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    CCFC_2009 got a reaction from SM Tony in Soccer Manager 2015 (Beta)   
    Re: Soccer Manager 2015 (Beta)
    Hi there
    I was really impressed with the new game.
    A pretty big bug is loans though, they don't return to their parent club at the end. They just stay at the loaned club, I've just been loaning all the top talent in to my game and built a super squad.
    Also I listed several players for loans and transfer list and never received a single bid over several seasons. I just end up releasing a player for free when I have no use for him anymore.
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    CCFC_2009 got a reaction from SM Tony in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Some deals I have in the pipeline
    Neymar + 2 million for Aguero or Neymar for R v.Persie
    Di Maria + 2 million for Gotze
    Higuain for Muller
    Puyol for Hummels
    David Silva for Ribery
    The players I would be getting are on the right hand side
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    CCFC_2009 reacted to Franklyn in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Riferimento: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Villa + M'vila, even if they are not on best form, they worth more than Higuain.
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    CCFC_2009 got a reaction from arampage in I'm new so have lots of questions...   
    Re: I'm new so have lots of questions...
    I've been playing for 4/5 years now and never felt the need to go gold. If you use firefox you can use ad blocker to stop advertisements.
    At the end of each season your chairman will decide weather to expand your stadium, this will only be done if you are selling out your current capacity every week and are generally performing well.
    I've never used the scouting system but external clubs are clubs which are not active in your gameworld, so if you are in an English championship (4 divisions) then clubs outside England are external. You can't manage them at any point in that gameworld, they still have a squad but don't participate in any leagues. The computer buys and sells players for external clubs to try an stop the transfer market going stale, so you can still buy from external clubs. No there can't be a lot of Messi's in one gameworld. At the beginning of a new gameworld Messi will be in the Barcelona squad. If he is sold to another club and you wanted Messi on your team you would have to purchase him from his new club he moved to.
    The finance system is pretty basic, the main two things are attendances and wage bill. Unless you have like 70k attendances you will likely lose much money each turn, you gain a small amount at the end of each season based on your league position. Your main source of money will come from selling players who you have purchased cheap for mega cash and the best way to build up good teams is to wheel and deal and trade, buy good youth players who will either develop into good players or can be sold to fund moves for more established players.
    Go here for more info.
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    CCFC_2009 reacted to penjurov in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    CCFC_2009 reacted to Trapanese14 in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Riferimento: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    CCFC_2009 reacted to #JRR10 in Sweden and Czech Republic   
    This is the first time I post my "predictions" so I know understand my mistakes, these links are rarely complicated sometimes mean, I just leaned over to look for young players I think will go up...Here I leave:

    V. Claesson: 77 +1/+2
    A. Nilsson: 76 +1/+2
    ***S. Thern: 76 +2/+3***
    V. Lundberg: 82 +1
    P. Engblom: 78 +1/+2
    ***A. Lalawele: 75 +3***
    ***R. Quaison: 75 +3***
    ***M. Waris: 77+3/+3***
    E. Krafth: 75 +1
    ***M. Eriksson: 78 +3/+4***
    ***V. Prodell: 78 +2/+3***
    C. Nyman: 75 +2/+3
    W. Atashkadeh: 76 +2/+3
    ***L. Sadiku: 77 +4/+5***

    ***M. Rabusic: 82+2/+3***
    M. Breznanik: 83 +2/+1
    M. Bosancic: 81 +1
    T. Gebre Selassie: 83 +2/+1
    T. Prikryl: 78 +1/+2
    ***L. Krejci: 78 +3/+4***
    V. Darida: 78 +2/+3
    ***O. Zahustel: 76 +3 ***
    ***J. Pazler: 76+2/+3***
    ***V. Danicek: 75 +3***
    D. Pavelka: 78+2/+1
    F. Hlupik: 77 +2/+1
    E. Vuch: 75 +2/+3
    Jan Kopic: 80+2/+1
    F. Novak: 78 +1
    Vit Benes: 82 +1
    ***Jiri Mares: 75 +3/+2***
    Frantisek Nemec: 75 +2
    T. Malinsky: 75+1/+2
    J. Zeleny: 78 +2
    T. Koubek: 75 +1/+2
    D. Vasenda: 75 +3/+2
    M. Sivric: 76 +1/+2

    Well that's it, the *** indicate that the player can have a "considerable" rise, Bye!
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    CCFC_2009 got a reaction from Hyina in English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012   
    Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012
    He was very much an impact sub for them in the championship, he was the player they bought on with 25 mins remaining when they were looking for a goal.
    If he wasn't first choice in the championship and I can only assume Reading will strengthen and he will be pushed further down the pecking order so I would sell him.
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    CCFC_2009 reacted to frisky in Do I sell Rossi   
    Re: Do I sell Rossi
    Falcao and Reus for me.
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    CCFC_2009 got a reaction from Machine in Squad Sizes   
    Re: Squad Sizes
    Squad sizes in real life don't have a minimum limit either so I await the the lifting of the minimum 21 squad rule in the next few days
    Maybe not a squad limit as such needs to be implemented but maybe tighter restriction on finances which forces people to have lower squad sizes as a consequence.
    A reasonable squad size is 50-60 including youth players, once you start going over 90 it is a bit of a joke.
    No squad in world football has or could afford 120+ players Fact.
    With the uefa financial fair play rules no squad will be able to have that many players even if there owners could afford it as clubs are only permitted to spend an amount based on income.
    There should be a squad limit (or at least features which force it) and there should be greater rewards given out on league performance/cup wins etc. as the reason so many youth are signed are for the future financial gain as well as the rating they will reach.
    This would encourage people to be more wise and shrewd in the transfer market as you have to balance signing few high rated players for the gain of winning the league and the money it brings opposed to signing all the latest talents for long term gain. People will have to be more clever in the transfer market, instead of coming onto the forum and signing a bunch of names fed to you, as you would be more limited in how many you can sign you will actually have to do some research and use your brain to sign the best players of the pack. It would help differentiate between the managers who can spot a player and do the research and those who just sign a name given to them.
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    CCFC_2009 got a reaction from arampage in Counter formations   
    Re: Counter formations
    From my experience playing short and slow tactics is suicidal if your opponent is pressing all over, I would have chosen a direct playing style.
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    CCFC_2009 reacted to carlo123 in Unable to get on SM anybody else having problems?   
    Re: Unable to get on SM anybody else having problems?
    Ok guys just spoke to virginmedia regarding this & they've sorted it by entering a proxy
    This is what you need to do
    Internet explorer>
    Internet options>
    LAN settings>
    Proxy server type in the following webcache.virginmedia.com
    Port should be 8080
    Ok then you should now be good to go
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    CCFC_2009 reacted to Herodelviento in Suarez or Rossi   
    Re: Suarez or Rossi
    Rossi is better, he will be 93 if he go in a big team next season
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    CCFC_2009 reacted to cheekylad68 in Suarez or Rossi   
    Re: Suarez or Rossi
    Rossi scores plenty of goals and does not racially abuse people, or lie to his manager, or lie to his club, or cheat in World Cups or try and bite folk who are not intimidated by being racially abused.
    Suarez is not worthy of being anywhere near Rossi.
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    CCFC_2009 got a reaction from dancpoli in Have a 62 million offer for CB Silva   
    Re: Have a 62 million offer for CB Silva
    Had accepted bids for Hart, Hamsik and Cleverly.
    So overall I have had for Silva
    Decent I think
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    CCFC_2009 reacted to arampage in How do I arrange a friendly   
    Re: How do I arrange a friendly
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    CCFC_2009 reacted to Elohim in Swap Vucinic for Cavani   
    Re: Swap Vucinic for Cavani
    Cavani will rise alot more in rating ... Vucinic wont ... Cavani is the better choice.
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    CCFC_2009 got a reaction from xxlorryxx in Strong Barca Squad   
    Re: Strong Barca Squad
    Loan list every body under 80
    Bold = Sell
    Underlined= loan
    With the money I would try an get a top CM/DM like essien/busquets/de rossi
    An a top CF like Gomez
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    CCFC_2009 got a reaction from hamo in Should i keep any of these money makers.   
    Re: Should i keep any of these money makers.
    Most of them will probably rise again, but from what I have heard Kroos, Orozco, Sorensen and Wollscheid are the ones you should be holding on too
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    CCFC_2009 got a reaction from decdugg in Trying to recreate the Barcelona tactic   
    So watching Barcelona vs Arsenal and I think wow! Imagne if this could be emulated on Soccer Manager.
    May have lost but that was the best 1st half of football i have ever seen and Barca coulda been out of sight by HT
    So i have come up with this raw tactic which I will be testing starting this Saturday, any input adjustments is appreciated
    UPDATE: New most successful tactics so far. Led me to 10 wins and 1 draw in 11 games
    4-3-3 wingers
    Van der wiel--pique--chiellini--maxwell
    this is my 1st 11
    Forward arrows on the Fullbacks
    Diagonal arrows into the striker for the 2 wingers
    Forward arrow on one CM not the play maker
    Back arrow on DM
    Tackling : Soft
    Mentality: V.Attacking
    Passing Style: Short
    Tempo: Slow
    Pressing: All over
    Attacking Style: Mixed
    Men behind ball
    Tight Marking
    Playmaker (Highest rated of the 2 CM)
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    CCFC_2009 reacted to cristianoballotelli in Who are the Latest Wonderkids   
    Re: Who are the Latest Wonderkids
    ryo mijachi arsenal signed him.......
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    CCFC_2009 reacted to David Vilos in Who are the Latest Wonderkids   
    Re: Who are the Latest Wonderkids
    This some 70+ will rise and maybe have a bright future: Frederik Sørensen, Juan Manuel Iturbe, Benik Afobe, Michele Camporese, Ravel Morrison, Dani Pacheco, Alvaro Morata, Raphael Varane, Ryo Miyaichi, Wellington Silva, Moritz Leitner, Manuel Lanzini
    Some already rise to 80'ish but still young and have bright future: Carlos Casemiro, Lucas Rodrigues, Erik Lamela, Gael Kakuta, etc.
    And some other not yet on database, so try snapped them up if they added to DB: Oguzhan Ozyakup, Paul Pogba, Lucas Piazon, Enzo Zidane
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    CCFC_2009 reacted to Jooles in Who are the Latest Wonderkids   
    Re: Who are the Latest Wonderkids
    Venezuelan super kid Yohandry Orozco. 19 years old, rated 77, and just signed for Wolfsburg.


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    CCFC_2009 reacted to KopStar in Who are the Latest Wonderkids   
    Re: Who are the Latest Wonderkids
    Juan Manuel Iturbe

    The next Messi
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    CCFC_2009 reacted to Nikidinho in Team instruction   
    Re: Team instruction
    no tight marking. Go for men behind ball.
    You can try for normal defensive but i would recommend very defensive
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