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  1. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) If so... answer sooner next time!!! Maybe you should have email alerts to your mobile for this thread? 2-3 hour response time could be achieved!!
  2. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Firmino of Hoffenhiem seems to be a first team regular, looking only at the stats. So i'm guessing he'll rise but how much and is he one who could do well at a bigger club? I was thinking maybe a +2 could be in order but i don't know much about these things!
  3. Re: Di Maria or Hazard? Sadly not an option as it's a choice between one of these two to go along with Fabrigas. Unless i give anyway Nani i supose?!
  4. Re: Di Maria or Hazard? Thanks everyone, looking like Hazard might be the man to choose!
  5. Re: Attendance System Flawed? Sorry to bump this but anyone know of any plans for improving this? One of my Sao Paulo teams has just won div. 1 but was 13th in attendances... Even one of the relegated teams had a higher avg. attendance!!
  6. Hi all, just wondering who might be the best one to have? Who's got the better potential?
  7. Re: Buying Fabregas Cheers guys, I'm a big Man U fan, so it pains me to think of selling Little Pea! Just wondering how good is Hazard going to be in the future? Currently i have plenty of wingers.. Higuian Pedro Di Maria Nani Hazard
  8. Hi All, I want to buy Fabregas, so just as a first test i offered Sneijder in a straight swap. He has come back with Sneijder + E.Hazard. I'm thinking of offering Sneijder + Hernandez or maybe Lukaku? What do you think?
  9. Re: Riferimento: Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III)
  10. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Hi, i'm looking for a young CM will rise to 89 or above in the next ratings review. Any ideas, bit early i know but any thoughts would be greatfuly recieved! Looking to replace Granero with someone who actualy plays!
  11. Re: Riferimento: New User Interface [beta] Ok, thanks for the reply. Only seems to be here lol, works on nokia forums. Maybe some kind of conflict?
  12. Re: New User Interface [beta] Not sure if this is the best place to post this but i use my Nokia to access the game and forums whilst i'm out and about. Whilst the new Interface has made that a lot lot easier i've found a random problem. The Return key no longer works, in the forums, so i can't start a new line of text etc. (on laptop now) Had wondered if it had been the new Symbian Anna update but it works on other things, like hotmail etc. Any forum changes of late?
  13. Re: Attendance System Flawed? Does anyone know if there are any plans to balance the attendance system?
  14. Re: Sergio Busquets I don't get to see much of the Spanish n.t or Barce, so my opinion is only a humble one but i look at it this way... the spain couch and Pep are bound to know more than me and they like him! But also, as others have said he brakes things up, allowing the others to do their jobs.. i wouldn't say imagine him else where, i ask you to imagine Barce without him! Some kind of 4-4-2 with no DM, i think they'd look a little less dangerous. Sure they'd still be good but Xavi and Iniesta would find things alot tougher in the middle.
  15. Re: The real problem with sm.. Match engine!.. I've said it before and Stuart has said the same... If you think one part of the game is broken, rightly or wrongly, it does not mean or prove that another part is. Obviously it's simulated... It's a computer game.
  16. Re: The real problem with sm.. Match engine!.. I don't think you can claim that you weren't saying it doesn't work. You are right about it being time to move on though!
  17. Re: The Real Problem With SM.. Match Engine!.. The Truth!!!.. Look, i'm not being funny or having a go at you and i might be mistaken but i really don't belive you've proven that the tactics system doesn't work/does nothing.
  18. Re: The Real Problem With SM.. Match Engine!.. The Truth!!!.. Sorry but can't see how you've proved anything really. Other than the team rating diplayed in the in game tactics screens, is not changed by making subs. That could be the only thing that doesn't work. Everything else, injuries and red cards, are just known limitations of the current engine.
  19. Re: The Real Problem With SM.. Match Engine!.. The Truth!!!.. I understand what you are saying' date=' it would bring an interesting dynamic to the game but i feel it will still be very complicated to implement and you've missed my point. For example... i have 2 fwd's rated 90 and my next best guy is 84. On the other hand i have a 90 rated CM on the bench. I could easily think.. my striker is injured, insted of putting on an 84 i will go from 4-4-2 to 4-5-1 so as to keep the best squad i can, on the pitch. Then also, as has been said.. So it then effects your 'normal' in-game instruc
  20. Re: The Real Problem With SM.. Match Engine!.. The Truth!!!.. My personal thoughts on this... I've come to agree that red cards and injuries, in effect, happen at the end of the game. We are all in the same boat, so that is fair. Fault or just a limitation in the engine. Red cards... they should effect the game and shouldn't be too hard to implement/fix. (i can only imagine ) Injuries... should stay the same. Would be massivly over complecated in my opinion. You'd have to set extra tactics, formations and subs for every possible situation... depending on who was injured, what subs you h
  21. Re: help with youth team He's written it next to their names lol... but i'd keep Ross Barkley.
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