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  1. Jesus Dan - you still here???? Is it worth getting back into SM? Any old faces still around?

    1. koplfc


      Haha yeah started coming back on the forum a few months ago. It’s pretty much dead bar the rating prediction thread. 

      Meh... lot of old faces have gone, lot of cheats around the big setups. Still good enough craic though

    2. EdMoses


      I loved the game for a period but the forum was where it was at, proper buzzing. shame its all dead now though. Any gameworlds worth joining? Not interested in cheats, think that would drive me away again.

    3. koplfc


      gc1 is good, but thats riddled with cheats at the top. but as a manager near the bottom its alright just building a side and working your way up quietly. 

      Transfermarkt 100 2019-20 is a new one which looks alright, but like all new setups they soon die a death. GC 279 and 500 are ok too. But the community its nothing like it used to be. 

  2. how's it going Sean? Hope your well mate - worth getting back into SM or is it done and dusted now?

    1. drseanfitz


      You It’s not bad Ed.   Definitely not the same as it use to be.  I rejoined last year and do a few teams with minimal input.  It’s the banter I miss the most.  

    2. EdMoses


      agreed there mate - was looking back over some old threads - this used to be buzzing. shame.

  3. Ahh gee, thanks pal. Couldn't see these forum pages anywhere. I probably need bi-focals at my age. Even norks look blurry unless I get them really close to my face. Which is a bit awkward when the top heavy lovely in the co-op tries to give me my change and my nose is pressed against her name badge.
  4. this season is zipping by, hows everyone doing?? Had two risers so far, made little to no impact - one was a +1 to 78 (the shame) and the other was a +4 to 80. Financially its horrific and machines estimate of a £12.4m debt by T20 is a long way off my own prediction of £15m+!
  5. I'll be glad when these preseason friendlies are finished and I can take the matches more seriously. ahem. In other - glossing over last nights results news: - £78,489.00 - Total Season Ticket sales £ 4,617.00 - Season ticket sales per game (season total divided by 17 Home games) £ 20.00 - Guesstimated per home game ticket cost 230 - Estimated number of season ticket fans per home game. 516 - First Home Game Attendance (stadium capacity is 1,000) 286 - total number general sale tickets if all season ticket holders at 1st home game £48,298.00 - Gate Receipts for Match 1 £ 168.87 - Cost of tickets for each of those 286 fans?!?!?!?! even if no season ticket holders attended and the gate receipts of £48,298 were general sale tickets from the 516 that attended then the average ticket price was £98!! Looks like our £20.00 a ticket estimate is way off – can’t have that many season ticket holders. It’s almost as if SM make up the figures isn’t it. Sigh. Nett result – I lost almost £500k this week – for a home game. It’s what I expected to be fair.
  6. Kingston still have a huge amount of work to do - all I've done so far is pretty much by old and crusty cheap free agents/low fee players for a strong first 11. Finally got a chance to look at risers/youth earlier and theres loads still out there - gotta do some calculations to see what I can get with the funds remaining. On that note - does anyone know the minimum players needed to form a match day squad? I see we have games at the weekend and unlikely I'll have everyone in by that point. I'm not talking about the squad minimum 21 players, I mean if I have a starting 11 only am I still likely to be able to set tactics etc?
  7. Great post Craig......now tell me more about your tactics.....
  8. Great post Craig......now tell me more about your tactics.....
  9. The Kingston FC badge isn't too shabby.
  10. Been too busy to look at this so far but managed to chuck a few bids out. When i click on Squad however its pretty awful:
  11. Not had a chance to look at players at all yet - probs wont until tomorrow night at earliest! Oh well, I'll put cknup some scraps and if allmelse fails i'll by Ronaldo and 20 x 60 rated.
  12. No, the only caps where the Vancouver White Caps. (I literally have no idea if that is a team, might be something to do with the Emilio Estevez Mighty Ducks in all honesty.
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