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  1. Re: Brazilian Serie A - By nicholasbig96 & JHM_daggers I imagine there's probably quite a few rumours arround the rich clubs!
  2. Re: Couple of suggestions My main point was that if you manage to get a small club to the top of div.1, then you can be as much as £1mil per home game down on what a Man Utd for example, is getting. The ability to grow attendance slowly would be nice. One of my teams won div.1 in a world champs but has less attendance than a relegated side.. surely not right lol! I think fresh game worlds start ok but then more freedom for clubs to grow is needed.
  3. Re: Brazilian Serie A - By nicholasbig96 & JHM_daggers Hiya, great work guys. Anyone know anything about Leandro DAMIAO to PSG?
  4. Re: Couple of suggestions Sorry but you may never fill your stadium, even if you are the most successful team in your World. I have a very good Sau Paulo team that won Div.1 last season, 80k stadium with 30k attendance... even one of the relegated sides had higher avg attendance. I asked sm about it and they said it will never fill. So basicaly, if you have a club with a low real life attendance, you are at a big disadvantage against those who have a club with a higher attendance.
  5. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread Cheers for that, i noticed Phil had him in his Top XI and that what you'd said too. Not knowing any thing about German football i wasn't sure if he was a just having a good season or if this is what we can hope to see from him on a regular basis. Thanks again.
  6. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread Hi, i have a few questions about Marco Reus, if i may? If you had to guess, what sort of level can he reach? Which sort of clubs could he reasonably play for?
  7. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Anyone know anything about Mario Fernandes joining Madrid? Gremio say they've had talks... Madrid say no... usual stuff i guess!
  8. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) Ahh good point lol' date=' not come across that thread if i'm honest! I'll look it up! Cheers for that, great help as always. I was feeling the same sort of thing, without the detail i must admit... just doesn't feel like a match! Anelka to China i believe, (Alex also alound to leave) but like you said even if Drogba left too, Barrios still doesn't fit the bill. Torres Sturidge Lukaku Barrios would most likely be 3rd choice... probably not what he'd want!
  9. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) Hi, i know this isn't a ratings related question but as this is the home of the Bundesliga experts... Would you say there is much truth behind the Lucas Barrios to Chelsea rumours? It's just that i'm currently selling him for £27m and was wondering why the other guy seemed so keen.
  10. Re: Counter formations Hi all, some very interesting points in here, thanks for all the work! I've noticed of late that there seems to have been a shift away from normality.. Lots and lots of silly results.. unmanaged teams getting low % possession and for example 5 shots on target and 3 or 4 goals.... 2 shots on target, 2 goals... 2-1 win. In the mean time my team gets 3 or 4 times the shots on target.. more possession and yet looses!?!! Looking at the chart on the first page i'm making the correct formation choices.. usually 3-5-2 against unmanageds sides. Anyone else noticed similar?
  11. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) De Silvestri is down as staying, is he worth buying for the future? Or is 88 his peak rating?
  12. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) Hi All, Maximiliano MORALEZ of Atalanta, is he in for much of a rise? Getting lots of league time and scored 4 goals.
  13. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Cheers Stu... sell sell sell then! Just need Luiz to get a +1 to take his place now!
  14. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Hi all, i know Gallas has been injured, at some point at least. Is he likley to drop as he's still not playing? Or is it still because of injury?
  15. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II)
  16. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II)
  17. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Just noticed Gallas hasn't played all season, in the league, is he injured or out of favour?
  18. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) Amazing job, Cheers!!
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Cheers everyone!.. where to start?.. Thats a worrying thought! Got the sinking feeling' date=' if i sell him, he'll move to Man Utd. Yeah, just a few mates.
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Swap Sneijder and Di Maria to get Fabregas & 2/3mil?
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