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  1. Re: Wc 7130 Done a bit of snooping and kaizer soze and tulubas & tuluba$ have all been in a game world together. All Turkish too. No obvious link to Inter though except his one sided transfers.. buy cheap, sell really expensive!
  2. Re: Wc 7130 Seems that way,the general thought is that the Inter manager is the main account and these others are his extra accounts... or something like that. Looks like Benfica is back at Hamburger with a $ on his name to be different.
  3. Re: Attendance System Flawed? Cheers guys, i'm glad its not just me! I've got 2 Sau Paulo teams with almost identical attendance figures, 35 & 38/80k, both 2nd in div.1 of World Champs. Compared to the big clubs, you have to work twice as hard in the transfer market just to stay in the black cash wise. It becomes like a stock market game for players you have no intention of keeping or using but have bought to make a profit after a rating increase. I'm not saying it should be easy or that you should get a mass of extra seats and/or attendance for 1 good season but you should be able t
  4. Hi All, I belive the system for the attendance is flawed in a pretty major way. But before i get started, let me just quickly state that i have sent in 3 tickets about this matter and have been asked to kindly stop, which is fair enough as they pointed out that it's not a bug but how it works. My basic point is that it is not a level playing field. Manchester United for example, can get 75k attandance for a home game, where as Sau Paulo have an 80k seater stadium but can never fill it, even if they are the most successful team in the game world. Part of the response to my final ticket..
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Selling Mattia Cassani for 25m? Mistake? Have Isla as replacement. Could buy Hazard with cash!
  6. Re: Sell or keep these? Elkeson has scored 7 in 16 games in the Campeonato Brasileiro. 6th highest scorer, top guy has 10. I only know the stats, so it might not be a full picture but he does seem to be scoring!
  7. If i had to sell one, who should it be?
  8. Re: Ganso or Lamela? Thanks everyone, i'll see who i can off load but i've not got many i don't use and would bring in much cash! The attendance figures are a joke, the game isn't real life, so the figures shouldn't reflect real life.. But thats another story lol. I'll just have to see what i can do lol.
  9. Re: Ganso or Lamela? Thanks guys, not sure i can afford both. Only a small club, 17k attendance even at the top of div.1!
  10. Hi all, just wondering who i should go for out of those 2? I have Gotze, Muniain and Ric Alvarez in the same sort of possitions, along with some youngsters. Not got any other wide players above 85, so have been using lb/lm rb/rm in midfield of late.
  11. Re: Wc 7130 Wow, 14! I struggle with 6 lol. Ah well, such is life i guess! All the best!
  12. Re: Wc 7130 I think we should all see out the season and give it a final fairwell! We've all come this far, we might as well finish this season, safe in the knowledge we've held the cheat off the top spot dispite his nefarious means!
  13. Re: Wc 7130 I think i'm gonna quit this setup, leave the cheat to cheat him self... need to trim my clubs down anyway! Obviously, once i've clinched the title this season!! You heard me Man U
  14. Re: Wc 7130 First win in what feels like ages for the Mighty Sau Paulo! Some what worried in the final moments but it was all good in the end!!
  15. Re: Thorgan Hazard - Better than Brother Eden?
  16. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Hay Phil, I'm after your thoughts on Barrios. I know it's too early to say etc but just your feelings on his future ratings would be great. It's just that i need to sell some players to try and buy Hazard. My main front men are Pedro, H.Hernandez, Barrios and Matri. So i'm thinking i could afford the loss of Barrios... Well, as long as you don't think he's on the edge of greatness!
  17. Re: Thorgan Hazard - Better than Brother Eden? I think Thorgan is a hoax... Been checking the database every week, sometimes every day... for longer than i can remember.. still no sign of him!!! Paul Pogba is another one!!
  18. Re: Wc 7130 Cheers but my ambitious title run is crumbling arround me now, down to 4th lol. Not sure how we'd do against his team of ringers, now are luck is faltering!
  19. Re: Wc 7130 Sorrym might have broken the Milan manager! Played him the other night and then he quit! Maybe a chance for players though? I wonder if Inter manager will leave if i beat him too? Might have to keep hoping for a lightning bolt from SM though.
  20. Re: Wc 7130 I'm guessing the trouble is, there maybe no actual evidance. Might be obvious to the rest of us but if he sets up an account using friends/family etc, pc and internet, there is no way to link the 2 acounts... Ip and mac adcress etc. I'd hazard a guess that it's an automated system that checks to start with but how to get a person with a brain to look into it... Who knows?!!!
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