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  1. Re: Portuguese Rating Changes By Kyle Turner yeah they all seem pretty good. I hope that Luis Miguel-VELOSO does get a rating increase. Do you think his position (DM/CB) would change? thanks. Luke.
  2. Re: Millzy's English Premier League Rating Changes Jamie O'Hara 83 --> 86/87 (Whenever he plays, which is quite often, he adds pace and enthusiasm to the team) I would really like to see O'Hara reach 87. But my main question is what position is he? wikipedia class him as a centre mid. But ive seen him play all over the park, mainly in the middle. Would a 'M' suit his position in the SM? What do you lot think? (sorry if this is in the wrong section) luke.
  3. Re: Deveneeey's Scottish Premier League Risers, Part 1. Surely Fletcher deserves an 88? Second best scorer in SPL and only 21 years of age.
  4. Re: German Changes Jan Rosenthal was mentioned earlier in this thread. I was just wondering if anyone expects an increase or have any info. i'm a bit desperate for German changes. Rakitic, Lell, Simunek, Kroos, Marin. thanks.luke.
  5. Re: German Changes but he wont be increasing till the summer will he because ukraine are in the summer rating changes? luke.
  6. Re: Is there any young CF's out there?! John Paul Kissock-17 rated 75 sm value £593,000 dont know much about him and he probably wont rise to quickly with the strikers everton have got. but he's all i could think of. luke.
  7. Re: Andi Lila is he on the database? other than that sounds good luke.
  8. Re: Pablo Piatti also does anyone know if his position will change from W/F to pure forward? would help if domeone knew because hes playing wing for me. thanks. luke.
  9. Re: Some players of serie A for the future part 1 i know hes not a forward but is MATTEO DARMIAN going to be any good? I think hes currently at AC Milan and got some game time last season? Only 17 rated 74. thanks if anyone knows anything. Luke.
  10. Re: João COIMBRA....benfica bargain! obviously im really pleased he increased by loads but is thisa just the start? will he increase anymore in the future does anyone know or reckon. thanks. luke.
  11. Re: WALCOTT i dont wanna drift to much from the point and forgive me if i do but i reckon walcott could get a bit more game time this year. Obviously arsenal have now got adebeyor and eduardo up front so unless one of them gets an injury not much hope in an increase. But now fredie Ljunberg (dont think thats how its spelt) is possibly going maybe Walcott could start playing more on the right wing? just a thought. but i dont really think he will get much of an increase if anything. other opinions welcome. thanks. luke.
  12. Re: argentinean league thread and Pablo Piatti is now rated 85!! and only 18. same rating as Theo Walcott.
  13. Re: Augusto FELIPE SANTANA i had a bid accepted but then when his rating went up overnight the chairman wanted his new value!!
  14. Re: Two Yanks that could deserve an increase http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_DgOkYb01ZI what a header from Danny SZETELA!!! he's was awesome. gotta get an increase.
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