=' i get a lot lot more for in the part-ex. Only have to pay an extra 550k or something for him! This way i could also buy Mattia CASSANI for 4.5 mill. Transfers
  3. Re: Top 5 RB Under 90 Ahh cheers guys, thanks for the info. VdW is bit too expensive lol Johnson too! But i can get the other chap. Anybody recomend any others? Been looking at Lorenzo DE SILVESTRI but struggling to find any info on him. Is he likely to rise soon?
  4. Hello all, After reading a couple of good threads on LB's i thought i'd start a thread on RB's, as i couldn't find one. Anyone got any ideas on good RB's under 90 and set to rise in the future? Not got much cash, so was thinking of getting Mattia CASSANI for 4.5, iknow people don't think he's set for a rise but he's not a bad buy though eh? Cheers!
  5. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Hi All, Any thoughts on the future of Pelendier DAGOBERTO of Sau Paulo? I have the following: Souza LUIZ ADRIANO Markus ROSENBERG and am getting Antonio CASSANO. I want to sell Rosenburg but he's t/b'd at the moment. I could sell Dagoberto for over 7.5mill and am in need of a RB. This sound like a good plan? If so any thoughts on a good RB to get, under 90?
  6. Re: For A Few Points More : An Idea For Beating Unmanaged Teams Looks like a great thread!! Will be trying it out over the next couple of days as i'm facing 3 unmanaged sides. Have followed your tactics already in setting my teams up for the coming games. My eyes lit up when i found thid thread as i got beat 3-0 at the weekend by a poor team, in the relegation zone, whilst i'm inline for the play-offs!! At least they moved out of the bottom 3!! Will report back my findings! ....................... Edit Well... i know it won't work 100% of time, its football after all!! But so far for
  7. Re: Do I Need to out-bid Unmanaged clubs?
  8. Re: Ultimate 92/93 test 11.1 for me!! Tempting!!
  9. Hi All... Maybe a bit of a dumb question but.... Do i have to out bid an unmanaged team that has just put a bid in on a player i want? It just that it's a bit higher than the club's required selling price. Basicaly 5.8 chairman val... 6.9mil bid. So is Andre Santos worth 7 mil??? Please help!!!!
  10. Re: Wage Bill Too High... Who should i Sell? 11.9 too much for Falcao? Hulk is taken and Falcao is at an unmanaged club that don't have any other good forwards/players lol. He's their highest rated player in fact. .............. Thanks Rako, i'll look at who i can get to replace those guys. Or at least, who i could do without!
  11. Re: Wage Bill Too High... Who should i Sell? Thanks but i have found that out the hard way... Just bought him at the end of last/start of this season whilst he was 89!! Was not impressed lol! Shows the importance of checking out the players first! Thanks alot for the info though! I'll try and line up a replacement whilst i wait for his trans/ban to run out.
  12. Re: Wage Bill Too High... Who should i Sell? I'm still fairly new and that wasn't something i'd really though of to be honest! The Brazil bit is a new one on me too... but i can understand why though. This game just gets more and more complicated the more you look into things lol. not sure why i have so many Brazilians... although being with Sau Paulo did give me a head start! Just seemed to have collected more along the way lol.. they're all coming home!! Thanks alot for the help!
  13. Re: Secondary Possition Thanks guys for the info, yet more stuff to consider when buying and using players lol. At the moment i am using S.Ramires 89 CM/RM as my RM... i also have B.Willian 88 W/AM. So.. i might get better results from Willian at RM than Ramires, even though there is a rating difference? But also... i might not? Just have to try it and see? Thinking about it... i have had better success with L.Baines (LB/LM) at LB than Richarlyson (DM/LB) even though Richarlyson is 89 to Baines' 88. Thans again anyway!!
  14. Hi All, Fairly new to the game and just wanted to clear up a little question... Does a player playing in his secondary possition perform worse than in his primary? Eg... RM/RB playing at RB Or say DM/LB playing at LB? Just wondering how it works and have had a look arround but not found an answer. Can a player play just as well at either possition or is there a slight downgrading of performance, like putting LB at RB etc?? Cheers all for the help, in advance!
  15. Re: Wage Bill Too High... Who should i Sell? Thanks for that, any of them you think worth keeping hold of for the longer term rises?
  16. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Hi all, Just wondering if these guys are worth keeping hold of? Markus STEINHOFER 23 RM/RB 86 Bum-seok OH 25 RB/RM 87 Eduardo JUNIOR CESAR 27 LB/LM 88 Thanks in advance!!
  17. Re: TOP 5 LBs rated between 80-90 Hi All, I have a few LB's and was thinking of maybe selling one and getting a couple of lower rated but future risers. Currently i have.. Leighton BAINES 24yrs 88 Eduardo JUNIOR CESAR 27, 88 Barbosa RICHARLYSON 26, 89 (DM/LB) I was thinking of selling Junoir Cesar and getting Andre Santos and maybe Diego Renan. Any thoughts??
  18. Re: Wage Bill Too High... Who should i Sell? My team is Sau Paulo, in one the World Championships. Currently in div 2. This is my senior squad... MANDANDA, Steve...........Gk.........24.....91 DENIS, Cesar..................Gk.........22.....84 JUNIOR CESAR, Eduardo....LB/LM.....27....88 BAINES, Leighton.............LB/LM.....24....88 OH, Bum-seok.................RB/RM.....25....87 DA SILVA, Paulo..............CB/RB.....29....90 MIRANDA, João...............CB..........25....90 GEROMEL, Pedro..............CB.........24.....88 ILSINHO, Pereira..............RM/RB....24.....89 STEINHO
  19. Hi All, I have a fairly big squad.. 48 players.. 23 first team and the rest youth. I want to try and get my club running in the green. Just wondering if people could give me an idea on which players i should trim out from my youth team. So here goes... (possition/age/rating) DE GEA, David.........(Gk 19 75) GOMELKO, Artem.....(Gk 19 71) TULIPAN, Ákos........(Gk 19 70) YANKO, Arik............(Gk 17 70) ALEX CAZUMBA, Santos...(LB/LM 21 79) HOWELLS, Jake..............(LB/LM 18 70) RICHARDS, Ashley...........(RB/DM 18 74) AISLAN, Paulo Lotici........(CBCB 21 75) CAULKER,
  20. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Has only played one match this season, sorry I haven't seen him in action so much that I could give you a good analysis:o Yeah i could only see the one game too, cheers anyway though! Club is back in debt after one game of the new system, so i might hang on for now lol!
  21. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Hi all... Anyone know anything about Juan Guillermo CUADRADO? I have a small team and just wondering if i should hold on to him for the future? Or if not who would be a good replacement for similar money?
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